Madonna Thinks Vladimir Putin And Kale Are Gay, Just Like You


While playing a word association game on Buzzfeed called "Madonna’s Opinion On 10 Completely Random Things," the Queen of Pop called kale and Russian President Vladimir Putin "gay."

Naturally some people are disappointed, especially considering the ad campaign discouraging people from using "That's so gay" as an insult and a study revealing that doing so harms young people


  1. says

    Are we sure she was trying to use the adjective “gay” in a derogatory fashion? Or, was she instead trying to insinuate the two are gay and filled with internalized homophobia secondary to their fiercely anti-gay, homophobic, and discriminatory stances on equality?

  2. MaryM says

    Well a few months ago on Instagram she posted picture of her teenaged son with the hashtag “Dis N**ga”.

    She apologised for that.

    She is a clueless, desperate, hasbeen

  3. PDX Guy says

    Still stuck in the 90s I see, where everything stupid and annoying was “gay.” Her aging fanbase probably thinks this is just fine though.

  4. tranquilo says

    A number of people have theorized that Putin is gay with internalized homophobia. Pussy Riot talked to Bill Maher about it briefly just a few weeks ago

    Nothing here

  5. Bill says

    I always thought that Kale was heterosexual.

    You know, due to the fact that it’s so bitter.


  6. crispy says

    “This year’s Kale was last year’s Edamame.”

    I thought kale was last year. This year it’s all about kohlrabi.

  7. BigCollection says

    I am glad this site doesn’t kiss the asses of every gay icon, but you are WRONG on this one. It’s so easy to take tabloid stories created b the British press and repeat them as real.

  8. Rowan says

    But seriously, the gays love Diva’s so much these women can treat them like sh*t and they will find an excuse.

  9. says

    The first comment is the correct interpretation, an interpretation that really shouldn’t take so many brain cells to have.

    Madonna was literally wondering whether Putin, a notorious homophobe, might be gay. Then, when asked about kale, she’s pretty obviously joking by reusing the same descriptor since kale is in line with gay tastes.

    COME ON, Madonna was not saying, “Ew, that’s so gay!” You honestly think she doesn’t like kale? Pure stupidity.

  10. says

    First they came after Ru Paul for using “She-Mail” as a bit on Drag Race.

    Now, it’s Madonna’s turn to feel the wrath of the mindless PC crowd.

    Keep it up and we won’t have any allies left.

  11. PDX Guy says

    “You honestly think she doesn’t like kale?”

    She is notorious for hating random things, like hydrangeas and people from Chicago, so why should anyone think differently here? She tries to be so “edgy” all the time, but comes across as fake and doing it just for attention. She is spoiled, mean-spirited, and obnoxious so her touting something as “gay” will result in lack of understanding by others.

  12. BigCollection says

    If it wasn’t for Madonna, I wouldn’t be here today. She let me know that being gay is okay in a time when people wanted all homosexuals to die. It bothers me that a site like this would write something without doing research.

  13. Feral says

    The notion of Madonna using the word gay in a derogatory manner is utterly laughable. Come ON.

  14. Thomas says

    Do people not know what word association is? She didn’t say “Putin is gay”, when asked about Putin the first word that comes to her mind is “gay.”

    How on Earth is that offensive?

  15. Typical Nelly Queen Madonna fan says


  16. Liam says

    I wish she would just go way with a little dignity. Her time is over. Her constant need to try and be relevant is just sad. I know people over her and worship her but really. Nothing she has done in the last 5 years means anything. Take a page from Garbo and disappear from the public eye with some dignity.

  17. Elektron says

    But why, why would go away and why should her time be over…..when she keeps on selling out every tour she makes? Why should she stop making music while many million poeple are waiting for a new album? Look at her FB page and say again she should stop. Who would? She made more money in 2013 than any other musician. You don’t have to like her just respect her. Times changed. We are not in the 50s anymore. People are more healthy and fit today. They are the new idols. They show us that we can go longer these days. I like the idea.

  18. Mikoh says

    She literally hasn’t done sh-t for the LGBT community. AIDS …sure. LGBT? Not a dang thing. USING us for advertising doesn’t count.

  19. Virtue8 says

    Madonna seems to LOVE offending every group she’s not a part of. She did it with muslims, then black people and now gays. She’s just a fool

  20. Jeremy says

    Using gay as a pejorative IS offensive, IS insulting and had she done it toward any other group, there would be outrage. Enough of this crap with using gay as a punchline.

  21. Klien says

    She’s a billionare who has no clue or care how her casual use of “gay” actually hurts many LGBT in many parts of the world as it glamorizes it’s use, but why would she, a privileged hetero woman care?

  22. Hughes says

    ALL that needs to be said about Madonna is during Prop 8 (when she was living in California for the summer) many LGBT organizations were begging her to get involved by just posting a message or ANYTHING. She refused. She didn’t make ANY mention of it and refused to do so after so much of the L.A and NYC community of LGBT supported her career. That was an eye opener.

  23. Mark says

    Her fans are worse than her. SO over zealous and they’ll literally defend her against murder. It’s crazy how people can worship someone they’ll never meet. Sad, actually.

  24. JordanNYC says

    Some gays think casual homophobia of their hetero friends is cute. Same said gays are SHOCKED when their hetero friends take an indifferent or opposition POV toward gay rights. Enablers are a plague.

  25. JordanNYC says

    Some gays think casual homophobia of their hetero friends is cute. Same said gays are SHOCKED when their hetero friends take an indifferent or opposition POV toward gay rights. Enablers are a plague.