Championship Boxer Kassim Ouma Charged With Felony Battery Over Unwanted Gay Advances

Former middleweight boxing champion Kassim Ouma has reportedly been charged with felony battery for assault a man who made unwanted sexual advances on him in Los Angeles.

Kassim_oumaTMZ reports:

The former IBF junior middleweight champion is telling investigators … he was hanging out in Hollywood early Friday morning when he struck up a conversation with a guy he just met. Ouma says the two went back to the other man's home for a drink … where the guy allegedly made a pass at the boxer.

We're told … Ouma claims he politely declined multiple advances … but says when he got up to leave, the guy made one final move — and Ouma shoved him away. The altercation then escalated … with Ouma allegedly knocking the guy out cold. Cops were called to the scene — where the victim was treated and transported to a nearby hospital.

The blog Rod 2.0 adds:

Ouma has a very compelling personal story and is the subject of the 2008 documentary Kassim the Dream. He was kidnapped at 6-years-old and forced to become a child soldier for the rebel army under the leadership of Yoweri Museveni—who later become Uganda's president and has remained in that position 1986. Ouma was drafted into the army as a teenager, became a boxer in the army's amateur team and applied for political asylum in the United States when he was 18-years-old. Ouma later became the International Boxing Champion Junior Middleweight world champion.

Ouma remains behind bars for the time being.


  1. disgusted merican says

    hmmm go to a stranger’s house you just met for a drink….and the same gender….in an area known for gay people, what do u expect..the guy wanted to play cards???

  2. pete n sfo says

    More “Gay Panic”… another gay closet case. I swear, if women were allowed to punch out every idiot that ever made advances, the streets would be littered w/ men.

    That said, investigate. If his story holds-up, so be it, but like most people in the universe, I’m dubious.

  3. Derrick from Philly says

    See, that’s the one thing I love about being a 56 year old queen: I am NEVER bringing a piece of trade into my home again–even if he has muscles all over his body…NEVER, EVER again (I hope).

  4. JD says

    The boxer seems cool in interviews, sweet gentle sensitive guy. Child soldier nightmare background. This incident, I don’t know, an alcohol etc. mess maybe; facts lookin’ kinda blurry. Sometimes a guy can come on a little rough you know, like, without respect, like you’re a piece of meat. Need to show a little tenderness toward lost boys or better not play with them at all. Never assume he knows the soulless drill.

  5. Paul B. says

    Hey Derrick…the last “piece of trade” I brought home at 33…and kept him here all this time. We’re both 62 now and he’s still duck-taped in the bedroom. He serves me well to this day…just not as often!

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