Gay Episcopal Bishop Gene Robinson Leads Prayer at White House Easter Breakfast


Gay Episcopal bishop Gene Robinson received an unexpected surprise at the end of Monday's White House Easter prayer breakfast when President Obama unexpectedly chose him to close the meal with prayer.



  1. DW says

    This is very nice for Gene, who is a good guy, but why do we have “Prayer Breakfasts” in the White House to begin with? The President is free to worship at any church he likes, but not to hold officially sanctioned religious events in the People’s house, on my tax dollar.

  2. jason says


    Exactly right. It is not the President’s right to hold a prayer breakfast in a facility designed for government. Government and church should be segregated. Indeed, it’s mandated in the Constitution.

    Also, why is it that Obama refuses to issue an executive order to end discrimination against gays in government employment? He’s been missing in action, a total failure. I won’t vote for this phony gay rights advocate or the Party from which he came.

  3. MaryM says


    How disgusting that this superstitious bulls*** is being given a platform like this.

    Gene Robinson may be a nice guy but his religious belief / mental illness is absurd and treatable.

  4. Marc says

    Gene being asked to lead in prayer is a step FORWARD towards a more inclusive, embracing America. To have the POTUS ask an openly gay bishop to close an Easter breakfast in prayer is progress.

    Some of you are asking why this is even happening in the first place and I say, fair enough. But to me, this is a step in the right direction. If we can help move the religious-oriented in a more progressive vision, we are all better off.

    Baby steps. I understand the impatience, but I find hope in baby steps.

    I do look forward to an atheist president. And a gay one. Ooooh, a gay atheist humanist POTUS. I’m drooling.

  5. james st. james says

    Gene Robinson is going to find himself very popular now. The Republicans always react to Democrat overtures by copying. They try like hell to fill the party with black faces. Now they will be beating the Republican bushes for gay pastors.

    Anyone notice how the Bushes, speaking of bushes, have gotten too chummy with Democrats like the Clintons and Obamas for the tastes of the Republican right wingers? Even their god Reagan has fallen into disrepute (remember he was once a Democrat).

    I don’t know who is spinning faster now, the Republicans or the Vatican. Both have marketing disasters on their hands. Fouled brand images and broken histories.

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