1. ChorusGeek says

    I’d be up for the winter Olympians to adopt these uniform suggestions… Evan Lysacek, are you listening?

  2. edude says

    I was going to ask if that is a Bird of Paradise under the drawstring of his shorts, but when I watched the video I realized it’s just his equipment moving around, and the still was captured at an opportune moment.

    Perfect score says his Hawaiian packs quite a punch?

  3. Mike says

    @ EDUDE After seeing the video I sort of thought the same thing. Then I changed my mind because of his age. It MIGHT be wishful thinking but he probably gets hard just rubbing up against a palm tree . . .

  4. edude says

    Mike, you should get out more and meet more British I think. They have ICBMs there too you know.

    But I guess the only way to know for sure would be to ask him.


  5. GLAW2014 says

    Wait…is this a new Winter Olympic sport…because if it is, I’m totally gonna have to start watching again! #Swoon