Christian Nursery School Employee Alleges Firing Over Refusal To Read Children Gay Stories

Sarah Mbuyi, a Belgian immigrant who works at a British nursery school, has lodged a formal complaint at an employment tribunal alleging that she was fired for refusing to read stories about gay couples to children. Mbuyi-sarah

According to Mbuyi, shortly after she began full-time work at Britain’s Newpark Childcare nursery school a lesbian co-worker began asking Mbuyi why she carries a bible and about her Christian beliefs. Two months later, Mbuyi gave the woman a bible as a gift when that woman got injured and ended up in the hospital.

The following month, the lesbian co-worker told Mbuyi that the church had shamed and abused her for being lesbian when she was younger. At some point Mbuyi responded, “If I tell you that God is OK with [homosexuality] I am lying to you.”

Mbuyi’s employers then allegedly called Mbuyi in for a disciplinary meeting, accused her of harassment and gross misconduct and then asked  if she would read stories about gay people to children. She answered that she would not and was let go soon afterwards.

Miss Mbuyi will be represented in court by the Christian Legal Centre, a UK-based religious legal group with a long track record of losing its cases.


  1. SpaceCadet says

    That last paragraph was hilarious whether intentional or not. If the employee’s religious beliefs interfere with her ability to perform her job then she should be let go.

  2. poorblackblindlesbianwoman says

    Why must we keep pretending that these people, who use their dogma to instill murder against gay and trans people, came from some intimate knowledge of “god” and “his” demands?

    Fire her bigoted butt.

  3. BobN says

    If you’re going to engage a religiously conservative co-worker in an ongoing discussion of her religious beliefs and, in the course of doing so, share your own story about how conservative religious beliefs harmed you, you shouldn’t be stunned to find out she’s not much different from the people who shamed you in the past. Whining about it seems petty, since you sort of asked for it.

  4. jake john says

    so let me get this straight.. religious folks are furious that christian schools are being sued for firing gay and lesbian teachers with conservatives pundits claiming it is the school right to do so.. but when it’s a non-christian school, firing someone for their bigotry is.. bigotry?? hypocrite much?

  5. Jim says

    I don’t see how personal conversation is legally actionable or grounds for an employer to dismiss an employee. Nothing in this story indicates that Sarah Mbuyi harassed anybody; she and a co-worker exchanged opinions. If conversation is now grounds for legal punishment, then British law really does persecute religious people and that is despicable. As for her saying that she would not read gay-related stories to children, surely the employer can make a reasonable accommodation here. C’mon. This a tiny, easily resolvable issue. Maybe there’s more to this story than is presented here, but as it stands it seems to me that this is a genuine case of political correctness run amok. Enough of punishing people for what they believe! If you can’t cope with people who think being gay is wrong, then don’t ask them what they believe in the first place. Hello?

  6. poorblackblindlesbianwoman says

    Jim is a closeted gay male.

    Btw Jimbo, that woman didn’t want to read a “gay” book to children – And what is a “gay” book exactly as opposed to a “straight” book – think about that –

    Jimbo, She told someone that being gay was against god.

    You need to leave the GOPROUD nest and breathe real air Jimbo.

  7. DANSWON says

    People who carry around bibles should NOT be allowed anywhere near children. They should probably be in a psychiatric ward.

  8. EchtKultig says

    “Miss Mbuyi will be represented in court by the Christian Legal Centre, a UK-based religious legal group with a long track record of losing its cases.”

    Thank you for the laugh, Daniel.

    This story is a microcosm of the whole paradox of open immigration in Europe. Tolerance means opening the gates to people are who intolerant. I’m extremely liberal about many issues but this is one where I won’t tolerate a bit of political correctedness. Let’s call a spade a spade. If you come from the third world or the Islamic world, to the western world, you can leave your antediluvian civic values behind, thank you very much. Good for them for firing her butt.

  9. Frank says

    Evangelicals always aggressively harass people, their big wet dream is to have a legal right to make the workplace their own personal church.

  10. jonnathewoodswoman says

    Maybe she should have left her bible at home and not presented it as a patronizing “gift” to her lesbian co-worker. She’s a dogmatic nut and thankfully, the british don’t tolerate these christian assholes like we do. Screw them. They’re a death cult.