New Owner of ‘Newsweek’ Magazine Believes Homosexuality Can Be Cured


In a new profile piece, The Guardian looks at the religious underpinnings of Newsweek’s new owners Johnathan Davis [above left] and Etienne Uzac [above right]. 

Davis, whose company IBT Media acquired the magazine last year, is apparently a strong proponent of conversion therapy for gays. 

Christopher doyleIn a Facebook post in February 2013, Davis described as "shockingly accurate" an op-ed article written by Christopher Doyle [right], the director of the International Healing Foundation (IHF), which works to convert gay people. Davis said it “cuts like a hot knife through a buttery block of lies”.

Doyle, who once identified as gay but is now married to a woman, wrote that “same-sex attractions” are typically felt by people born with a “sensitive nature” and then subjected to “early sexual initiation and/or sexual abuse” or unusual attachment issues with their parents. He said last week that he was delighted by Davis’s praise. “Considering how much of the media is very gay-friendly, this is a breath of fresh air,” he said.

You may also remember Christopher Doyle for his help in organizing 'Ex-Gay Pride Month' last July, which was forcibly cancelled as a result of undisclosed (read=imaginary) "anti-ex-gay extremism."

When asked to comment about his Facebook post in support of Doyle's claims, Davis responded:

Whether I do or not [believe that], I’m not sure how that has any bearing on my capacity here as the founder of the company. I’m not sure how it’s relevant. People believe all sorts of weird things. But from a professional capacity, it’s unrelated.”

Gawker is also reporting that yesterday Davis sent a company-wide memo touting his commitment to diversity, saying:

I want to reiterate to all of you that our company, myself included, has and always will respect diversity in our workplace. This is reflected not only in our daily work but also in our hiring and personnel practices. Our team members are hired and retained based solely on their ability to perform the task.

We welcome and support a diverse range of opinions and values. We believe this diversity is critical to success as a world-class journalism organization, and also creates a richer and more productive culture and environment for all of us.

[photo via Forbes]


  1. says

    they can both go f**k themselves.

    i care not for “diversity” when the “diversity” in question is flat out lies and bigoted, prejudicial NONSENSE.

  2. JackFknTwist says

    Davis is a stinking hypocrite.
    Just because he uses the word diversity umpteeen times , doesn’t mean squat.

    He is trying to slip his bigot-bile in under the radar.
    He hides his hypocritical views behind a mask of ‘diversity’ and reasonableness.
    What a shallow viper.
    He may smile and smile and be a villain.
    As for conversion therapy……a fool and his money are soon parted.

  3. The Other One says

    If I understand correctly, Doyle never, in fact, identified as gay. A little research into his past reveals, to hear him tell it, something quite sinister, but it isn’t homosexuality. Whatever the case, his “touch therapy” is sheer quackery, based on his assertion that gays are only gay because they didn’t receive adequate parental affection. He wants to put his hands all over you to “cure” you. Yikes.

  4. Brian W. says

    I subscribe to TIME. No need for Newsweek. There’s a reason it’s had 3 different owners in the last 5 years.

  5. Frogview says

    Is that magazine still in print? It amazes me what people will do for subscribers. A real bottom feeder!

  6. jexer says

    Count the number of ex-gays… and the number of ex-christians… and it will clearly tell you which is more “curable”. *snort*

  7. Randy says

    “But from a professional capacity, it’s unrelated”

    Actually, it’s very related, for a news publication.

  8. GregV says

    In homophobic societies, gay and bi men getting married to females to fit in is a story as old as time that should not be a challenge to understand. Some of them convince themselves, consciously or subconsciously, that a “best-friends” relationship with a woman will suffice in spite of any sexual issues such as situational impotence or having to shut off lights and fantasize she is a man.
    It is no surprise when a man who has deep psychological wounds (including not being able to accept truths about himself) had horrible parents who didn’t bond healthily with him and whose lack of acceptance of their son was internalized by him.
    Healthy gay men who fully enjoy their lives, on the other hand, tend to have either experienced good family environments or found ways to overcome bad ones (the same bad ones experienced by just as many straight people).
    People who live in neurotic and homophobic circles seem to delude themselves into thinking that all gays have had unhealthy relationships throughout life because, naturally, that’s all they see in the neurotic subculture they grew up in and consider to seek out.

    Practically every high-profile “ex-gay” who could have been named 15 years ago (from the founders and other former leaders of Exodus to John Paulk who appeared on a NEWSWEEK cover proclaiming to have become straight), has since apologized for profiting financially by lying to themselves and the public for so many years, and has admitted they never were “transformed” to straight. It’s an industry they preys on vulnerable people.

  9. GregV says

    Edit: “…in the neurotic subculture they grew up in and consider to seek out.”
    I meant: “… And CONTINUE to seek out.”

  10. Cinna Bunny says

    Hmmm? Newsweek’s parent company IBT confirmed donations to Olivet University (where Davis used to lecture, his wife is the president of and Uzac used to sit on their board of trustees)this week,despite IBT executives previously denying these allegations. Keeping in mind these donations are tax deductible by IBT, and made to an organisation that his wife is president of and his business partner sits on the board of trustees. That in itself places a huge question mark on Mr Davis’ sense of ethics.

  11. JonnyNYNY2FLFL says

    When crackpot ideologues take over media companies, it doesn’t end well. First the credibility goes, then the subscribers.

    When AMWAY bought the venable Mutual Radio Network (which was once the world’s largest broadcaster), it was only a short time until it ceased to exist. When the Moonies bought United Press International, it became a joke.

    Newsweek has changed hands once again & this time will be its demise.

  12. disgusted american says

    why do they care so much…? NOT that gay people are “just” their Genitals…but Just as you CAN’T make a straight person Gay. …you CAN’T make a Gay Person Straight…..Physically we KNOW what we like and desire !

  13. DavidAZ says

    OK, Davis. Put your mouth where your money is. Start by embracing your diversity and choose to have a same-sex relationship for at least one year. If it’s difficult for you, I suggest you try “Ex-Straight” conversion therapy. I’m sure it’ll help a lot while you’re between your partner’s legs becoming familiar with the wonder and delights of his ‘man parts’. No? You find the very notion repulsive? Welcome to our world you silly, immature twit. Now STFU.

  14. Jim says

    Newsweek is and has been crap journalism for a long time, a shabby imitation of the genuine journalism the magazine once was. Now that it has fallen into the hands of double-talking homophobes who will no doubt peddle their bigotry in its pages, it needs to die ASAP.

  15. Wannabe says

    In kindergarten, I shared a desk with a Black kid, who looked at me one day and said, “I hope I be White too some day.”

    When I think of it as an adult, it still breaks my heart to think that a child as young as my kindergarten classmate ALREADY felt a social stigma that made him want to be different than what he was; that made him feel inferior and marginalized for reasons he was too young to understand.

    I’ve heard Black parents relate similar stories since then (recently even) that make me realize that even if we as a society have made significant progress in terms of race, that the undercurrent of ‘socially imposed inferiority’ still exists.

    And for similar reasons, that’s why promoting so-called ‘conversion therapy’ is so corrosive–it perpetuates the hateful notion that gays and lesbians NEED to change an essential part of their being.

    It also allows the absolutely wrong-headed and wrong-hearted idea that if one person CAN change, that others then SHOULD change to conform to religious fundamentalists’ fantasy of ‘proper’ sexual identity.

    Of course, my kindergarten deskmate didn’t need to “convert” himself any more than Mr. Davis did, or a gay man or lesbian woman needs to. But I wonder if Mr. Davis’ thoughts might be any different if he heard his own son say something similar. Should it really take that though? Can an educated person like Davis not be reasoned with? How long will it take until views like his get bred out of the population?

  16. echoes says

    I haven’t read Newsweek since I was in my twenties and I’m near 60 now. I honestly didn’t even realize they were still in print.

  17. John Freeman says

    I can remember, years ago, when Newsweek was a good magazine. How sad that it has sunk into the gutter of hatred and stupidity. Also, Christopher Doyle’s photograph screams GAY!

  18. Bernie says

    lol; BEFORE; I started reading this story, I thought who are these 2 gay men? Ugh! that they are “ex-gay” and now own Newsweek; this will not be good for the magazine and my prediction is if they do NOT continue writing positive stories about the gblt community, Newsweek will fold and then; they will blame the glbt community for failing; and Christopher Doyle lives in his sick and denial world

  19. Rolf says

    Christopher Doyle, the love child of Uncle Fester and mental illness and profoundly repressed sexuality masquerading as the Bride of Christ.

  20. peterparker says

    How do people this blazingly stupid manage to amass enough wealth to purchase a major publication like Newsweek?

  21. walter says

    they both sit there looking like a biracial gay couple , which the closeted pair probably are. gay homophobes always scream the loudest .

  22. MIke says

    “”How do people this blazingly stupid manage to amass enough wealth to purchase a major publication like Newsweek?

    POSTED BY: PETERPARKER | MAR 29, 2014 7:36:14 PM””

    Uhm, wasn’t Newsweek famously originally sold for a dollar after it collapsed? I’m serious. A dollar. I can remember receiving it unsubscribed and having to call them and tell them STOP and then I’d be receiving it again. (they flood doctors offices for waiting room space)

  23. L G. says

    so pleased canceled this mag some time ago…..what crap to begin with
    no such thing as an ex-gay just back in the closet

  24. steve says

    aren’t both Newsweek and Time both just ridiculous magazines? To me, their target audience is pseudo-intellectuals.

  25. Bill says

    OK, now lets see a photo of Doyle’s alleged “wife.” I bet she straps on a horse size dildo to keep her man satisfied. Complete farce.

  26. Jim says

    Newsweek is clearly trying to attract the Fox News and Duck Dynasty Kool-aid drinkers. We saw this same diluting of intellectual quality on CNN and look where it has gotten them: their ratings suck. This is a desperate attempt to attract the far-right; older conservatives who still read magazines. Nobody reads Newsweek anymore, and they are trying to save their skins.

  27. Ninong says

    I stopped reading Newsweek back when they published the phony Hitler Diaries and claimed they were real. They were so obviously fake it was totally incredible that anyone with even a bare minimum of understanding of the subject could possibly be duped but Newsweek was. They were a laughing stock after that incident.

  28. Julie C says

    all comments here are very offensive to non gays. and straight people are going to think gays are bullies.
    are we going back 20 yrs and now going to bully straight ppl? this is so sad. you become the evil you hate.

  29. Walter says

    Olivet Nazarene ‘University’ and others like it have been poisoning minds for a very long time. And this is what it looks like.

  30. ZamaSamurai says

    Poor Newsweek just can’t win! And Jonathan Davis doesn’t know what bearing his ideology has on his business? Here’s a bearing… I’m not going to read Newsweek anymore.

  31. tim S says

    It does have a bearing on your magazine.

    My renewal comes up in two months. I have already deleted the app, and will not renew.

    I believe you own buzzfeed as well, after verifying, I will never visit again.

  32. Robotron says

    I haven’t read Newsweek in years. Any old copies I find,I’ll throw in the nearest recycling bin. Or use as bird cage liner. The new owners and Mr.Doyle are frauds!!!

  33. Alan says

    Julie C

    Which comments stereotype all straight people again? That’s right, none of them, so STFU.

  34. Gary says

    He’s obviously lit the gay fuse. If you recall growing up, Newsweek was always more bold that TIME. Not room for everything around here.

  35. EchtKultig says

    This whole thing called IBT media is very mysterious. They claim be self-made investors but it seems more likely this is just another right wing front organization. A private enterprise is under no obligation to divulge its investors…could be getting money from the likes of the Kochs, etc.

    And of course they both look like closet cases.
    “cuts like a hot knife” – I bet he spends a lot of time thinking about hot knives…particularly that of his business partner!