1. Daniel in MO says

    Well maybe those same parents, students, and teachers that disagree with the church’s teachings should also think about not supporting the school.

  2. TomR says

    Best solution = Get your kid out of there and forget it. This is the Catholic Church you’re dealing with. No changes, never, no way on their part. Bigotry, guilt and suppression reign supreme.

  3. Topol says

    My stance is that organizations such as the RC church should stick to their principles. They should have the morality clause and they should enforce it consistently.

    This means kicking out all gays from among priests, nuns, brothers, and the laity. Empty out the ranks. Do not accept money from people who support gays in any way or who have gays in their family.

  4. Belar says

    Patrick, I think what Topol was trying to suggest was that they should stick to their principles so we can see just how much in the end it drains the church’s coffers. If they kicked out every gay priest they wouldn’t have anywhere near enough left to run things, and if they stopped accepting money from the so-called “sinners” (adulterers and remarried people included), they’d go broke in no time. There’s no way they’ll do anything drastic to sacrifice their position financially.

    Their principles, like the principles of many other groups (religious or otherwise) constantly and conveniently get brushed aside because in the end, the RCC worships money more than the ‘god’ that they claim to be serving.

  5. johnny says

    If all the parents, teachers and students simply walk away from the catholic cult, then they would cease to exist.

    But they can’t because they’re brainwashed.

  6. Gay Guy says

    Catholic Schools don’t pay taxes and generally get some public support. For instance textbooks, transportation, remedial education (that is coordinated with the school in an off-site trailer), etc. If they want to discriminate, they should lose their tax exemption and any other public assistance.

  7. Joe in Ct says

    I am glad to see that some of those directly involved are in fact speaking up. When these despicable contract provisions were revealed it seemed the people most impacted by the contract were just reluctantly accepting it. This protest won’t change a thing, the church will not retreat, but I’m glad their onerous contract provisions are actually being publicly protested. Keep the heat on and if you have kids in Catholic schools, please consider a less homophobic institution.

  8. Bill says

    Firings will still be news. Avoiding such public embarrassment isn’t the point here .

    The point is avoiding the lawsuit or avoiding losing the lawsuit that follows a firing.

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