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Chelsea Manning Receives Approval For Legal Name Change


Chelsea Manning may have been sentenced to 35 years for her involvement in the Wikileaks scandal, but at least she is one step closer to officially serving her time as the woman she identifies as. As part of the longer game to receive hormone therapy for a full transition, Chelsea petitioned to have her name legally changed. On Wednesday a Kansas judge approved the appeal for "Bradley Manning" to be changed to "Chelsea Elizabeth Manning". In a statement on her name change, Chelsea said:

It’s worth noting that in both mail and in-person, I’ve often been asked, “Why are you changing your name?” The answer couldn’t be simpler: because it’s a far better, richer, and more honest reflection of who I am and always have been –a woman named Chelsea.

It should be noted that this change will not compel the military to begin treating Chelsea as a woman and she presently remains as an inmate at the male-only U.S. Disciplinary Barracks.

Portrait of Chelsea Manning by Alicia Neal via the Chelsea Manning Support Network.

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  1. 35 years in prison? Murderers don't even serve that long in America. Unless ofcourse they kill someone rich and famous.

    Posted by: Keith | Apr 24, 2014 9:21:20 PM

  2. They should have executed him/her for betraying his/her country.

    Posted by: Phil | Apr 24, 2014 10:16:11 PM

  3. This is a powerful victory for trans rights! Hopefully, she soon will be able to make use of her new name on her death certificate.

    Posted by: Tyler | Apr 24, 2014 10:17:23 PM

  4. Ouch Tyler. I was going to say something derogatory, but I can't top that. I think he is a troubled person, and I feel sorry for him.

    Posted by: Neil | Apr 25, 2014 12:33:11 AM

  5. "Chelsea" won't ever breathe freedom again. Mind you, a military tribunal condemned him and not a public court.

    Posted by: Sam | Apr 25, 2014 12:53:03 AM

  6. Why is everyone (but one) using the wrong pronouns? Agree or disagree with her actions while in service of this country, there's no need to be transphobic.

    Posted by: Emily | Apr 25, 2014 12:59:05 AM

  7. Emily, apparently it's okay to use slurs when one is talking about someone who has been convicted, at least if you agree with the conviction. I'm sure these same fine folks would use the N word to talk about OJ Simpson, if there's ever an article on here about him.

    Posted by: Thedrdonna | Apr 25, 2014 1:01:53 AM

  8. All the person has done is change his name. He hasn't undertaken hormone therapy or anything else. He is, in fact, still a man.

    Posted by: Phil | Apr 25, 2014 8:06:29 AM

  9. Phil, if you're going to make statements as if they are fact, you should at least educate yourself as to those facts. Otherwise, you risk making yourself look ignorant.

    There are plenty of reputable resources about what it means to be transgendered of which you could avail yourself.

    Posted by: Cam | Apr 25, 2014 8:48:01 AM

  10. Chelsea is a hero. Thought we were more progressive on this page. Guess now that some gays can marry who cares about the rest of the sexual minorities, huh? Fool white gay men are the new fool straight white men.

    Posted by: Usagi-chan | Apr 25, 2014 9:09:07 AM

  11. Usagi-Chan -

    Transfolk are not "sexual minorities." You don't understand what trans means and what gender identity means, and you are too arrogant to learn. Also, by referring to Chelsea as a hero and not a heroine, you are misgendering her. That is a form of transphobic violence.

    Usagi-Chan = the new KKK.

    Posted by: TheDrDonna | Apr 25, 2014 11:35:27 AM

  12. Good to see the troll is still using my name, whatevs. Usagi: you're absolutely right. The lGbt movement has been mainly focused on the priorities of (primarily) gay white men for a long time. Now that those same men are getting what they want (marriage equality, which IS important, but not everything), there's a subset of them who is vocally against a lot of other stuff. They can go back to being conservatives once the one aspect in which they were disadvantaged is removed. There's always going to be a "minority within a minority" who won't learn the lessons that adversity should have taught them, to listen to the disadvantaged and try to help. This isn't an indictment of all gay men, just noting that there's more of that attitude in their particular wedge of our community than in the rest.

    Posted by: Thedrdonna | Apr 25, 2014 11:58:56 AM


    LOL. I'm laughing, but I'm not sure it's funny anymore. Rick is absolutely psycho. I immediately knew that you didn't write that comment in response to "Usagi-Chan" or the earlier comment.

    In fact, Usagi-Chan is probably Rick. The b.tch argues with his different persona on this blog.

    @ "Ouch Tyler. I was going to say something derogatory, but I can't top that. I think he is a troubled person, and I feel sorry for him."

    Neil, that AINT TYLER. It's that same psycho fool named Rick. I guess he's about the craziest fool to come to this blog. That b.tch has nothing better to do Sometimes even at night. LOL

    Poor thing oughtta' be put to rest.

    Posted by: Derrick from Philly | Apr 25, 2014 12:17:00 PM

  14. DrDonna

    Um wow. That is totally insane homophobia you are spewing. The only area in which gay men face discrimination is marriage? Srsly? You mean, they don't get assaulted and murdered? You mean they don't face the loss of jobs or get discriminated against in public accommodations? You mean they don't face social stigma which isolates them from their families, churches, and communities?

    You know, maybe there really is something to the idea that transgender activists are homophobic. Up until now, I considered that to be a baseless allegation. Now I am not so sure.

    Posted by: JD | Apr 25, 2014 2:33:31 PM

  15. Actually JD, I didn't say that at all. What I was saying was that there's a certain subset of moderately wealthy, white, heteronormative gay men for whom the issues you list are not as important. These are also the sort of people who have the most voice due to their position in life, so it's not particularly surprising that now that marriage equality is becoming something of an inevitability, there's a subset (and again, I'm not talking about the whole. I'm talking about a smaller group of loudmouths) who don't want anything to do with issues that disproportionately affect people of color, women, trans folks, etc, etc. When you see Rick on here blathering about whatever racist misogynistic claptrap has tumbled out of his addled brain on any given particular day, you can see a neat encapsulation of the sort of mindset I'm talking about. These folks aren't a majority of gay men, and they're probably not even a sizable minority, but they are loud and I don't see a lot of folks calling them out. I'm hardly homophobic for noticing this (I'm a gay woman, fwiw).

    Posted by: Thedrdonna | Apr 25, 2014 2:43:30 PM

  16. Usagi,

    I am not sure who is posting what, but it is absolutely true that transgender people are not sexual minorities. Transgender is not a sexuality and a trans person can have any sexuality or sexual orientation.

    You were wrong to say that.

    Posted by: Dyssonance | Apr 25, 2014 2:54:44 PM

  17. @Dyssonance: the phrasing I've heard is "Gender and Sexual Minorities", which is probably more accurate (and easier, if you say GSM instead of adding more letters to LGBTQIA), but you're correct, simplifying it to sexual minorities implies things about trans folks that aren't necessarily true. Fake me was right about that, if nothing else.

    Posted by: Thedrdonna | Apr 25, 2014 3:07:32 PM

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