1. JMC says

    Willam is one third of Detox? What kind of fillers has she been using? I think you mean DWV lol

    I need to watch the first season of this show because I’m definitely watching the second season with Willam as part of the cast.

  2. JJHayden says

    Ummmm Willam CAN act. Did you see him on Nip/Tuck? He was good AND that was when that show was good. BEFORE that slutty teen tried to poison Julia with fruit cake. Excited for this!

  3. Jacob says

    I’ll donate, but I want shirtless guys, I want a “real” story line like last season — not just some gay fluff — and I want said shirtless guys to kiss each other on the face. Love seeing this show get bigger & bigger.

  4. Jim says

    Willam is a really good actor. He’s got a pretty great resume on top of his drag work.

  5. Chuy Vickers says

    Goodness,yet another gay show that only features clones. The entire cast all look alike.

    Are we still living in a time when showing the diversity of the community, to the community, is unprofitable? Really?

  6. Birdiesaysjump says

    It’s so awesome to see such a range of relationships being represented in one show (and done well). It connects LGBTQ and straight relationships with such thoughtful writing and delightful cast. I’m still hung up over season one I can’t wait to see what kind of story they’re going to dish up in season two.

    You won my heart. TAKE MY MONEY AND TAKE IT AGAIN, you beautiful humans.

  7. JGS says

    All of my monies are now going into Eastsiders Kickstarter! A win for quality LGBT programming, and a win for sexy awesome fun super happy explosion time!!!

  8. Henry Holland says

    “Eastsiders”? In Silver Lake? Uh, no, the Eastside of Los Angeles are places East of the 5 like Boyle Heights, EAST Los Angeles and Monterey Park, all heavily Latino. Is the show written by people who recently moved here from Iowa?

  9. Osvaldo says

    YASSSSSSSSS. Werq. Fierce. (Insert more gay lexicon) But for reals I’m excited I really love the show.

  10. jjose712 says

    Chuy Vickers: If the cast looks all the same to you, you need glasses as soon as possible.

    And it’s nice a show about gay people with gay actors for a change

  11. Mike says

    I just watched the kick starter video…it is sad that almost the entire production team is white as well as the cast.

  12. JM says

    UMMMMMMMMM yes. Last season was a cliff hanger and I want to know what happens! Let me have this my mental health and well-being are at stake. FOR THE LOVE OF CHER, DONATE!

  13. CH says

    @James is Satya Bhabha invisible to you? Or the two asian women in the cast? Genuinely curious.

  14. Brando says

    Season one was great – looking forward to seeing season 2. I tossed some coins into the bucket for em.

  15. Brando says

    Season one was great – looking forward to seeing season 2. I tossed some coins into the bucket for em.

  16. Neil Elliot says

    ONly just found out about you and looked at your video for your new kickstarter funding. What bothers me as a gay man who was in NY right after Stonewall, worked at changing the face of the gay community during the 70’s in NY, came back to LA and continued fighting for LGBT perception in the media, is the fact that there are NO representatives of the elders in our community who helped put you where you are today….and since I’ve been a professional actor since the late 60’s, I would like to offer my talents to be one of the many denizens who fill you world and touch on a part of our community that is constantly ignored….thanks for your interest….I am on face book and you can see a bit more about me there….

  17. Saturnalia says

    I am so excited for this to return! I loved the first season, grat acting and scripts, and loved that main trio of gay characters whih, refreshingly, were played by gay actors. In fact I think it is better than Looking, for all itsd superior production values, and Russel Tovey. Does anyone know whetrher Hunting Season is getting season 2?

  18. Mike says

    I honestly don’t know what the idea is behind a “web series” when try to watch it and get:

    Sorry, this video is not available in your area