1. will says

    I don’t believe for a second that these two attractive girls can’t join any clique. What would happen if we made them ordinary looking and slightly heavy like real-life high school lesbians? This isn’t really about lesbians. It’s about straight-guy fantasies of sleeping with two lesbians who aren’t really lesbians.

  2. HL says

    Will’s right. Producers probably would have never made it a show about two gay males pretending to be gay to be popular. Being a gay male in society carries more stigma.
    Anyway, I do hope the show is successful. At least its heart is in the right place.

  3. gregorybrown says

    I’m not sure that a kid saying he suspects that his “friends” like him only/mainly because he’s gay is something indicative of real changes in acceptance. Tolerance is not acceptance. Being the resident GBF is certainly better than being harassed, shunned or beaten. Nonetheless, feeling on a level with the latest designer fad or mass mediated Cool Thing is demeaning.

  4. roger says

    Fake lesbians suck. MTV is homophobic. It’s playing to porny stereotypes of lesbians.

    If this show were about two men, it would not have been made. MTV is a fake mess.p

  5. ernie m says

    I agree that MTV is homophobic and fake. These ‘lesbian storylines’ are simply pandering to straight guys and are not, in essence, gay-friendly.

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