1. Princely says

    They couldn’t put this witch far enough UNDER the prison for my tastes. I hope she rots in jail for life.

  2. UFFDA says

    Very inadequate sentence. The only jury should have been injury, having it inflicted daily for seven years until they die. Acually she will especially get something close to that surrounded in prison by women who would love to get out and hold their children.

  3. Mike says

    Here me out here, because I agree the sentences should have been longer.

    The US hands out long sentences like candy, because the public cried out for harsh sentences for everything for so long. This was because they were lied to, longer sentences don’t really reduce crime.

    Instead, we now have a system that is so overburdened, that very, very few cases actually go to trial. Like, in the low single digits. Prosecutors almost never want to actually take cases to trial, even if it means getting just a few years for what should have been murder.

    Everything is pleaded out.

    That’s how you end up with the boyfriend pleading to manslaughter, instead of being tried for murder.

  4. Mark says

    What does Santorum say about this and the other 3,000 children killed By parents every year in the USA? He says children need a mother and a father! This poor boy did not

  5. Keeping it Real says

    Jessica Dutro is the young, ugly face of American Homophobia. The US has a serious problem with sick homophobes and not enough is being done to address it. Often Homophobia is encouraged. I can just see this bimbo watching a Saturday Night Live skit mocking stereotypical gay characters and her thinking, “I’ll kill my kid if he turns out to be like THAT!”

  6. says

    the heart breaks for the young life lost, that knew only pain in his short life. it’s an all too common story, too

    one of my best friends was beaten by his father over a number of years for “being a f@g”- and my friend isn’t even gay. He was merely never like his father – he has always had a gentleness of spirit, and a dislike for violence, boorishness, etc. And he was beaten by his father for it as a child, until the man was finally removed from the home.

    So, the kid “walked and talked” like he’s gay? So she beat him? Because being gay is that bad, eh?
    Of course, not all young gay people exhibit “signs” – and some “signs” don’t lead to “gay” – but other avenues that are merely associated ‘with’ gay – like sensitivity, compassion, etc.

    We’ll never know what kind of man he’d have grown up to be. A kind straight man. A kind gay man.

    some people just shouldn’t be allowed to procreate.

    women like this are why i don’t think folks with an anti-gay bias, be it cultura, societal or religious, should be allowed to adopt: it’s bad enough when they hate their own blood-family, but if you’re adopting a child, and there’s *of course* a chance that the child *COULD* be gay – anti-gay people should be barred from adopting.

  7. thom says

    …I certainly hope that maggot of woman and her filthy boyfriend rot in jail.Jail is really to good for them but she got nailed for her evil. She had better watch her ugly ass in Prison. Some inmates have very strong feelings about child murderers even though they may be whack jobs about everything else. She just may wind up beaten to death..tsk tsk…what a shame that would be.

  8. walter says

    glad it was oregon not florida . florida would have given her a parade with their justice system

  9. crazycorgi says

    The irony is the woman who beat her son to death because she thought he was gay is now going to be eating pussy for the next 25 years.

  10. jamal49 says

    Look at the sweet, beautiful face of that sad, unfortunate, little boy! What loving gay or lesbian couple wouldn’t want to have adopted him and give him the love he deserved? That wench should have gotten the death penalty.

  11. Marc says

    This is surely the worst crime humankind can commit: killing an innocent kid. Words are not enough to express how evil this is.

  12. Bernie says

    I am not mean spirited person, but this woman and her boyfriend should be physically tortured for what they did a 4 year child, that may or may have not been gay…ugh!

  13. Well Look at That says

    Wow, it’s funny how none of you made reference to her race! every time theres something involving an African American and anti-gay anything, most of you are quick to jump on the race bandwagon. I’m really staring to see what some African americans mean when they say white gay males are just as prejudice as their straight counter parts.

  14. Curse says

    That b**** and her boyfriend should get f***ed in the ass by that metal dildo/knife from the movie 7. I would be satisfied with that being their fate.

    Watching the expressions on their faces as others spoke about them was disgusting. They had no fear, no remorse, no despair. I wish them nothing but pain and suffering.

  15. Curse says


    I like how you just said all that without the slightest hint of irony; you’re the first one, and the only one, to “jump on the race bandwagon”, but in your case, you’re implying that it’s “African Americans” (who I’m assuming you believe are all straight) vs. gay males (who you believe are all white).

    Wow, it’s funny how use the words “most of you”, when you have no idea who “most” of us are or what “most” of us do. And it’s funny how you use the words “Every time…” RIGHT AFTER admitting that “none” of us made reference to her race!
    If I told you, which I am, that you make incompatible assertions, would you know what that means? Or is your consciousness so dim that the only thing you have capacity for are anti-gay memes you picked up from your anti-gay leaders?

  16. Dback says

    Unfortunately, with “good behavior” in prison, they could both be out walking the streets in 15 years or so–just in time to mess up the remaining kids who will be coming of age and trying to rebuild their lives. And I agree, karmically–if either or both of them has an “accident” in prison and doesn’t make it to release, the world will keep turning quite handily without them.

  17. Rod Roddy lookalike says

    Little Kiwi:

    I appreciate very much what you said about homophobes not being allowed to adopt. Apparently, the young man who had such a wonderful chance on “America’s Got Talent” last year was adopted by that family in Tennessee was kicked out by the family after he did some things they didn’t like, primarily being gay. Makes me want to sterilize all of the people who think that way, although that probably wouldn’t end their breed.

    If the time ever comes around to outlaw churches who preach such hate, I’ll make sure to VOTE THEM OUT OF EXISTENCE. To paraphrase the old T-shirt slogan from the 80’s: I may be fat, but you’re STUPID, and I can diet!”

    Free sterilizations, anyone?

  18. ratbastard says

    I’d like to wipe the smirk off that kunts face.

    She should he hanged along with her BF. Miserable, evil (redacted).

  19. mark says

    gay men and homophobic mothers…there’s a topic for ya!

    could religion have anything to do with it?

    important to notice how she called upon the man to “work on” the boy.

    wish the man said no.

  20. romaine says

    No words for this one. Truly horrific. Certain people should either be prohibited from having kids or be forced to take child-rearing courses. So tragic.