1. terry says

    Yes we get it, Christian schools are run by bigots. Anyone sending their kid there and expecting them not to be bigots is simply stupid. The blame here lies with the parents for choosing this school in the first place and expecting anything less. I feel sorry for the little girl but deciding to pay bigots to educate your child is moronic.

  2. says

    I wonder if Joan of Arc would have been singled out as well….

    It amazes me how so many Christians run their schools and organizations not based on the teachings of the bible but on an episode of “Father Knows Best” Jeepers!

  3. Hey Darlin' says

    To use the religious right’s tired rhetoric, “won’t someone think of the children” because it’s not going to ever be them.

    Children deserve the right to develop naturally, as God intended. Altering His plan, to suit your own selfish needs, is a crime against nature itself.

  4. woody says

    these bigots prove how un-christian they are every day. such kindness. didn’t jesus say “bring the children to me,” not “yeah, ugh, except for the tomboys.”

  5. Rad says

    @DAN… well we see where that got Joan of Arc…

    Private schools are welcome to do whatever they want; but if they get one cent of public funding, all bets are off.

  6. JackFknTwist says

    Huh ?
    Did you call this Timberlake ‘Christian’ School ?

    And did this teacher/administrator just purport to speak for God ?

    The lunatics have taken over.

  7. kit says

    I feel sorry for her that she will miss her friends, but this is probably the best thing that could ever happen to her. She has been rescued from years of indoctrination into hate and bigotry.

  8. CPT_Doom says

    @ Hey Darlin’ – couldn’t agree more. I find it sad that their concept of God is so limited, so puny, that they cannot conceive of a higher power that might have a bit more “creativity” in his concept of humanity. We are all, in the end, 50% male and 50% female, and it should not shock anyone that a few of us are just more of a mixture than most.

  9. Neil says

    Do they want her to dress like a female in Biblical times or modern times? Because if they are going to take the bible so literalistically, maybe modern dress isn’t the way to go…

  10. Jason B says

    I find it rather confusing that these people claim to be experts and devout followers of their prophets word, yet break Jesus’ most important rules to live by. It’s my understanding that the most important value to live by is treating everyone of your fellow humans equally and as your brother. Don’t worry about the sins of your brother as you have enough on your own plate to deal with. I was brought up in a Christian culture by a non-Religous mother who walked the talk and always believed that treating everyone fairly was a pretty good rule to live by, that include those you disagree with as well.

    The rules they are supposed to live by are supposed to be a bit like the laws of Robotics in Asimovs books. If the first and most important law would be broken by following law 2 then one supersedes rule 2.

    @capt doom: I couldn’t agree more and your reasoning taken a step further is the primary logic that makes it very clear, none of our worlds religions come close to explaining or conveying anything relevant to the complexity of our Universe or any message a creator of something so complex would relay to us. If there was an active creator sending us messages on issues of such importance, the messages wouldn’t be so obtuse and would include accurate info on the size of the Universe, wouldn’t relegate the info to our blue dot and would certainly use the language of the Universe, Mathematics and physics.

  11. says

    Maybe she saw all those portraits of Christ with his long flowing lovely locks and figured that, as He was a man, she was suppose to have short hair?

    or maybe the people running this school are complete f****ing idiots.

  12. strivingforenlightenment says

    It is my belief that if you are going to claim to be a Christian school, then you should teaching the exact same thing Jesus died on the cross for: love. So what if this girl acts like a boy? Let figure out who she is. Who are we to judge? This is all coming from a Christian, stumbling in his faith because of things like this.

  13. Tyler says

    So Rick wanted to post a ignorant, hateful comment under a different username to slip his horrible opinion in undetected. He’s just looking to rile up the other commenters. What a desperate troll Rick/Styler is.

  14. thom says

    ooooh. So sad. What a sad story and worse, a sad commentary on reactionary religious nuts.They are the ones who vote in politicians who used religion as part of the political platforms. This is so like the Taliban mentality. They don’t even realize what they are doing. They are exclusionary and against everything Christ taught.They are also cowards. They refuse to speak out about their “reasoning”…hell, even the Westboro Baptist “church” is happy to speak about their twisted beliefs. Sadly, I would have to agree that Sunnie may be better off NOT in that hate pit. She may face a lot of bullying no matter where she goes to school and it is ironic that a “Christian” school doesn’t want the likes of her in their precious flocks of hypocrites. Jesus would weep at their actions. Simply weep.

  15. reality says

    This is just wrong. This “school” should be shut down! How can you accuse a child of acting too masculine or feminine? They are just discovering who they are and what they like. An 8 year old probably doesn’t even know a lot about gay/straight. This is all about selfish adults being uncomfortable and that’s pathetic.

  16. says

    I can see their point…

    Imagine one of the priests is knocking back a bit of the ol’ Sacrificial Wine, pulls this little tomboy aside, thinking he’s gonna get his “Kiddie Diddle” on, only to discover once he’s got her pants off that there’s nothing for him to diddle!

    Poor priest might have had a heart attack! Clearly the school is doing the right thing… protecting the priests instead of the flock.

  17. simon says

    I am waiting for the authoritative views of Rick on this subject. This time female’s masculinity instead of male’s femininity. I think he will have no problem with it. Masculinity is Rick’s final goal in life though he may not have achieved it yet in his twilight years.

  18. Tyler says

    Simon, you’re forgetting that above all else, Rick hates the LGBT community as a whole, and any gender variance. He’s a sociopath. There is nobody that will truly win his favor.

  19. Rowan says

    Blah, blah Right wingers are hypocrites and Christians don’t practice what they teach. And yet some allegedly sound minded people want to send their children to their conformist schools?

  20. northalabama says

    thank god that little girl is finally free from the bigoted staff of the school. i feel heartbreak over her loss of friends, but it’s better to start over now than later. she will flourish in her new environment, and we should all pray the tcf school closes permanently.

    better yet, how about a lawsuit claiming false advertising, demanding removal of the word christian from the school?

  21. DARCY says

    I’d never have let my kids go to any religious school and I’d have been pretty upset had any of my grandkids been sent to one. Kids have no need for this kind of treatment and I’m pretty sure she was ostracized by at least some of her classmates at TCS.

    Worse yet, this shows an unbending conformity. TCS wants to force its students to be what TCS wants them to be and not who they are. And it’s also very much reinforcing the doctrine of male domination and female submission that some Christian groups (Quiverfull, …) hold so dear. Obviously, Sunnie is a free spirit and TCS finds that threatening. Too bad they don’t understand that they should be doing what is best for each child and not what is best for the school.

    I’m glad her grandparents got her out of there. I’m sure that it is the best solution for Sunnie. Of course she will miss her friends but she will soon make new ones in her new school. And her new friends won’t have the same narrow-minded views that were being taught to her old friends at TCS. Sunnie is the winner here, no doubt about it and TCS lost bigtime.

    Good luck in your new school, Sunnie! I’m sure that you will do very well there. And NEVER stop shining!!!

  22. vorpal says

    Christians seem eager to embrace every possible opportunity that they can to make themselves look like the hateful, bigoted trash that they are. The fact that their religion is defined by an aspiration to be Christ-like is laughable: Christians are usually the least Christ-like people I have met.

  23. Luke says

    I’m tired of these bigoted Protestant schools hijacking the good name of “Christian”. These haters wouldn’t know true Christianity if it fell on their head. Why are these people ashamed to call themselves what they are? Is being “Protestant” a bad word nowadays?

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