Bon Appetit! PETA Offers To Turn Jeffrey Dahmer’s Home Into Vegan Restaurant


The latest proposal from the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) may make you gag.

The group is looking to turn the $295,000 2,170-square-foot, mid-century modern childhood home of Jeffrey Dahmer — the very home where the infamous serial rapist, torturer and cannibal killed, dismembered and buried 19-year-old Steven Hicks — into a vegan eatery called “Eat for Life: Home Cooking.”

The eatery would feature “entrees like chipotle barbecue tofu kebabs and a vegan creamy chicken casserole — made from faux-chicken and dairy-free sour cream.”

“We are always looking forward to ways to draw attention to the violence inherent in the production of meat, eggs and milk — which involve processes that would shock all but the most hard-hearted person,” PETA president Ingrid Newkirk wrote in a letter last week. “Dahmer’s old house gives us a way to evoke sympathy for these victims and to suggest that a life-affirming diet can change everything.”

The Beacon Journal has more:

Aha. Even though the house is “zoned only for single-family residential use and not for commercial purposes… Richard Lubinski of Stouffer Realty, who is handling the sale of Dahmer’s former house, said he was not sure if the offer was serious or if the offer was part of a publicity stunt… but [said] the deal could help to remove a longtime stain in the community.

“I think it’s great,” Lubinski told the paper. “If they want to buy it and repurpose it, that’s phenomenal.”

(image via Keller Williams Realty)


  1. says

    I say why not? It’s a decent way to repurpose a structure associated with morbidity and educate people at the same time, while not doing the gruesome ads PETA is typically associated with. It’s unlikely many people would want to live in that house, so this will at least prop up local property values a bit. As long as they’re tastefully about it I have no issue.

  2. JJ says

    This is a travesty. Clearly any restaurant at that home should serve tasty human delights and opiate cocktails. Any occupation by PETA would be a perversion of justice.

  3. Robert M. says

    PETA is a joke. It’s nothing but a bunch of dilettantes’ and trust fund babies running around pretending to care about something they don’t actually have any knowledge about…

  4. gregorybrown says

    Mos vegans I’ve met have been either overbearing self-righteous gits or genuinely horrid people with oral aggressive tendencies. Many have had bad personal hygiene.

  5. john patrick says

    Tampzeke – this is where he killed his first victim. His parents were living elsewhere, and he was living alone at the family home. But he killed a lot of other people in the apartment later on.

  6. Gregoire says

    “We are always looking forward to ways to draw attention to the violence inherent in the production of meat….”

    If they are serious, then I hope they go out of business. I will personally run out and buy a mink coat if this comes to fruition.

  7. EchtKultig says

    The most interesting aspect of the Dahmer story is the stupid, homophobic cops who assumed one of his first victims was his lover. Homophobic because, of course the gays leave one another dripping in blood and crying from their lovemaking. (he wasn’t fluent enough in English to explain what was happening to him) Of course the police union protected them and they both went on to have successful careers.

  8. Randy says

    The place isn’t cursed. But simple minds always hang on to stuff like that, as if it is.

    But really, it sounds like a great idea to me, and a pretty location (from the image).

    Wanton destruction is not the answer.
    Making something better is the answer.

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