1. Jason MacBride says

    Lynda Bird’s husband, Chuck Robb, was the only southern senator of either party to vote against DOMA in 1996. He knew when he did it that he’d committed political suicide. he also knew he was on the right side of history.

  2. Derrick from Philly says

    I saw a public service announcement recently in support of marriage equality. The person featured was former Wyoming senator Alan Simpson. He also supported the repeal of DADT. I was surprised since he was a conservative Republcan.

    So, yeah, I think LBJ could have evolved on the issue of marriage equality. He certainly evolved on the issue of civil rights during his life.

    LBJ seemed to get to the point in his life where he just couldn’t stand bigots–and loved to antagonize them. (LOL) Some of them were his former political buddies Down South.

  3. Homo Genius says


    knowing a bit about LBJ, I think he would have indeed supported the “issue”… but would likely be attacked by the TBLG chorus because he wasn’t politically correct enough. He would fight for our rights but in private refer to us as fruits and cocksuckers.

  4. Derrick from Philly says

    @ “…political buddies Down South.”

    Ignore the “Down South” part of my comment. There were many enemies of LBJ’s civil rights agenda up North also.

  5. Matt27 says

    Wow from me as well. I love when ladies like these two turn out to support civil right issues. Their style says concervative, their hearts are liberals. Lovely ladies.

  6. Chris says

    The body language says it all….when she crosses her arms in a hug over her chest, you know that it’s real……same for the big sigh. It’s not an act; it’s real.

  7. Leroy Lalamme says

    That brought a tear to my eye, I won’t lie. The memory of Katie indulging that hairy Duck-Fil-A ape on her show a few months back gave me heartburn. It was before the big ‘scandal’ & I’ll admit, I had heard of Duck Dynasty but knew nothing else about the show or the protagonists, but it was clear the guy was a self righteous ass. He was teaching her to use one of those duck-call-whistle-thingies. I wonder if she & her people were aware of his bigoted beliefs when they invited him on the show.

  8. Perry says

    Some people are delusional about LBJ in his thinking about gays. He publicly referred to being gay as a sickness and disease in regards to the Walter Jenkins incident in 1964.

  9. Bill Wilson says

    I campaigned for Chuck Robb in 1977, when he was running for Lt. Gov. of Virginia. I was so deeply in the closet it was like a strait jacket. These comments, along with Vice President Biden’s speech at the HRC dinner in LA, just bring tears of regret that I wasted so much energy denying who I was.

  10. Rick says

    I think it is easier to see LBJ supporting gay rights today than Civil Rights for African-Americans in the 60s. His ability to fight the bigotry of the south tells us that he followed principles.

  11. miami says

    Actually for their time they were progressive and tried to stick by Walter Jenkins, Lady Bird even gave him work in her biz interests (lots of people don’t know that Lady Bird was a successful biz women in her own right.)
    They tried to stick with Walter Jenkins and not stick it to him as LBJ enemies and some friends did.

  12. says

    Well said, Miami. Similarly, FDR tried to suppress knowledge of an incident where his assistant Secretary of State, Sumner Welles, made a pass at a male porter in 1940. Eventually, the story broke and FDR had to let Welles go. But when FDR learned the source of the leak, Ambassador Bill Bullitt, he fired him and told Bullitt he would “go to Hell” for what he did to destroy an able man who made an error in judgement.

    The thing to remember is that LBJ’s daughters are stating contextually that if their father *was alive today* he would favor gay rights. The same can be said, based on contextual evidence, for Truman (who knew about J. Edgar Hoover’s relationship with Clyde Tolson and didn’t care), Ike (who had several lesbian assistants during WWII), and JFK (Whose best friend, Lem Billings, was gay). Jerry Ford endorsed same sex marriage rights shortly before he died. And we know Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton are for gay rights. Even the elder George Bush has shown more comfort with LGBTs recently. That leaves Nixon, Reagan, and the young Bush as the odd men out.

  13. HOFFENPOT says

    Hank, it’s no surprise that Ford was OK with gays. A gay man saved his life. Oliver Sipple was the bystander who moved Sara Jane Moore’s arm and deflected the bullet before it hit President Ford on September 22, 1975.

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