Ohio Lawmaker Renews Call to Impeach Judge for Ruling Recognizing Same-Sex Marriage

Late last week U.S. District Judge Timothy Black announced he'll be issuing a ruling on April 14 striking down the state's ban on recognizing same-sex marriages performed out of state.

BeckerNow, an Ohio lawmaker is calling for Black's impeachment, the Cincinnati Enquirer reports:

"In an epic display of arrogance and incompetence, Judge Black announced that he will require the people of Ohio to disregard the Ohio Constitution and force the recognition of 'homosexual marriages' performed outside of Ohio," state Rep. John Becker's office said a statement. "He persists in allowing his personal political bias to supersede jurisprudence."

Becker, R-Union Township, said Black's ruling would violate both the Ohio Constitution and the U.S. Constitution.

…Becker has introduced a resolution in the Ohio House that would call on the House of Representatives to begin impeachment proceedings against Black. The measure has not yet received a hearing in a House committee, and even if it passed, it would not have the power to require any action from Congress.

Becker called for Black's impeachment last September when he ordered the state to recognize the marriage of John Arthur and Jim Obergefell on Obergefell's death certificate.

Apparently he enjoys wasting time and taxpayer money.


  1. Urbanmike says

    What is with these wackos and how do they get elected? The judge is enforcing the US Constitution. It’s an old document signed years ago and ratified by the states. As an aside, are there any good looking haters out there?

  2. Jere says

    He’s just posturing for his stupid constituents so he can go to them at the next election and say “Look, I did everything I could possibly do to hate on the gays.” He knows this will go nowhere. And it won’t make him look like a doofus because a)the voters who remember it at all, are all in favor of it and b) most of the voters will have forgotten about it anyway.

  3. Paul B. says

    Sounds like…”bullying” to me. Is it time to call hannity & let him know that WAR is a two way street and we’re armed & ready.

  4. Merv says

    Is that pic of the judge or the bigoted lawmaker? Either way, he’s got terminal gayface.

  5. Charlie says

    So this is a Ohio STATE representative calling for the impeachment of a FEDERAL Judge. Even if the Ohio legislature passes something it will have no effect. It is possible he is so stupid that he doesn’t know this, but it is more likely that he is just posturing for his constituents.

  6. ajax28 says

    @UrbanMike: LOL. I immediately had the same thought — why do the haters always look like that?

    @Charlie: That totally confused me, too. I was thinking, “But isn’t he state representative? How he can impeach a federal judge?” I thought I was misunderstanding something in the article. Instead, I just underestimated how stupid the man is.

  7. TKinSC says


    “The judge is enforcing the US Constitution. It’s an old document signed years ago and ratified by the states.”

    The second statement above (which is correct) contradicts the first. Since the Constitution is “old” and “ratified by the states”, it can safely be said that it does not require same-sex “marriage”, since same-sex “marriage” is less than 15 years old worldwide (and 10 in the US), and most states (including Ohio) ban it in their constitutions. Therefore, the judge clearly went beyond enforcing the requirements of the Constitution and decided — either because he wants his own sodomy-based “marriage” recognized in Ohio or simply because he’s drunk with the power of the black robe — that he was going to play “Czar of Ohio” and expound his personal desire as if it were constitutional law.

    Thank you for making my case better than I ever could in only 2 lines. This judge deserves impeachment and removal from office immediately (and probably much worse after a criminal trial).

    As for his order, it will die a quick death in the appeals court, just like the one in Michigan did and the one in Kentucky would have if the district judge there hadn’t — out of fear or a late dose of humility (doesn’t matter which) — killed it himself.

  8. jaker says

    @tkinsc. it’s called “equal protection”. and the constitution is clearly on our side, not yours. that’s why we have unanimous judicial beatdown with these cases.

    but your delusions of pwnage are using nontheless.

    you’re going to lose and you know it.

    and how sweet your tears will be. we’ll drink them like champagne.

  9. jaker says

    @tkinsc. your deluded sadism in hoping for a “worse” punishment than impeachment for a fictitious “crime” is also noted.

    cherish your sadism. it will make your inevitable gnashing of teeth all the more delicious

  10. says

    Impeachment proceedings because you don’t like a judge’s decision? Ain’t gonna happen. Like TKINSC, these dinosaurs will be screaming impeachment long after federal marriage equality is the law of the land.