Madonna’s New Album May Be Nigh

Mert Alas Madonna Photo

A few days ago photographer Mert Alas posted the above picture of Madonna to his Instagram account with the caption "In my room listening to the NEW ALBUM!!!!! Im DYING!!!!!! LET ME LOVE YOU FROM INSIDE OUT". It wasn't made clear whether Alas was listening to a final version or selected rough cuts of the upcoming album, but it was enough to stir up such a buzz to the point where Madonna fans' heads collectively exploded.

Her 13th studio album is collaborating with big name efforts, such as Avicii, who wrote the pro-trans "Silhouettes"; Maureen Anne MacDonald, who wrote Miley Cyrus' "Wrecking Ball"; and Toby Gad, who wrote and produced Beyonce's "If I Were A Boy" and Fergie's "Big Girls Don't Cry."


  1. Fartbongo says

    She’s still trying to stay relevant. Still not working. Time for the old lady to retire.

  2. MadonnaAids says

    Madonna is the one responsible for spreading AIDS to gay men in the 1980s. She is a talentless whore. Lady Gaga, as crazy as she is, can at least sing. Madge, time to go to Shady Pines and retire.

  3. Perry S. says

    Time to hang it up you wrinkly, AIDS infested OLD HAG. You are NOT relevant anymore. You never had any talent, besides promoting yourself. And most of your fans have died of AIDS.

  4. MANUnderYou says

    Sorry, old wrinkly woman. The gay community has a new hero named Lady Gaga, who actually can sing, dance and write music. Your time has come and gone. Why don’t you take up knitting or something.

  5. Michael says

    Wow, who is the bitter old queen who keeps posting under different screen names?

    btw, WTF is she doing hooking up with people who can’t write a decent pop song to save their lives. All of the songs they’ve listed are, at best, forgettable or extremely annoying.

  6. Rick says

    Madonna exploits the gay community. She is a straight female using the gay community for money. She should be punished for being such a bad influence on so many young women throughout the years. That, and she is older than dirt.

  7. Rick says

    Madonna doesn’t write any of her songs. Roger Friedman from Fox News used to do a lot of stories about that. She is talentless.

  8. says

    Dear Madge, I was 16 years old when you released “Ray of Light.” It remained a permanent fixture in my discman for a very long time, and didn’t just make me shake my thang, but inspired me as a human being. And, yes, it did indeed help me to Come Out. So, thanks.

    Maybe some of the angry haters should listen to her albums. Then maybe you guys can do what I did about 15 years ago. Which is Come Out.

  9. Arrow says

    These laptop zombies blaming Madonna for Aids? You can have your Gaga. She can define your lemming, spineless generation. I say put her on the grill in her meat suit.

  10. orwoodsman says

    Wow, I was gonna comment on how old her hand looks, but the venom flowing here gave me pause. Some fellows need to consider why they hate her (themselves) so much.

  11. Mike says

    I doubt the Madonna AIDS crap comes from a “bitter old queen”. In fact I’d doubt they are homosexual or even over 16. Just one of the monster pack that looks for Madge stories to bomb.

  12. dddddd says

    here’s a novel idea… if you don’t like madonna, don’t buy her album. why do we have to live in a world where its one or the other? can’t madonna and lady gaga live in the same world? if you have a preference, enjoy her music but why bash the other? someone else doesn’t have to lose in order for you to win… and the facts are just in madonna’s favor on this one. the changes in the music industry have made it impossible for there to ever be another madonna or michael jackson or major iconic figure with a 30+ year career.

  13. graphicjack says

    I love Madonna, but I hope this wasn’t rushed. I like moments from her last two albums, but it would be great for her to have a new hit for all these morons to shut up… I’d love to see her on top again and just see all the haters’ heads explode. LOL

  14. Nikko says

    Disgusting haters. How soon you forget people’s accomplishments from the past. Madonna has been a megastar for so long and has set the standard for the greatest concerts. At least give her credit for that. Her music has always been fun on the dancefloor. And she’s beautiful at any age. What’s wrong with being older, your rude, stupid, hypocritical, nasty, bitter fags? What garbage.

  15. crispy says

    I wish I could get excited about this. But I just don’t think she’s in a good place right now. The gold grills and the parties with her kids… my expectations are pretty low.

  16. Cinna Bunny says

    The thing with Madonna is, her fans pay to hear Lucky Star, Holiday, Like a Virgin…. all her golden oldies. Her newer tracks just never connects with her audience. However with Gaga…. her fans are definitely NOT lining up for Just Dance, Poker Face or Bad Romance… No they are flocking to ArtRave to hear GUY, Swine, Aura and all her new stuff. And for that reason I have to say sorry Madge, Confessions was brilliant, but not enough to keep my attention. There is a newer you in town… and that Enigma popstar is fun, she wear a burqah for fashion…Dance, sex, ARTPOP, tech

  17. says

    I feel like the EDM, mainstream pop thing hasn’t worked for her. I think she would really excel at working with artists like Gorillaz, Air and / or Beck and doing something low-key and moody. Would love to see her do something as amazing as ‘Ray of Light’ again.

  18. says

    I also was really digging the more acoustic guitar sound she was exploring on the utterly-underrated American Life album.

    It was some of the most revelatory work in her incomparable career.

  19. crispy says

    EDM has become so cookie cutter.

    But I still think there’s groundbreaking opportunities in electronic music. I would like to see Madonna emulate more emerging artists like Fever Ray, Zola Jesus, or Light Asylum.

    She hit her peak when she plucked William Orbit out of the French underground. I wish she would mine that territory more than riding the coattails of top 40 artists like Avicii.

  20. Cake says

    As sad as it is, Madonna is only as good as her collaborators, and those collaborators don’t look very promising. I’d love to hear something as good as Music or Ray of Light again but it seems like she’s moved on from trying to make something meaningful and personal to trying to stay hip.

  21. Erico says

    I agree with Cake. Madonna has no talent. She sits in a box as her “collaborators” come up with lyrics, melodies, and sometimes (not lately) hits. Lady Gaga is a true musician who writes all her own songs with music, melodies, and lyrics.

  22. Erico says

    I also forgot to mention that Madonna has done nothing for the gay community except make them think it is okay to have unsafe sex. She is a TRULY evil person and I hope karma comes and gets the OLD HAG.

  23. crispy says

    Isn’t it interesting how Madonna’s fans, and even those of us who haven’t been fans in a while, are only interested in talking about the music.

    Whereas Lady Gaga fans are only interested in talking about Madonna.

  24. GB says

    Why do artists have to “do things for us? Madonna provided the sound track for some heady moments of my life. Her sound can bring a tear at times, but considering she got her start in a Michigan High School, that makes her all the more relevant and priceless to me. The risks she took gripped attention.

  25. Illuminatus says

    Goodness there really is a lot of negativity here!

    When Madonna wants to she’s capable of producing devastatingly beautiful music (see Like A Prayer and Ray Of Light) but she seems more interested in following the trends of teenagers than leading innovation like she once did.

    I think she should withdraw from the media and from a Garbo-esque mysterious place should emerge genuinely stunning music that comes from her soul, released without embarrassing gimmicks or selfies. She’s always been at her best when she’s been reflective and there’s plenty of untapped talent out there, plenty of new William Orbit’s, that will help her to salvage her legacy.

  26. Mario says

    Always excited for a new Madonna album! Love that the Queen of Pop is staying true to herself at any age – and still producing ageless music.

    She’s still as beautiful and compelling as ever, and recording a smash album while haters have nothing better to do than type and hate. So sad; so reductive.

    Thank God creativity, energy, and self-expression don’t magically cease after 50!