1. kipp says

    When dishing witty banter, drag queens are not serving “tea” they are serving “T” as in “truth” – kinda sad I need to clarify that here…

  2. says

    As one who has always enjoyed watching all kinds of drag and who thinks there are some marvelously talented queens in today’s scene (hello Willem and Jynx), these two are just not very funny or fun to watch. I don’t mind over-the-top “ain’t trying to look like a real girl” makeup (hello Priscilla)… but I’m sorry to say, these two look like badly drawn cartoon characters.

    Oh. That DJ guy in the video was kinda cute. What’s his name?

  3. Cake says

    LITPER – Enough with propaganda of heteronormativity!

    SPARKS – Exactly. Willam said it best: “I don’t dress like a girl, I dress like a whore-clown.”

    That being said, I love these two bitches. I wonder how many adult diapers they had to go through to film this.

  4. says

    that’s wonderful, kip. i’m glad you’re well versed in all things drag queen lingo. just so you know not everyone is on your end of the spectrum. i know what it means but not everyone is your typical gay girlfriend. girl.


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