GMA’s Robin Roberts on Not Coming Out Sooner: ‘Some People Like Their Anonymity’

RobertsIn a new interview with Good Housekeeping magazine, GMA anchor Robin Roberts speaks about her upbringing, her battle with bone marrow disease, and why she waited until December 2013 to finally come out as gay.

Says Roberts: 

News flash: Some people like their anonymity. This is what's right for me. Love is love, and I'm grateful to have that. Sometimes there's a stigma attached to how people view you if you're living a certain way. But I don't care — you gotta live your life. You gotta find what happiness is and what it means for you, and you can't get caught up in what someone is saying about you on Twitter. You don't go through a year like I did to not be happy and not make your own choices.

Roberts has served as GMA anchor since 2005. 


  1. Bucky says

    Sorry, Robin Roberts, but no.

    I appreciate that you want your “anonymity” and such, but when you seek fame and fortune you make a deal with the devil. You give up your privacy for renown and riches. Lots and lots of riches.

    You have been reaping the rewards of success while working very, very hard to hide your sexual orientation.


    There are so many children without your millions and millions of money who might still be alive today if you weren’t such a fame whore.


  2. Chuy Vickers says

    Sorry Bucky but Robin Roberts is hardly the reason why so many kids are killing themselves. Don’t you dare go giving a pass to those in our society who are responsible.

    You should also be honest enough that some people come out and end of killing themselves or killed by others because they did.Being gay does not mean one is required to be a martyr.

  3. Antony says

    I agree with Bucky: she’s an idiot. I hope it eventually dawns on her that all the lovely rights and privileges she has (and will obtain in the future) are thanks to the tireless efforts of people who came out of the closet.

    @Chuy Vickers: LGBT kids kill themselves because they feel hopeless and isolated. No one’s giving a pass to anyone.

  4. Martin says

    Yeah she didn’t come out sooner because it would have hurt her career and she was afraid. I would love if these formerly closeted celebs would admit that. She can keep her anonymity but funny thing is – she brought the whole world in through her health struggle which was very intimate. She’s a hypocrite. What else is new with the Closet?

  5. Martin says


    Not saying I’m perfect but it’s obvious that formerly closeted celebs and closeted celebs always throw the same card BUT NOT STRAIGHT celebs. I don’t care about how she conducted herself but she could have been honest about why she didn’t come out. It would have provided more discussion about stigma. Duh.

  6. FAUX OUTRAGE says

    Honestly Martin people come out when THEY want to come out. Not when YOU want them to, celebrity or not. She came out to her viewers when she was comfortable (I’m sure her family and co-workers knew long before) and wanted was ready. On her timetable, not yours. The point is: she came out. Period.

  7. Steve says

    She didn’t come out before, no-

    But she *has* come out now. She’s doing a good thing. We all have to come out in our own time, at our own pace. Robin Roberts isn’t George Rekers, or Ted Haggard; she deserves to make the choice when she’s ready.

    Let’s welcome her; not castigate her for not coming out sooner.


    “Sometimes there’s a stigma attached to how people view you if you’re living a certain way.” A “certain way”? What is wrong with this idiot? Why can’t she say homophobia, internal and external, kept her closeted and her partner a dirty unspoken secret? But she has to pull the tired “privacy card” which only reinforces her shame. It’s ugly and sad.

  9. bravo says

    Better she, Anderson Cooper, Thomas Roberts had come out earlier and possibly decreased their chances of being famous. Who needs gay role models? Especially these 3 who must have killed many LGBT teens with their silence.

    I didn’t come out until I was 23, got into graduate school, moved away from home, and was self-sufficient. How many teenagers did I kill in my years of silence?

  10. Martin says

    Hey Faux

    I’m not asking her to come out when I want her to come out, I’m simply saying that once out it’s better to at least be honest about why the closet existed in the first place. A more honest discussion behind the stigma of HAVING to be in the closet is in order. It was never about privacy, it was about the stigma. Get it you ridiculous self hating nignog?

  11. Gary says

    Those early come outs will be fodder for tabloids as they grow older.
    Believe it or not, the “It Gets Better” videos will provide comedy for future generations.

  12. FAUX OUTRAGE says

    Yes Martin “I get it”. She wanted privacy. She didn’t want to deal with the likes of people like you that are commenting on this board and nit-picking HER decisions. Plus, having to deal with the religious haters and the judgers of the world. She didn’t want them in her private life. She wanted privacy about this aspect of her life until SHE was ready to deal with you bitter whiners. She came out. Move on.

    What make me a self hater??? Because I didn’t get my panties in a bunch about her not coming out and the reasons why she didn’t do in on your timetable? Honestly, she doesn’t owe you or anyone an explanation. She’s out. Get over it.

  13. Martin says


    She’s lying about why she was closeted. It’s ok. I get it. we’re not there yet. I’m glad she’s out, but I wish she had more intellect about it. You don’t. You’re still in the closet. I get that too.

    I’m calling truce.

  14. FAUX OUTRAGE says

    Ummm…privacy about a health situation and privacy about what goes on in her bedroom are two different things. It’s not an all or nothing game here. Just as someone who came out much earlier in life (which is apparently the only thing that gets your full approval) may also be holding back other aspects about their life (like say, health problems). Again, not an all or nothing game. Some could argue her health scare gave her the push to open up about other aspects of her life. At the end of the day it was still her decision to share that part of her life with the public and risk the backlash. Not yours. It’s funny, all you people b*tching have never had to come out to millions of people. So it’s easy to throw stones. Really, if it bothers you that much maybe you should seek help.

  15. MaryM says

    She was under no obligation to come out.

    However being a TV presenter whining about anonymity is truly moronic self-justification.

    She should and could have come out earlier. She chose not to. Leave it at that.

  16. alex says

    I’m still trying to wrap my brain around the concept that Robin Roberts staying in the closet caused LGBT kids to kill themselves. I was a high school substitute for several years. Trust me when I say that no high school students are watching “Good Morning America”. None.

  17. MaryM says

    Her cowardice didn’t cause anyone to kill themselves.

    But spouting on about her anonymity as a TV presenter while talking EVERY DAY about her illness is really crass and pathetic.

    Why can’t she simply say “I didn’t want to come out because I wouldn’t have been as successful and wouldn’t have made as much money so I was a coward.”

    I’d have a lot more respect for her if she simply admitted that.

  18. JMC says

    It’s generally much better for gay celebrities to wait until they have stable, successful careers to come out.. especially when we’re talking about celebrities who began their careers as long ago as Roberts. If they didn’t, there would be practically no celebrity gay role models to speak of. We all know an openly gay black woman never would have been hired to anchor SportsCenter in the early 1990s.

    She came out and has contributed more to the visibility of gay people since doing so than any of you. You’re only discouraging more gay celebrities from coming out of the closet by eating the ones that do alive. Shut up and acquaint yourselves with reality

  19. johnny says

    Wow, I must have misplaced my Gay Rulebook. I didn’t know that certain people HAVE to come out when we say so or we get our panties in a bunch.

    Huge cognitive disconnect going on with some of these comments.

    Who told you WHEN to come out, folks?

    Celeb or not, nobody is responsible for a suicide except the person who committed it.

  20. Chas says

    In my opinion there were a lot of contradictions in her statement. Besides, she’s a public figure on TV… and with today’s celebrity obsession… surely anonymity is not then her game

  21. Perry says

    It is shameful that people believe they know what is best for others to do with their lives. Live your life how you want and let others live their lives how they decide to live it. It is THEIR life and NOT yours.

    The only people she owes anything to are her family and friends. She owes me nothing. She owes you nothing. She doesn’t owe an unnamed gay kid anything.

  22. Kerry says

    It boggles my mind that there are so many asswipes out there who believe they know best when and why people should come out. You are despicable human beings.

  23. MaryM says

    Nobody HAS to come out. Nobody has to come out to suit another person’s timeline.

    And no-one who comes out gets a pass for staying in the closet.

    I am glad Roberts is out but she is a barefaced liar to pretend that anonymity is her reason for being closeted. If she wanted anonymity she would be in a different job.

    If she wanted anonymity she would not have talked every single day about her deeply personal health issues.

    Being closted for so long has obviously harmed her ability to tell the truth – she stayed closeted to protect her money.

  24. Joseph Singer says

    Sorry Bucky, but it’s none of your damned business when or how anyone comes out. We’re glad if you want to put it on a neon sign in the middle of town, but not everyone is the “brave” person you are. MYODB.

  25. MAR says

    Everyone saying she can come out when she wants to is missing the point. The point is she is LYING and dancing around the reason WHY she didn’t come out sooner. We know it’s not anonymity because she took the viewers into her illness etc. That is the issue, be honest and say you would think it would hurt her career or she was ashamed

  26. Paul R says

    She’s a host on Good Morning America for chrissakes. What she does has zero effect on my life, yours, or that of any gay teen. It’s not like she was calling for death to all homos before this. Honestly, the comments from some of you make it sound like she’s the voice of a generation. Get a grip.

    Even if she did wait because she wanted to become famous and rich, so what? She worked hard for that. Coming out early to meet your moralistic agendas would hardly have been a compensating reward. Similarly, I wouldn’t care if, say, Oprah came out tomorrow or didn’t. It simply wouldn’t affect my life, though it would certainly cause a hellfire of news that I doubt she’d want to deal with if she is gay. Who would? Find some real enemies to hate. Like maybe all the people who hate you.

  27. Liam says

    Maryam and Martin: She is not a “liar” because she wanted anonominity. Someone is not a liar just because they do not word their stories the way a public scold wishes them to be worded.
    You can be a news reporter without having to disclose your private life. Actually the private lives of news reporters should NOT be important. The same with actors. The have a job to do, report the news in an unbiased fashion in the former and be a good actor in the later.
    Now if they chose to be more open with aspects of their private lives then that is great.

    Robin Roberts being open about her cancer has helped a lot of people and being open about being a lesbian has helped a lot of gays and lesbians. The more people who come out in everyday life the more it is a normal thing to all Americans. But no one is required to come out or share intimate details about their lives unless they want to. Just like no one is required to give to charity or do volunteer work or work for political campaigns, no one should be required to pass a litmus test of correct gay behavior. Doing all of those activities are wonderful. But requiring them takes to good out.

    Seriously, It must be hard to live such a humorless life of moral policing all the time. Try lighting up. Go outside. Take a deep breathe and just enjoy being alive. The only person you are hurting with your outrage and judgement is you.

  28. Bucky says

    I started this sh*tstorm so let me weigh back in for a moment.

    Lots of people say that it is nobody’s business when some decides to come out. And generally, I would agree. There are exceptions, of course. Politicians and preachers and others in positions of authority who are actively working to hurt gay people. Someone entering into a sham marriage and doing demonstrable harm to someone to try to hide their sexuality. Well, when you are hurting other people, I can play the morally superior card and call you on your crap.

    Another sad fact is that we live in a celebrity-obsessed culture. We raise people up and bow down before them as living examples of all that is good and worthy. Whether we should or shouldn’t is irrelevant. We DO.

    And we make a tacit agreement with our celebrities: we will give you untold fame, great renown and vast riches — as long as you let us dissect every small moment of your life.

    Sudden claims of “privacy” are a little hard to swallow given that we’ve seen inside these people’s colons.

    I mean, really people.

    That Ms. Roberts was gay was hardly a secret. But she worked very, very hard to maintain a facade of hetero$exuality. I can only imagine the shame her poor wife must feel, although those millions would pay for a lot of therapy.

    Ultimately, I am glad that Ms Roberts has however lately come out. That is a good thing. But how much better if she didn’t hide behind this pretense of privacy and opened up a real discussion of the closet. She’s already made her many, many millions. She owes something to the nameless women and men who fought so hard for her right to be open about her sexuality. People who couldn’t or wouldn’t hide, who didn’t have the life of ease and comfort her millions provide.

  29. MaryM says

    Liam – she IS a liar.

    She says that she remained closeted because she likes her anonymity.


    If she liked her anonymity she would not be a public figure who discussed her deeply personal health issues on a daily basis.

    She was of course entitled to come out at her own pace but she is telling bare-faced lies if she claims that anonymity is her reason.

  30. says

    I simply tip my hat in profound thanks to all the men and women who made the conscious choice to Come Out, visibly and vocally – who stood up to be counted, and thus opened the doors for me. And I acknowledge the place of privilege in which I was born and live, and make the same choice – to be out, to Live Out Loud, and to never let an opportunity slide when I can put a visible face and name and persona to who we are as gay people.

    I pay it forward – they came out before me, in a far more hateful, unforgiving, and dangerous time. So I carry on with the work they started.

    THANK YOU – to any and all who chose to not hide. It coudln’t have been easy for any of you, and I am deeply humbled by your bravery and resilience. Your actions changed and saved my life, without you even knowing it.

  31. Perry says

    It isn’t her responsibility to make anyone’s life easier. It isn’t her responsibility to live her life “out” and “loud”. She can be as public and private as she wants. I do not care for the personal life of any “celebrity” or “famous person”. Actors should just act, singers should just sing, politicians should just govern, reporters/newscasters should just report, etc… Stop living you life based on how others decide to live their lives.

  32. says

    “Stop living you life based on how others decide to live their lives”

    better – stop living your life in fear of anti-gay bigots.

    “i choose to live a life based around evasive lies”, said no empowered person, ever.

    it’s ok, Perry. You need the closet to feel secure in your insecurities. I, as my post stated which you cant’ help but reference because you’re a troll who’s proven himself to be obsessed with me, simply tip my hat to the brave men and women who make the courageous choice to Live Out Loud.

    it’s a shame more gay men and women in your life didn’t make the same choice – perhaps then your family would have been more accepting of you, and you’d be more than a cowardly shell of a man, who lives to troll the internet using various screen names.

    Btw, no sense arguing with me. Until you put a face to your comments, under any of the screen names you switch between, you’ll only ever prove me right. Your false will never overweigh my true.

  33. Perry says

    You can keep stating I am “closeted” and a “troll” as many times as possible, it will never make it true. If it makes you feel good to say anyone who doesn’t agree with your warped view on how others should live their lives is closeted, then so be it. I’d feel bad for you if not for the fact that it is obvious your mightier than thou attitude comes from your lack of eating. There is food stamps for you if you don’t have enough food to eat. You should also take a shower once in awhile. You look pretty dirty.

  34. says

    as has been said – your various screen names obsess over my looks. so far, they’re working rather well for me, and you dont’ see me hiding in shame. my warped view? i made it rather clear in my posts what that view is – you had to warp it so you could continue to obsess over me, which you do daily. and now i’ll get back to doing what your family chooses to do, which is ignore you.
    you will never be able to prove me wrong. you’re simply not man enough. and you never will be.

  35. alex says

    “If she liked her anonymity she would not be a public figure who discussed her deeply personal health issues on a daily basis.”

    Except you can’t equate having cancer to being gay. Last time I checked, cancer patients aren’t the subject of an intense campaign of hatred from conservatives and (some) religious leaders.

  36. Chuy Vickers says

    So if you came out before this or that celebrity you have a right to be as ugly towards them and their journey as you want? Really is that how it works?

    The viciousness of some of these comments is a perfect reminder that there is little solidarity in the community and that just makes it even harder for some to come out.

    I’m not an African-American women, and I bet none of those commenting here are either, yet we still have people assuming they know her life and can judge it-complete with their own anonymity safely kept!Shameful.

  37. Chuy Vickers says

    Oh, and for who claim to be judging Robin Roberts for the sake of young kids. Funny how you do not seem to think our words to each other could have a negative impact on said kids. Are they really supposed to be inspired to love themselves and be part of a community that itself is full of the same harsh judgment that receive from society?

    Let us stop pretending that they will face little judgement once they do come out. Let us also stop pretending that the community values those kids equally, it does not.

  38. BETTY says

    BUCKY and friends: When you came out, how many millions of people did you do it in front of? How many nasty comments did you get on Facebook and comment sections of news websites judging you when you made your announcement? How many right wing conservatives judged you and your place of work? Did you have employers worried about how your public announcement could hurt your business and affect shareholders? It’s easy for Bucky and others to judge from behind the anonymity of a keyboard. They aren’t in the public eye and it’s easy to pontificate when it doesn’t affect you.

    It’s funny you mention that we live in a celebrity obsessed culture and we raise them up. What you forgot to mention is we also love to tear them down and watch them fall. That is what probably delayed her coming out. You have proven this by the way you have ripped on her. Like you are angry at her and want to take her down because she didn’t follow your guidelines. It’s sad really, celebrities don’t owe you everything. Some want their home lives to be private, especially if their spouse or partner is not in the public eye and don’t want to be (there maybe reasons they want to be anonymous). Take Dolly Parton for example: she keeps details about her husband very private and rarely goes into detail about her married life. Celebrities don’t owe you every piece of their lives.

    Robin came out when she was comfortable doing so. Why is that so hard for you to accept?

  39. EYE ROLL says

    Bucky’s teen remark sounds a lot like the religious mantra of “won’t somebody please think of the children!” It’s usually a straw man argument on their part.

  40. Theo Henton says

    Robin Roberts is a CLASS ACT and a inspiration to MANY.

    When the camera is on, you do what you are paid to do, quite well I might add. Thanks for having the courage to share info. that you truly did not have to about YOUR personal life.

    Wishing you many happy, healthy, prosperous years…with whoever you choose to be with!

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