Eric Paul Leue On His Petition To Remove Weinstein From AHF

Eric Paul Leue

In response to AHF president Michael Weinstein referring to Truvada as PrEP as a "party drug", Mr. LA Leather Eric Paul Leue created a petition on to have Weinstein removed from his position. Having drawn both commendation and condemnation for speaking against Weinstein and in favor of PrEP – with some condemnations levied at Leue more baseless than others – Leue took to Huffington Post to explain his background, his views, and why he chose to target Weinstein with a petition. His explanation is difficult to sum up in a single quote so the full editorial should be read regardless of whether one agrees with him or not, but in part:

The petition I launched is titled "Remove Weinstein." I have nothing against Weinstein as a person, nor do I mean to devalue his past achievements or the AHF in general. I simply question his role as a leader of an HIV organization and as an influential public figure on HIV issues.


Dialogue would unite everyone over our common goal of preventing HIV transmission, providing accurate information to the public, and alleviating HIV-related stigma and discrimination. The question is: Why is Weinstein not interested in participating?


  1. Moz's says

    he needs to trim the wings/ mini handlebars on the mustache and the beard would look great

  2. Tim says

    A guy who accepts an award based on a sex fetish is giving moral advice? Whatever. He might be more effective if he attempted a human-like appearance.

  3. dcspdrcr says

    All the ‘SNARK’ about personal appearance from the (fill in the blank) is really juvenile,… but I guess I should consider the source.

  4. Brett says

    Who are all of these people and organizations you are talking about and why should we care what they have to say? Can we please have some context?

  5. Joe in Ct says

    The outrage expressed about Weinstein’s somewhat pernicious remark reminds me of the men who resisted closing the bath houses during the early days of the AIDS epidemic. They too just wanted to “party on” in complete denial.

  6. petey says

    The last person I’m going to listen to regarding drugs advice is a leather fetishist with a ring through his nose. It’s not working, Dorothy.

  7. Joseph Singer says

    Dear Moz’s: You need to get over your personal grooming expertise and stick to the focus of the article.

  8. Marc says

    For the sake of argument, let’s just say it is a “party drug.” So what? Is the role of the president of the AHF to stigmatize sex? We have a drug that can help reduce HIV transmissions. How and when and why and where people use this drug will vary from person to person. The president of the AHF needs to let the public know this drug is available and inform them what it does and warn them of its limits. For him to throw in a snarky comment — and then double-down on his snarkiness when pressed on it — is immature and not becoming of the president of an organization who should know all about the history of shame in the gay community.

    If people want to use it while they “party” that’s their deal. But they need to know they are at risk of spreading, or getting, other STD’s unless they use a condom. If he would have said that, that would have been important and wise advice. Instead he resorts to childish insults.

    Shame on Weinstein.
    Unless he can get his act together, I’d gladly see him go. We don’t need this right now.

  9. Tom says

    Poor sorry, self-hating queens have to rag on a good man who cares about truth in HIV information. Eric is very well informed, cares deeply for the well being of gay men and is totally correct in calling out the head of the largest AIDS organization for his remarks about Truvada. We in the leather community are used to the internalized homophobia from the ‘straight’ gay community projected against us, so, whatever bitches.

  10. JOJ81 says

    I’ll go with the professional opinion qualified by many many years of experience fighting the virus over the opinion of the winner of a fetish popularity/beauty contest thanks!

  11. petey says

    Here is a golden rule about how to treat your body: the less drugs you put into it, the better.

  12. bamontealegre says

    Come on folks. Read the article, do the research. All the facts are there. His message is about HIV prevention. Get off the personal appearance attacks. He is HOT!!!!!!!

  13. Fernando says

    I just can’t believe how, instead of focusing on the main reason of this article you guys judge Eric’s looks. Don’t ever judge a book by its cover, and then we want other people to “respect” us because we are victims of “homophobia” but I guess that’s just fine to attack every gay man who isn’t like us. SMH

  14. ger says

    I’m with Petey – if I can get the same results without drugs, I’ll continue to use condoms. But I think discussion is good, and the more science we get on the drug the better, so carry on with that.

    I don’t think talking about Leue’s appearance is helpful in any way (I find him sexy), but I also don’t think his petition serves any purpose. Truth is, for some people Truveda IS a party drug. I don’t think saying that warrants removing Weinstein from his position.

    Does anyone know how much pharmaceutical companies pay Towleroad? I’ve noticed that any Truveda article on this site comes down solidly on the pro-drug side.

  15. Knight of the Sorrowful Countenance says

    If Truveda is such an essential tool in the battle against AIDS transmission, why do 30 tablets cost almost $1,300.00? I checked and my health insurance won’t cover it. Why isn’t the leather community (or the rest of the gay community) denouncing these facts. Where are the petitions on these points? I can get condoms free for the asking, so can anyone else. Which do you think most people are going to use?

  16. epic says

    prep is just too dangerous, its poorly researched, expensive(someone pays for it insurance or not) and fills a need that is ultimately self destructive. If you are taking truvada as a back up for poor decisions, maybe you need to look at what is really making you compromise common sense. The chance of you being safe are improved so little by taking prep and taking necessary precautions you can depend on one the other not so much. Its as ill advised as taking the maximum dose of every NSAID and pain reliever every time you feel an ache because “what if one doesn’t work?”.

    we don’t get out of life alive, everyone has an expiration date. I’m not personally invested in your particular path to happiness, its about reason and resources. Truvada used in prep is just bad science and economics. Its a great drug with lots of use cases, laziness and paranoia can be treated more effectively with education.

  17. Douglas says

    I stand with Michael Weinstein on this matter.

    I couldn’t care less about the opinion of someone who likes to play dress up wearing the skins of dead animals.

  18. Fenrox says

    Wow so a party drug that saves lives and doesn’t do anything else is bad for some reason? Ousting Weinstein is akin to demanding that oranges are now blue, but whatever it takes to bring some attention.

    I like the idea of truvida but it just isn’t there yet for most people. Once it’s out there like condoms are then assholes saying it’s a party drug can be held accountable. But then it is no secret that cruel people have loved STD’s as a divine punishment for years.

  19. Fenrox says

    Also to be clear, this guy won a voting contest for how hot he is. How many contests have you guys won? It’s one thing to attack someone you think is ugly, it’s another to attack someone who is “officially” hot.

  20. Knight of the Sorrowful Countenance says

    I have not made any criticism of Eric Paul Leue based on his looks. I read his HuffPost interview and his petition and I believe that he is wrong on this stance for the reasons that are set out in my first comment. I quite frankly don’t care what he looks like and neither should anyone else when it comes to the merits of this petition. But I do have to wonder what it says about our community when the winner of a fetish beauty pageant presumes to speak for me.