1. says

    correction about Prop 8: “if you use money to deny gay couples PRE-EXISTING RIGHT”

    Nuance, Bill. I know, you and your viewers can’t do nuance, but that’s the truth. Nobody donated to “traditional marriage causes” – but to anti-gay ones. There’s a very important distinction in there.

    it’s not “having an opinion” – it’s actively working to make someone else’s life WORSE.

  2. says

    incidentally, “threats and intimidation and fear of harm” are what keep millions of LGBT people CLOSETED.

    how’s this : you stop working to actively make our lives worse, eh?

    you can’t say it’s our fault.

    you might as well be a brat on the schoolyard, running to the teacher to say “this whole fight started when the gay kid hit me back!”

  3. Pete says

    Ever notice how the right wingers never criticize groups like One Million Moms who want to boycott businesses, but when gay people do it, then it’s wrong? Unfortunately, most conservatives aren’t principled enough to recognize hypocrisy.

  4. Burt says

    Contributors pro Prop 8 aren’t the only ones whose names were published–so were those of us who contributed on the NoH8 side. “Pro Marriage” people had equal access to the databases and could have wielded just the same economic leverage against their opponents.

    I continue to believe that publication of the names of donors to a given candidate or cause is essential for democracy, especially in an era of oligarchs calling so many shots with their megabucks. People who feel strongly about a cause can then fight back with their $$.

  5. rk says

    The anti-gay forces knowing they are loosing the war to repress LGBT people are trying to change the narrative that the LGBT movement are bullies. Not only is this untrue in every way, offensive, but also dangerous. The LGBT leadership and movement has to respond and get the truth out there in terms of messaging otherwise we may loose support going forward. This rhetoric must be taken seriously.

  6. Ppp says

    Sometimes, we need to fight bigotry with bigotry since intolerance is two way street. Sometimes, people will interpret your tolerance as satisfaction, and their attitude will never be challenged.

  7. Bill says

    While O’Reilly has gone off the deep end once again, one might point out that the publicly expressed outrage over Eich was probably counterproductive:

    1. It gave windbags like O’Reilly something to spout about.

    2. You can bet that NOM will try to use Eich’s case as a reason to keep donor lists private, citing Eich’s treatment as new information.

    The cost of dealing with either is obviously more than Eich’s $1000 contribution due to the cost of mass media (TV in O’Reilly’s case) and what the legal costs for arguing issues in court (it doesn’t take a lot of hours to pass the $1000 mark).

  8. TampaZeke says

    Andrew Sullivan and the whole crew over at Box Turtle Bulletin are backing O’Reilly up and becoming the go-to kapos in promoting the “poor Christians being oppressed by big mean gays” meme.

  9. DC Insider says

    Opinions have consequences. Don’t like that? Then keep your opinions to yourself. Scared cause the bad gays are making you feel bullied because you are a bigot? Good. We are just getting started.

  10. Paul B. says

    The fools that listen to BO…like my dad…nod their head in agreement with everything he says. They don’t think, they don’t question…they follow. He’s counting on them to retain his job and remain relevant. It won’t be long and we’ll all be getting married and BO will be a thing of the past. I’m planning a big party as we speak!

  11. Keeping it Real says

    You want to talk threats and intimidation? How about what happens to a US Congressman who dares to disobey the Israel Lobby? But Bill O’reilly wouldn’t dare talk about that because he’d lose his job if he did. Fecking bloviating hypocrite.

  12. says

    Well, if anyone knows about “threats and intimidation”, it’s Bully O’Riley. Almost every time a guest says something he doesn’t like or proves him wrong, he yells over them like drunk sorority girl at a bachelorette party or cuts their mic off.

  13. Bill says

    @DC Insider: Do you realize that if people become scared to donate to political campaigns, including initiatives, then the money will have to come from organizations such as corporations. If the insurance industry funds an initiative that screws the public (and they try this periodically in California), and people are scared that they will lose their jobs if they donate to a campaign to oppose the initiatives, then the insurance industry wins by default.

    The issue is not just about gay rights but about public participation in the political process.

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