NYC Man Awarded $500,000 For Wrongful HIV Firing

A Manhattan Federal Court has just awarded Antonio Muñoz — a 50-year-old HIV-positive man — more than $500,000 in a wrongful termination suit against the Manhattan Club, a boutique hotel and timeshare in midtown Manhattan.

Manhattan-clubAccording to New York Daily News, Muñoz began working as as assistant office manager at the hotel on October 2007 and received two raises and an “Exemplary Manager Award” in 2008.

However, shortly after being diagnosed with HIV during the winter of 2008, his doctor prescribed him Sustiva, a drowsiness-causing medication that would have made it difficult for Muñoz to continue working his night shift. He requested a day shift, but his manager verbally denied his request and suggested that he quit.

During April 2010, his company moved him to a day shift for two weeks and then returned him to a night shift.

Soon after Muñoz filed a “complaint of disability discrimination” with the hotel’s human resources department, Muñoz said he received a scathing evaluation “full of falsehoods,” and was later fired in February 2011 “after an anonymous — and suspicious — complaint was leveled against him.”

After losing his job, Muñoz unsuccessfully attempted to find a job, fell into a depression and then lost his apartment due to foreclosure. He currently works as a social worker for the mentally-challenged.


  1. John says

    A general comment not directed at the man in this news story:

    You take a smart, healthy guy, put him in a hypersexualized gay urban subculture, convince him that the normal way to be gay is to have sex with lots of people you don’t know, set him up with a nice Grindr profile for maximum hookup efficiency, and within a few years, he is at severe risk for becoming infected with HIV and 22 other STIs, his health is severely compromised, and he is dependent upon complicated drugs with severe side effects. Add a few more years to the fab Grindr life, and you can add depression, anxiety, loneliness and substance abuse to the mix.

  2. greg says

    I hope this settlement gives Mr. Munoz some peace of mind. At least some bills can be taken care of. Glad he persevered with this case.

  3. John Roberts says

    I am always receiving mailings from the Manhattan Club and I can’t wait to write a nasty reply on one and mail it back.

  4. JMC says

    What a terrible story, I hope the sum of money is enough fur him to get his life back on track.

    Also, what the hell is John talking about?

  5. Derrick from Philly says

    Thank you, JMC.

    I read JOHN’S comment, and I kinda’ understood what he was trying to say. But what has that got to do with Mr Munoz?

    Child, we’ve got preachers on Towleroad now.

  6. mikep says

    Why didn’t he just take the Sustiva during the day so that he could have kept his night shift job? I’m sure there must be a reason…