Group Protests Brunei’s ‘Death By Stoning’ Law Outside Beverly Hills Hotel

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A group of about 15 people gathered outside the Beverly Hills Hotel in Los Angeles on Saturday to protest the hotel’s owner, the Sultan of Brunei, who recently announced he would be instituting a death-by-stoning penalty for gay people in his small southeast Asian country.

Via The Hollywood Reporter:

Beverly hills hotel"Hollywood spends a lot of money at the Beverly Hills Hotel and I don't want it to end up in the hands of that person," explained actress Beth Grant (The Mindy Project). "We just want in a loving and compassionate way to put an end to it," she said, meaning homophobia in Brunei supported by big spenders at Beverly Hills Hotel. The protesters held up a banner touting the website, which contains a petition and a headline noting, "If the hotel was in Brunei, gays couldn't stay, because it's illegal to be gay in Brunei."

Cameron Silver, owner of a Hollywood vintage couture store, organized the event along with Jennifer Howell, who works for fashion-supported charity Art of Elysium. "We're here in a peaceful way to energize taking more responsibility," said actress/musician Rain Phoenix, 41, who directs Art of Elysium's music program Elysium Sessions. "Once people know where our money goes, that the things people buy affect people far away, courageous love can not only quell but transform the hate. If we greet hate with hate, we only create more hate." Phoenix said the protest was reminiscent of her first public appearances as a three-year-old singing as a religious evangelist with her brother River Phoenix on streetcorners in Venezuela. "Through the internet, we can tranform how people feel."

In a similar protest earlier this month, a private high-dollar LGBT donor conference was moved away from the Beverly Hills Hotel. 


  1. Elsewhere1010 says

    The Sultan owns The Dorchester Collection, which happens to own the two hotels in Beverly Hills. Besides them, The Dorchester in London and The Meurice in Paris, check out the rest of his holdings at

    There are already boycotts, particularly among the world of fashion — see the Vogue article

    IO think social media is going to spread this one all over the world.

  2. Thomas says

    Wow, only 15 people? What a flop that protest was, and I’m glad. It’s misguided.

    The Beverly Hills Hotel is a very pro-gay hotel. It has a large number of gay people on its staff. It has had inclusive policies for many years (ahead of its time, actually). It offers full benefits to domestic partners and of course to gay married couples. It proudly advertises that it welcomes same sex wedding ceremonies.

    The Muslin dictator, Sultan of Brunei, parks his tens of millions of dollars of oil money (are you boycotting fuel?) in investments all over the world. One of those specks he owns is the Beverly Hills Hotel. I’m not even sure he has ever set foot on the property. His Muslim laws are reprehensible but he couldn’t care less if you stay at his hotels or not. He is not going to change his religious beliefs if we don’t stay there.

    I will not boycott a friend of the gay community, which is what The Beverly Hills Hotel has been and continues to be.

  3. me says

    Dorchester Collection owns and manages 10 luxury five star hotels:
    The Dorchester (London)
    The Beverly Hills Hotel (Los Angeles)
    Plaza Athénée (Paris)
    Hotel Meurice (Paris)
    Principe di Savoia (Milan)
    Hotel Bel-Air (Los Angeles)
    Coworth Park (Ascot)
    45 Park Lane (London)
    Le Richemond (Geneva)
    Hotel Eden (Rome)

  4. AriesMatt says

    Love Beth Grant. Seriously under utilized in The Mindy Project. She stole my heart in Sordid Lives. Love that she’s standing up for the gay community. Thank you, Sissy!

  5. Thomas says

    @LIPTPER: The hotel does not support stoning gays. Did you even read what I wrote? The staff and management of the hotel are US and OUR FRIENDS. The absentee owner, a Muslim oil billionaire, is the bad guy here. This boycott hurts us and our allies, not him. If you knew all the work I’ve done for our community over the past FORTY FIVE years you woudl not call me an anti-gay shill. It’s enough to make me say enough to the so-called bullies our community has become. I never thought I would agree with Bill O’Reilly (O’Lielly I’ve always called him) but he has a point. We have become the bullies we’ve always fought against, at least in this case.

  6. steve talbert says

    I think its great that they are taking the time to make a statement. But the vibe I get from the pic is a couple of people mad that they dropped the McCarthy salad at the polo lounge.

  7. says

    Well if we are going to boycott the BH Hotel, add the Four Seasons Properties globally and Fairmont Hotels, which are controlled by Saudi Prince Prince Alwaleed bin Talal (indirectly owns 95% and 35%, respectively). Prince Alaweed is the nephew of King Abdullah and grandson of Ibn Saud. As most of you know Saudi Arabia is America’s butt boy in the Arab world (or the other way around ?) and has punished homosexuality by execution long before the Sultan of Brunei.

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