1. says

    Spain. Malta. Argentina. All Catholic dominated nations and all of them supporting marriage equality. Makes you wonder about the United States, doesn’t it?

  2. TampaZeke says

    And more surprising, the Catholic country of Malta also voted to be the FIRST country in EUROPE to protect their trans citizens constitutionally.

  3. litper says

    @TAMPAZEKE if you see a trans “progress”, expect gay rights to be repealed just like in India or Iran

  4. james st. james says

    Another heart warming example of the irrelevance of the Catholic Church. It usually takes them about four centuries to catch up with reality, but I don’t think they have four centuries left.

  5. Will says

    Interesting that opposition to this civil unions bill was driven by “concerns” about adoption….but gays and lesbians can already adopt in Malta as single parents. Now they’ll be able to joint adopt.

    That’s the sort of trumped-up nonsense the opponents have to work with. The local Cardinal Scicluna even devoted his Xmas sermon to fear of gay adoption, with a discussion of the manger scene as a representation of the ideal family!

    BTW, part of the motivation here is that Malta is doing everything it can demonstrate that it is part of Europe and shares European values.

  6. Steven Jaeger says

    @Will. Absolutely, Malta is trying to belong; the US states are trying to NOT belong to the progression of history (not even Progressive Ideals). The sick people such as Brian Brown, Scott Lively, Labarbera, Maggie all want to remain in the US of the 19th Century, when only WHITE MEN controlled the country. The Tealiban in congress just passed a bill limiting the president from used the antiquities act (signed by T. ROOSEVELT, REP) to protect historic site (ie national monuments) because they want to be able to strip these areas of all of the minerals etc. The same w/ the rancher in NEVADA who is pissed that he has to pay to used federal lands to feed his cattle or get them off the land(getting free feed in essence a government subsidy). So everything I see is that the Repugnicrats here would probably be happy with the prior government from prior to the current Constitution (Articles of Confederation) where they could run their states as essentially independent nations. So maybe I should say that the Tealiban/Repugnicrats want to return to the 18th Century.