French Uber Driver Fired For Refusing to Pick Up Gays

A driver for the car hire company Uber was fired in Paris over the weekend after he reportedly told two passengers they were not allowed in his car because they were gay.

The Local reports:

Screen Shot 2014-04-28 at 9.00.45 AMWhen the driver showed up, he asked the men [one of whom is pictured right] a few questions, and after determining they had come from a gay club he refused to give them a ride. The driver allegedly said ‘I don’t take gays’ and drove off, French daily Le Parisien reported.

Still needing to get home, the young men again requested a car from Uber. Incredibly, the same driver turned up again, prompting them to snap a picture of his license plate.

The driver didn’t like being photographed one bit and allegedly shouted at one of the men, “Come here, I’m going to break your phone." Fearing for their safety, the two men headed back toward the club.

Their move prompted the driver to shout: “Come on, get in gays, I’ll take you home” before he drove off. At that point the men took to Twitter to denounce the incident and inform Uber of what had happened. 

Uber replied Sunday morning by announcing the suspension of the driver, saying "this unacceptable behavior is absolutely not representative of the spirit of Uber." The driver was later fired.

[photo via Twitter]


  1. woodroad34 says

    Good for the fast response from Uber. I have a friend who takes Uber practically everywhere–especially if he’s going out to dinner and drinking (he’s in his late 70’s).

  2. BobN says

    “FWIW pedale comes from pederaste, meaning pedophile.”

    Pederasty is not the same thing as pedophilia.

    And, yes, the French slurs for gay are all pretty bad.

  3. Kent says

    Dear XOXO

    Quit tying racism in with religously bigoted assholes. In case you need instructing, Muslims are not a race, but a religion!! I will not hesitate to castigate their primitive culture and barbaric religion. Same goes for Catholics, Mormons and especially Evangelicals when they (religion) are and always have been our worst enemies.

  4. olich says

    Uber sux. It’s like hitch hiking and praying to God that you don’t get Charlie Manson or Aileen Wournos behind the wheel. With Uber, you cant record a hackney license # (all cabs have to display that) and as questionable as some cabbies may seem they have undergone some background checks as opposed to Uber who will subcontract out your crystal-addict, homicidal 15 year old neighbor who may or may not have a license. Oh, and Uber drivers have no commercial insurance policies.

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