Romanian Parliament Blocks Civil Union Bill

RomaniaA bill that would have extended civil unions to same-sex and opposite-sex couples in Romania was blocked last week by the Juridicial Commission of the country’s lower house Chamber of Deputies, Stiri pentru viata reports.

One of the more vocal opponents of the legislation, MP Diana Tusha, delivered an intervention last month in front of her fellow lawmakers in which she expressed her views that the bill was antithetical to Romanian values and tradition.  

Said Tusha:

TushaDespite appearances, civil partnership is not about simple fiscal or housing benefits for unmarried heterosexual and homosexual couples, but about the very definition of family and therefore about its future.

For the first time in Romania’s history, somebody tries to shift the focus of this institution from monogamous heterosexual marriage to a simple – I quote: ‘non-discriminatory’; end of quotation – civil contract between two persons regardless of their sex. […]

We have the terrible example of countries like France, Spain and England, where this attack went so far that the government, after legislating for marriage, adoptive filiation and assisted reproduction for same-sex couples, also replaced the words ‘mother’ and ‘father’ in the civil status registries with the allegedly more neutral terms of ‘parent A’ or ‘parent B’.

It’s hard to imagine a graver aggression towards nature and ultimately also against citizens.

And since we’ve mentioned the citizens, we are here to represent the majority of Romanians, who believe that family based on marriage between [persons of opposite] sexes is the first and foremost centre of social life.

Tusha went on to use the right-wing Arizona brand of logic by saying that while she as a Christian is opposed to discrimination, it doesn't really count as discrimination when you're limiting the rights of gays.


  1. Continuum says

    So disappears the idea that the European Union would actually bring freedom and justice to all its member nations.

    Great idea. Too bad the Europeans won’t enforce the human rights part of the European Union.

  2. Hey Darlin' says

    The idea that the country as a whole holds your personal beliefs in great esteem exposes your lack of knowledge no matter what your belief is. Those who use their “Christianity” as a point to divide citizens do a great disservice to their supposed religion and diminish it’s legitimacy in return.

    Some of these countries are trailing the advancements we have made in the US but changes are coming to them as well. It will take time but it’s coming none the less, the world itself is changing, it’s citizens are changing.

    If they don’t like same sex civil unions, wait until they get same sex marriage in return. Many areas in the US blocked civil unions only to see marriage take it’s place and succeed.

  3. One of the CA 36,000 says

    It’s funny, but the very countries this moron tries to denigrate– France, Spain and the UK– are popular places for Romanians to flee to as they try to eke out meager livings– generally begging on the streets and in the Métro/Metro/Tube.

    If Romania were so Utopian, why on earth would so many Romanians make for the exits year after year…?!

  4. Chadd says

    She is reading from the same playbook as the GOP. I wouldn’t expect Romania to be more progressive than Texas on gay rights, so not much of a surprise.

  5. maxmarioxx says

    Sorry to sound rude or patronising but some of the comments posted here are really immature and plain insulting.

    How about we get Italy, Greece, Poland and Slovakia out of the EU first? They have similar legal codes as Romania with regards to civil partnerships.

    But, hey, maybe since we’re talking about Romania, it’s normal to hate first and think later.

  6. z says

    I guess Romania’s social politics are about as current as the map used to illustrate the point (Yugoslavia…