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Police Arrest Two Men in Uganda Over Alleged Gay Sex Acts: VIDEO


Two men have reportedly been jailed in Uganda for alleged gay sex acts.

NTV Uganda reports:

Two men suspected of engaging in homosexuality acts have been arrested in Oyam. Oyam District Police Commander, Najibu Waiswa says 22-year-old Maurice Okello and his alleged partner, 18-year-old Anthony Oluku were caught red handed. Police claims the two admitted to having been involved in acts of homosexuality.

Waiswa told NTV: "The doctor proved beyond doubt that they have been practicing it for long because even they had scars."


Hundreds of government officials, religious leaders, and Ugandan citizens recently took part in a five-hour ceremony celebrating the passage of the nation's Anti-Homosexuality Law and paid tribute in speeches to President Museveni, who signed the law.

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry last month said he would send "experts" to Uganda to speak with the President about homosexuality and whether it's a choice, which was, Museveni claimed, at the root of his decision. Museveni's own "experts" told him it is a choice.

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  1. Disgusting.

    Posted by: gregorybrown | Apr 2, 2014 10:53:45 AM

  2. "Museveni's own 'experts' told him it is a choice."

    This is false. Museveni lied about what his science advisors told him, and two resigned in protest:

    Posted by: JJ | Apr 2, 2014 11:06:10 AM

  3. "because even they had scars"

    I mean really. I had a smart ass comment to make but seriously, this means a "doctor" had to take a good anal look see and these poor guys were subjected to an examination. At least they are diligent in gathering evidence.

    Hopefully these kids wont be made an example of.

    Posted by: Homo Genius | Apr 2, 2014 11:06:49 AM

  4. And so the persecution begins.
    The once oppressed become the oppressors.
    Years from now Africa will look at its own intolerance and know its shame.

    Posted by: JackFknTwist | Apr 2, 2014 11:20:12 AM

  5. Horrible.

    NO ONE CARES ABOUT GAY TORTURE. The real torture. No law can prevent this madness, only love and light.

    Gay Black Westerners - Help !!!!

    Posted by: Killian | Apr 2, 2014 11:35:14 AM

  6. I wonder how many women were being raped or stores were being robbed or people being murdered while these brave policemen are arresting innocent gay youth. What a bunch of schmucks. Uganda the cesspool of earth.

    Posted by: TB | Apr 2, 2014 12:02:38 PM

  7. @KILLIAN, dammit, I care! I may not be black but I am a Westerner. One with a voice! NOW is the time for us all, GLBTQ straight or otherwise to rise up and make some F**ck**g Noise!!!

    Posted by: WTF21 | Apr 2, 2014 1:04:50 PM

  8. @TB oh don't worry. I had to deal with a lot of African media sites last year and trust... there are diligent citizens staking out gay bars and cruising zones taking names and pix and reporting it. The police just have to make the arrest

    Posted by: Homo Genius | Apr 2, 2014 1:46:50 PM

  9. The West is enabling this oppression by continuing foreign aid to these criminal regimes. Do the Right Thing. Cut off the flow of foreign aid NOW!!

    Posted by: Jack | Apr 2, 2014 8:09:06 PM

  10. Unfortunately, this NEEDS to happen. It is a horrible road but the only way out. Silence equals death. These gay people in Africa are discovering their own Civil Rights, just like gay people did in the United States. 20-30 years ago, there most likely would not have been a Ugandan gay bar in the first place. This is progress. A genuine Civil Rights battle is often quite bloody.

    P.S. Towleroad commenters, please chill on the racism. This site is starting to remind me of Stormfront. Every single news story that involves a Black person brings out your hatred and discussions of Black people as a whole. News stories about White people do not bring out conversations about White people as a whole.

    Posted by: NYCTeacher | Apr 3, 2014 1:13:22 AM

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