News: Publishing Triangle, Terrence McNally, Downton Abbey

RoadUnexplained holes appear at Indiana dunes on Lake Michigan.

RoadFormer NFL player Troy Vincent talks again about how he knew 6 gay players.

HaringtonRoadKit Harington, with biceps, bird, and mane.

RoadJames Franco paints Seth Rogen nude.

RoadMorrissey compares Canadian seal hunt to Nazi Germany: "I should remind Sophie Doucet that building and maintaining the concentration camps of Auschwitz also provided livelihoods, but this hardly made the camps warranted."

RoadPublishing Triangle winners announced for LGBT literature.

RoadTerrence McNally reflects on the AIDS crisis, this point in history, and his play: "Do younger generations even understand how such wounds still fester? Given the number of 'thank you's' I receive after each performance, I think not. I am being thanked for giving them back their history -- a history so recent that I can still taste its ashes. Mothers and Sons wants this next generation to taste them, too. My story is their story, just as theirs is already part of mine. We are part of the same continuum."

RoadVIDEO: Katy Perry plays sad birthday party performers in "Birthday".

RoadDownton Abbey Season 5 production is underway.

IceRoad3D printed ice, an idea we can get behind.

RoadJared Leto says his Oscar statuette is a filthy mess: Everybody was pawing that thing."

RoadComcast claims Netflix slowed its own video streams: "As at least one independent commentator has pointed out, it was not Comcast that was creating viewability issues for Netflix customers, it was Netflix's commercial transit decisions that created these issues."

RoadTony Perkins equates opposing equality with opposing Nazis.

RoadArchie Comics ending Kevin Keller: "That comic is coming to an end in July with Kevin Keller #15, but creator Dan Parent tells us in an exclusive interview that it’s far from the last we’ll see of Riverdale’s #1 out teen. 'We will be making a new Kevin announcement at the end of the year,' says Parent. 'It will be exciting, and I promise will be even better than the current series!'"

RoadFinnick Odair frolics in the waves.

RoadTom Hardy is out and about ahead of Locke premiere.

HarperRoadBiggest Loser trainer Bob Harper got some new ink.

RoadGay dance club to reopen in Greenville, North Carolina?

RoadPetition calls on Obama to grant asylum requests for LGBT youth: "Grant the asylum requests for Yordy Cancino, a former Gay-Straight Alliance club president and GSA Network Alum and the other LGBTQ immigrants seeking asylum: Edgar Alejandro Aldana (CA), Valeria De La Luz- Ramos (Liborio De La Luz Ramos)(CA), Emanuel Mejia Lopez (NC), Rocio Hernandez (NC), Felipe Molina de Jesus (NC)."

RoadSome early Wisconsin presidential polling from PPP, which shows Hillary Clinton leading and a plurality for same-sex marriage "For the first time PPP finds a plurality of voters in the state in support of gay marriage- 47% support it to 45% who are opposed. Those numbers represent a 13 point net increase in support from 2011, when we found only 39% there supported gay marriage with 50% against it. Showing the direction public opinion is headed in on the issue, 65% of voters under 30 support it to only 35% who are opposed. When you broaden the discussion to include civil unions 71% of voters in the state, including 55% of Republicans, support some form of legal recognition for same sex couples, to only 26% completely opposed."

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  1. No amont of ink is going to make Bob look more masculine.

    Posted by: Ryan | Apr 25, 2014 5:13:23 PM

  2. Kudos to Morrissey for calling out Canada for the fraud it has become. The reality is that, for all their self-righteous, self-congratulations, Canada is behaving horribly irresponsibly in many spheres, to the extent that it is becoming a pariah among Western countries.

    The brutality of the baby seal hunt continues and instead of phasing it out, they are pushing to find other markets since Europe and the US will not condone their savagery by allowing them to sell here.

    In another development today, a Canadian company, after bribing the desperately poor nation of Papua New Guinea, has gotten permission to blow up the sea floor in a mining operation that will be among the most disastrous activities for the ocean enviornment the world has ever seen.

    All this on top of their Putin-like "hate speech bans", which are, in principle, just like Putin's bans on "gay propaganda", although aimed in the other direction.

    What a disgrace Canada is becoming to the civilized world.

    Posted by: Rick | Apr 25, 2014 6:29:15 PM

  3. I found Morrisey's comparison of the seal hunt to the Nazi extermination camps offensive in the extreme. Nothing short of the extermination of millions of people deserves that comparison. He has, however, brought up Nazis and the Holocaust and has lost the debate according to Godwin's Law.

    Posted by: Chris | Apr 25, 2014 7:54:09 PM

  4. Harper used to be hot back in the day... such a shame

    Posted by: Smuggy | Apr 25, 2014 9:43:22 PM

  5. Thank god for those wonderful new ice cube sculptures for my important drinks. I've been waiting my whole life.

    Posted by: UFFDA | Apr 26, 2014 12:05:17 AM

  6. Mr. McNally, maybe we're saying thank you because we're thankful that you've chosen to educate us. Maybe we're not meant to understand the festering of -your- wounds but to be able to soothe and heal them?

    Posted by: mcgill | Apr 26, 2014 2:58:01 AM

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