Uganda’s First Lady Says Humans Shouldn’t Debate Homosexuality Because Cows


During a speech praising her country’s horrendous “Kill The Gays” law, Uganda’s First Lady Janet Museveni (pictured with cow above) offered a Chinese riddle of sorts for why we mere mortals shouldn't quibble over the naturalness of homosexuality. Here goes:

“If cows did not practice homosexuality, how could we, the human beings, start arguing over homosexuality?”

We literally have no idea what the frug that means. It’s like she’s been taking speech lessons from Sarah Palin. Perhaps the American “experts” that John Kerry is sending to Uganda can decode it for us?

By the way, cows can totally be gay. The picture above is total proof.


  1. Derrick from Philly says

    OK, I think she was talking to the fundamentalist Christians. They must have their own language because I can’t understand what the she was saying.

    Maybe Rick can interpret it.

  2. CPT_Doom says

    Cows don’t wear clothes.

    Cows don’t drive cars or fly airplanes.

    Cows don’t use the Internet.

    Wow, we are doing so many things we shouldn’t because cows.

  3. Charlie says

    As far as I can guess, traditional African culture is completely bound up with cows: wealth, status, dowries, village life, social systems, all connected with owning herds of cattle.

    it would be similar to an idiot American making an analogy with cars.

  4. slappy says

    Both my father and my brother told me they were convinced that homosexuality was “natural” because they’d seen the bulls in the fields doing each other many times. Lots of animals go gay.

  5. says

    She also spouts off about likes this:

    In God’s word, homosexuality attracts a curse, but now people are engaging in it and saying they are created that way. It is for money The devil is stoking fires to destroy our nation and those taking advantage are doing so because our people are poor,” Janet Museveni said (also don’t forget that WIKILEAKS: ¨According to a newly released US diplomatic cable, the wife of the President of Uganda, Janet Musceveni, “is ultimately behind” the Anti-Homosexuality (AHB, ‘Kill gays’) Bill.

    This is one greedy, stupid and dangerous fool (she wants to be president after her husbands third term as dictator is up President Janet-Idi Amin?

  6. Daniel says

    I know what she says isn’t true, but is her argument really that humans shouldn’t do anything cows don’t do? Does she realize that cows also can’t open doors and walk upright?

  7. Dan Cobb says

    Ah Africa…. the real Einsteins! Such a continent of intellectual power!

    Maybe given another million years of evolution, do you think they would have been able to come up with the bicycle? Vaccines? Telephones? Computers? Cars? the Wheel?
    Very doubtful!

  8. CPT_Doom says

    Actually Dan Cobb, Africans came up with all the inventions you cite. We are all, at the core, Africans, and all of us who are not directly from that Continent are descended from a small (perhaps as few as 200) Africans who left Africa some 70,000 years ago.

    The bigotry being expressed by this woman is not African in nature, and neither is her argument. The same anti-gay hatemongers who have made our lives miserable for decades have used the same argument time and again and it is those people who have exported their bigotry and hate to Africa.

  9. SFshawn says

    Comments like hers make one wonder if women raised in anti-women cultures such as Africa, India and Asia are just really stupid and ignorant of the world around them or if they even have the ability to form their own independent thoughts. It seems that they just parrot what their husband and or their fake god says? She really is quite stupid and unenlightened being the most powerful woman in the country but can’t expect much from subhuman Africa now can we?

  10. Cocoa says

    You know, I’m glad I was not alone in the thoughts mentioned here. (for the most part.) The title of the blog-post? Funny.

    The picture of the first lady? NOT the most flattering picture I’m sure. @Daniel Berry, NYC; THANK YOU. I was thinking those exact thoughts.

    That said, yes. Because cows are humans. PERFECT. SENSE. DONE. PRINT IT. NO MORE QUESTIONS.

  11. Derrick from Philly says

    @ “She really is quite stupid and unenlightened being the most powerful woman in the country but can’t expect much from subhuman Africa now can we?”

    Subhuman? You mean African Gay activists, and allies of Gay African activists?


  12. linda pane laurence says

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    his rwm playwrights lab will do readings soon

  13. M.H, Myers says

    rwm playwrights lab in Manhattan plans a series of readings of
    Dr Larry Myers new drama
    “Uganda Dyslexia” to benefit Fort Lauderdale s aids museum
    Myers was a post-Katrina volunteer which inspired a play
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  14. Quan says

    First of all, it’s Africa, so enough said.

    Secondly, at first glance, I totally would have thought that was a transgendered person. In fact, I know a lot of trans ladies who are MUCH hotter and more of a woman than this bafoon will ever be.

  15. Michael says

    Ah! Once again science trumps intelligence. I wonder if she thinks at all before she speaks? Is she a parent? If so, those kids don’t have a lot to work with to learn anything. Kidding aside, this is a very serious issue because of the influence such people have on other rather poorly educated people. She and her like have an agenda of control. And, it is difficult to break that hold. The world has a job ahead of itself.

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