L.A. Pride Celebrates the New American Family: PHOTO


L.A. Pride is promoting this year's event with a couple of billboards featuring 'The New American Family' played by a set of models representing various members of the LGBT commmunity as one family unit, from a gay dad to a trans* mom, to a drag grandma. Interestingly, their website is billing it as 'TLGB' Pride this year.



  1. says

    I certainly appreciate the message but I wonder if it is overkill.

    Yes, our families are unique and can definitely be a modern unit with variety but every member? Perhaps the depiction in the photo is too much. Yikes, with due respect, it kinda looks like the Addams family…

  2. Homo Genius says

    so the T’s have decided they should be listed FIRST because I guess its all about them… as a gay man I am listed 3rd behind fake women and real women. But at least we are a slightly more important than the B’s who none of us really care anything about

  3. petey says

    The problem with including everyone is that it dilutes the importance of male homosexuality. Pride should be about male homosexuality. It should not be a potpourri of various clingers who are riding on the backs of homosexual men..

  4. Mike in the Tundra says

    @ Petey – I think that’s a bit of an overkill, but one must wonder why the largest group is listed third and what is possibly the smallest group is first.

  5. Joseph says

    Putting the “T” first is recognition that this is where the money is now — the fight for the Ls, the Gs and the Bs is pretty much won, now the professional charity groups, in order to keep the money coming in, are emphasizing the Ts.

  6. JMC says

    The largest group, Mike? Really? Considering there are more women on Earth than men, logic dictates that there are more lesbians than gay men. The temper tantrums people throw when a LGBT event doesn’t cater primarily to white cis gay guys is unreal.

  7. Mike in the Tundra says

    @ JMC – statistics don’t show that. I would guess that the percentage of women that are gay is smaller than the percentage of men that are gay.

  8. Mikey says

    By using “there are more of us than you; you are an insignificant minority” is the same BS used against gays.

    I’ll never understand those in the gay community achieving all we have and then saying “Screw the T community! They’re not us!”

    It’s the same as when racial minorities are actively anti-gay, entirely missing the lesson a minority should know damn well.

  9. PeteP says

    I agree that this is overkill. What’s the point here? This is meant to be provocative for the sake of being provocative. We’ve made a lot of progress these past few years. Let’s just pause for a second and let the dust settle. As far as the “T” debate, I think it’s time for the transgender community to organize and fund their own advocacy groups instead of trying to hijack existing gay and lesbian organizations. While most gay men support the struggles of the transgender community, they also resent the shift of focus of many gay and lesbian organizations to these issues. Trust me, the dollars that fund these groups will evaporate if this continues.

  10. kipp says

    To bring this comment thread back to issues of true import: Although “father” in this picture is a totally hot, former (and hopefully current) underwear-model, he’s *also* and a married gay dad and their family was featured in some No on Prop 8 campaign material covered in Towleroad back in the day.

    Maybe this means I’ve been reading Towleroad too long…

  11. Zlick says

    The pecking order of the alphabet soup acronym aside, I just hope LA Pride decides to put some effort into making the celebration itself a bit more interesting. The parade is still fun, if a little too low key. But the festival is a joke – and an expensive one at that. Something like $25 just to enter a cement zone of food tents and boredom (albeit with a dance floor sometimes fun – but a few yards from half a dozen gay dance floors with no $25 cover charge).

    LA Pride should take some notes from our big city to the north. San Francisco’s pride festival has free admission (with a suggested $5 donation) and is vibrant and fun. Their parade is a much bigger budget affair as well. Nice try on the billboards, but let’s put some effort into improving the actual experience, eh?

  12. Mikey says

    I live in Chicago, and I couldn’t imagine paying 25 bucks. There’s a suggested donation at each of the entrances, so I’ll toss 5 or so bucks.

  13. Jonathan says

    Interesting way to promote a pride event. Usually, it’s some tragic muscled out guy that used to model Andrew Christian underwear. This is at least a fun new approach.

  14. Tre says

    I have NO IDEA what that billboard is supposed to be… is that Ruth Buzzi in the background? Is that blonde woman supposed to be the future Britney Spears when she’s old – after tons of plastic surgery?

    WTF is this ??

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