Tennessee to Appeal Ruling Ordering it to Recognize Marriages of Gay Plaintiffs During Court Challenge

Tennessee's Attorney General will appeal a ruling issued last week ordering the state to recognize the marriages of three gay couples while a court challenge proceeds, the Tennesseean reports:

TN_TancoJestyOn Friday, U.S. District Judge Aleta Trauger issued a preliminary injunction allowing the marriage of three same-sex couples — plaintiffs in a federal lawsuit — to be recognized as their lawsuit against Gov. Bill Haslam and other state officials progressed.

In its argument, the AG's office points to a stay issued in a similar same-sex marriage ruling in Utah, plus says it won't irreparably harm the couples not to be recognized. The plaintiffs' attorneys particularly pointed to the plaintiffs Valeria Tanco and Sophy Jesty, who are expecting a child next week and fear the anti-recognition law could be used to deny Jesty access to her wife and child.

The couple should have used legal documents such as powers of attorney and "advanced (sic) directives" to protect themselves, the appeal says.

It also claims the state of Tennessee will be harmed by the ruling because it alters the status quo.

Read more about the case here.


  1. David says

    Dear Tennessee, they did do something to protect themselves legally. They got married!! If that is all it takes for a bunch of hetero rednecks to protect their family, it is good enough for these upstanding women.

    Congrats to the married couple on their new child.

  2. AdamTh says

    ” It also claims the state of Tennessee will be harmed by the ruling because it alters the status quo. ”

    I can think of about 10 jokes on Tennessee not wanting to have their “status quo” altered…

  3. Hey Darlin' says

    The idea that there is substance with just the implication that the plaintiffs should have used other means to protect themselves could be used in any court case from history. It’s a blanket statement with no real quality.

    Also, um yeah it would alter the status quo which is that LGBT citizens deserve second class status. Seems logical they would want to alter it.

  4. says

    Has The South ever read about The South? Do they know they’re in The South? Are they aware of their own sordid history of human rights atrocities? I’d play Shirley Bassey’s “History Repeating” but I’m concerned Tennessee might not be open to “race records”…..

  5. Hey Darlin' says

    Just as the news from foreign countries is usually vastly different from reality, so can be the news coming from the south. Our media is controlled not always by liberals but often times by very conservative organizations. They would love for those living outside the south to see us as a “lost cause” and let them do exactly as they please. Don’t mistake this for the reality.

    The reality is, there are many people working HARD from the inside to change what we’ve inherited. Just as states outside the south are still seeing changes, so are we. We are no different.

    Please give those of us working time to get the changes we desperately need before seeing us all as “insert label”. The people living in the south working for this change are as different from those of 30 -40 years ago as they are in your area. Negative people exist everywhere but it doesn’t negate the good people who deserve to see the change they are FIGHTING for.

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