Cincinnati Archdiocese Requires Teachers to Sign New Contract Forbidding ‘Homosexual Lifestyle,’ Sex

For the 2014 – 2015 school year, more than 2,200 Catholic school teachers in the Cincinnati Archdiocese will be required to sign a nine-page contract explicitly forbidding the personal practice or public endorsement of the “homosexual lifestyle,” as well as living out of wedlock, pre-marital sex, abortion, surrogate mothers, in vitro fertilization or artificial insemination.

Dan_andriaccoThe contract says that these practices would "reflect discredit on or cause scandal to the school or be in contradiction to Catholic doctrine or morals,” and could be grounds for termination.

Presumably the Archdiocese revised the contract to avoid high-profile firings like that of Mike Moroskin, the Ohio administrator who was fired for publishing a pro-marriage equality blog post last year, and Carla Hale, the Ohio teacher who was also fired last year after her mother’s obituary listed the name of Carla’s female partner.

When asked about the expanded contractual restrictions, Archdiocese spokesman Dan Andriacco (pictured) said:

"There aren't any new expectations of our teachers in the 2014-2015 contract. The revised wording is just more explicit in that it lists examples of behaviors that are unacceptable as contrary to church teaching. We think that's fairer to the teachers and a help to them.

"We regard all of our teachers – not just religion teachers – as ministerial employees, even if they are not Catholic. Our contract for many years has reflected that by including a moral conduct clause. Last year we made that clause more explicit by mentioning the Catechism of the Catholic Church, and this year we've added examples of unacceptable behaviors."

Despite the Church’s entrenched refusal to support marriage equality, a December 2012 poll found a growing number of male Catholics who have begun to support same-sex nuptials.


  1. woody says

    They will have a very hard time finding teachers.
    1) There are few nuns and religious brothers who will work for room and board as they did 40 years ago.
    2) And the wages for lay teachers in catholic schools are much lower than in public schools. Nowhere near competitive.

  2. Jay says

    These vile bigots don’t even abide by their own Catechism, which forbids discrimination against gay people, an injunction more honored in the breach than in the observance.

  3. Bernie says

    omg! The requirements of this job are above and beyond the pale of humanity…..I am betting that a lot of these employees are signing this contract and then living a lie, which I guess the church seems to be endorsing…….They are almost asking people not to inhale and exhale……

  4. Steve says

    In civilized countries such contracts would be null and void. Employees are not slaves and not employers are not feudal lords with absolute power over people.

  5. Dicky says

    That spokesman has the biggest gay face ever ALSO if I see the word lifestyle in reference to homosexual orientation one more time….AHHHHH! OK fine, you hate gay people, you’re religious that’s your baggage, but pretty please, could you get it effin right for once?????

  6. Gregory in Seattle says

    Is there still any doubt that the RCC is NOT a cult? I mean, who else but a cult would demand the ability to micromanage a person’s life to this extent?

  7. Granger says

    Seriously if you think about it, being a catholic is sickening – having a pedo slam a bread wafer into your mouth braying and hissing over things you can and cannot do. All for some sky zombie who apparently existed to give this cabal of men reign over human minds for 2,000 years. Ugh, I need to shower now.

  8. simon says

    They should add something in the contract like:
    “You are eligible for $xxxxxx of relocation benefit if you are involved in pedo lifestyle and unfortunately exposed. Air ticket will be provided to either the Vatican or New York for a training course in evasion of responsibility.”

  9. oncemorewithfeeling says

    There are no gods.

    They push mindless hate so they can divide their followers from the real world and keep their power over anyone foolish enough to believe in their fairy tales.

    There’s a reason why a church congregation is also known as a flock of sheep.

  10. Vint says

    Such a contract should simply be declared unconscionable and therefore unenforceable. Courts are not meant to be used to perpetuate injustice and produce unfair results.

  11. Jim in MN says

    So basically all brotherhoods where men live together chastely are banned because they are all men who have declared an oath to the loyalty of each other and the church, share a common household, use common funds for their daily expenses and care for each other while they are sick and healthy. FUNNY that the ONLY difference is that the church INFERS that people are actively engaging in PRIVATE sexual encounters with each other with no real evidence to that effect. This contract is unenforceable under state law because it requires the persons who enter into the contract to not act in LEGAL activities within the state. GOOD LUCK CHICAGO ARCHDIOCESE with this one.

  12. john patrick says

    I notice they don’t mention masturbation, or stealing, or shunning the poor, or killing someone, or driving drunk. Is the archdiocese going to set up spy cameras in the bedrooms of all their teachers, or are they going to commission thought police?

  13. emjayay says

    Is the premarital sex prohibition retroactive? If so, about three fourths of the married teachers would have to quit. And if it’s about in the present, there goes half of the single teachers. And a couple hundred gay teachers. Drama, art, dance, chorus classes and girl’s PE- just cancel them now. What about divorced and remarried people? Catholics who don’t go to church every Sunday?

    Like was suggested above, the only way the schools could even continue at all is if about half the employees cross their fingers and sign. I’m guessing that’s what will happen.

    The whole thing is absurd and obviously will only cause about a thousand people to break another commandment. Although I guess it’s only about bearing false witness against your neighbor if I remember correctly, so lying about yourself maybe is OK with God.

  14. BG says

    No mention of using contraception, which according to church law is also sinful. But since many practicing Catholics ignore this one, they know better than to include it in their list. Typical of the church to ignore things they choose to ignore.

  15. Jude says

    TOWLEROAD: Would be great if you guys added captions to your pictures. I know you added (pictured) in the article text, but it took me a while to figure out who that guy was. My only criticism of your site… (:

  16. Marco Luxe says

    I can’t wait for the school to be forced to litigate the contract in court. If they incorporate the If , they better be prepared to defend in court its absolute whackadoodle internal contradictions. Say buh bye to any remnant of respect, irrational Catholic doctrine. If it’s in a civil contract, it’s the purview of the courts. Dumb.

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