1. Tyler says

    Roger, you’re just an alias of Rick and your opinion is worthless.

    Litper, gay people should be protected from trolls like you. In fact, everybody should be protected from sad, bigoted trolls like you.

    RuPaul is a great example of what a well adjusted member of the LGBT can become if they stay true to themselves, only preach and practice love and maintain a positive outlook on life (despite the haters).

  2. NotSafeForWork says


    LOL, I love Ru as much as the next fan. He may be out and proud, but the drag shtick is his act. He’s doing it for the money. He says as much in the video and dozens of other interviews. Good for him to be true to himself, but being motivated to success by money is hardly revolutionary or worthy of exaltation.

  3. Derrick from Philly says

    @ “Jeez, what a failure of manhood is that.”

    Humph. You’ve got to have some strong manly leg muscles to walk in those things. I’d have a broken ankle after four steps.

  4. Pablo says

    See? Here is the difference — these are guys who are healthy and work out, the muscle video posted yesterday was the opposite, unhealthy guys abusing steroids.

  5. Hag says

    LOL at guys posting “this is gross” and “I hate this.” Baby, wtf are you doing on towleroad? No need to answer: WE KNOW.

    Love RuPaul, love Drag Race, best thing on TV! xoxoxoxo

  6. g.strathmore says

    Straight girl opinion here:

    Why would anyone hate this? Seriously. At worst, it’s silly, harmless fluff. At best, it’s funny and/or super hot. There is nothing to hate about it.

    Personally, I find it kind of hot.

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