1. Chris K says

    Finally a credible source of scientific entertainment for me and my wingnut friends to watch! I’ve been so fed up with all these darn theories about the ‘big bang’ and ‘evolution’. The truth is dinosaurs roamed the Earth just 7000 short years ago, but Jesus buried their bones real deep to fool the liberals and the homosexuals.

  2. SATAN says

    Do you have any idea how heavy dinosaur bones are let alone digging all that way down to bury them? Don’t tell me I don’t know how to work. God does everything by magic but when you’ve been thrown out of heaven you lose your Levitation Rights, and recruiting new souls to help isn’t easy either, unless it’s a gay one and everyone knows their limps are too wrist to lift anything heavier than a hanky. Still, there are so many of them. We manage.

  3. John says

    I know it’s meant to be funny, but many people really do believe Creationist crap! Ignorance abounds across the world and no amount of proof to the contrary will convince them. Oh well….

  4. Bill says

    @anon: they dressed him up like a Mormon missionary because this was a low-budget production and they were out of the other costumes when they went to a Halloween store immediately before it closed.

  5. HisHelper says

    @SIMON, I guess you don’t read all the comments on TR because I posted a while back that I once stayed at a Holiday Inn at Bridgeport CT and the Bible in my room was inscribed by the author, “All the best, God”

  6. simon says

    I guess that must be a good sign that you have been chosen. Did you see the angel. As what a play says:
    “Greetings Prophet; The Great Work begins: The Messenger has arrived”

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