1. pete n sfo says

    More bigotry masquerading as religious fervor. It’s good to see it’s not only Xtians.

    Hey, you can’t perform the duties of your job… find another. It won’t be long before we see the list of all the other ads that would have violated their beliefs, but it’s always the ‘gay’ that is the breaking point.

    Yeah, what’s that about, eh?

  2. David From Canada says

    If these religious taxi-drivers truly believe in God, a benevolent Higher Power, they won’t discriminate against gays, or anyone.
    And the pay-off? Gays are good tippers! Give – and ye shall receive back.

  3. e.c. says

    Since these drivers are so hobbled by their religion that they can’t be seen promoting a SPORTING event I’d have to assume that they’d refuse service to any of the participants. Better they should quit their jobs now before they are further forced to compromise themselves by actually doing the work they were hired for.

  4. Sean Maloney says

    As someone pointed out on another site, Muslim cab drivers have no qualms about driving their taxis when the ads feature strip clubs and scantily-clad women.

  5. mike/ says

    freedom OF religion also means freedom FROM religion. they won’t loose their jobs. we’ve entered into the era a religious “persecution” and “victimization” that are becoming the constant drone of the ultra-right.

    and ya wanna bet that there will now be some ‘christianist’ drivers who are going to join them in ‘support’? yeah, right…..

  6. mike/ says

    freedom OF religion also means freedom FROM religion. they won’t loose their jobs. we’ve entered into the era a religious “persecution” and “victimization” that are becoming the constant drone of the ultra-right.

    and ya wanna bet that there will now be some ‘christianist’ drivers who are going to join them in ‘support’? yeah, right…..

  7. Dixichuk says

    Ironic that a lot of the people willing to stand against post 9/11 Muslim prejudice are probably gay.

  8. aregeejay says

    Good God, I do wish people would LEARN the difference between the words “LOOSE” and “LOSE” and the proper application of both.

  9. says

    If you’re staying downtown, you don’t need a cab. Just grab the Red line at the airport, and for a couple of bucks you’ll be whisked downtown to Terminal Tower which is within a few blocks of most hotels.

  10. Hey Darlin' says

    The funny thing with prejudice and discrimination, once we allow it where do we finally draw the line? The unwed mother who wishes to give birth at the hospital passed up for religious reasons? Passing up women who are attempting to travel across town without a male escort?

  11. northalabama says

    religious conservatives need to support the drivers with a boycott all cabs that advertise anything that could remotely be considered sinful – condoms, r rated movies, plays with “sinful” themes or nudity, honey maid graham crackers, boy & girl scouts, starbucks, disney, expedia, p&g…more cabs for everyone else, and less hypocrisy as shown by these drivers by singling out the gay games.

  12. jomicur says

    So what’s the problem? Fire the dumb bastards. There are plenty of more reasonable people looking for work.

  13. JKMnMD says

    Easy to resolve. When in Cleveland, do not get in a cab that does not bear the advertising. If the drivers choose to lose the pay and tips because of their “religious” beliefs and won’t drive the cabs…their loss.

  14. Dan Cobb says

    Islamization is expanding and within a few generations all of Europe will be mostly Muslim. As will most of Africa and all Asia -excepting China, the far east and Hindu India. Even countries like Canada have rapidly expanding Muslim populations. Eventually, when they become a majority, gays will be faced with the deep, dark closet or death. This is what Muslims believe and they BELIEVE it!
    Gay anything is just NOT compatible with Islam as they see it. If you’re gay, death is what Islam wants to visit on you. There is coming clash between modern society accepting of gays (and women rights) and Muslims who want to see the gays dead and the women veiled and subservient. The Muslims will likely win because they are willing to kill, kill, kill for their religious beliefs. They do it all the time.
    For this reason I am never getting into a cab that has a Muslim driver.
    We should boycott Muslim drivers of cabs. If they want to boycott us, we boycott them. It’s YOUR cab ride. You have the right to request a NON-MUSLIM driver. I will be doing exactly this, and doing it proudly. I will ask the driver: are you Muslim? If he says yes, I’m out of his cab.

  15. Continuum says

    Even easier solution . . . . buy gay games advertising for each and every cab coming out of Cleveland Hopkins. Then, let the bigoted religious nut jobs self select themselves out of a job. These haters should not be accommodated by allowing them to drive some other cab with different advertising.

  16. Gary says

    Smarten up about who hates you. Try walking instead, but keep an eye out for bashers. Now enjoy our new found freedom!

  17. Derrick from Philly says

    Muslims are taking over the world, huh?

    This blog is being dominated by the looney tunes today…on every news topic.

  18. Caligula says

    What’s really bizarre is that most of these bigots are Muslims and muslims are more hated in the USA than gays!!

  19. Dawson says

    Thank you Mike for reminding us all that freedom of religion is also freedom FROM religion.

    This is something we should all champion and it sells better since many followers are quick to point out their differences from other religions. Muslim, for example never want to be confused as Jews. Or one just needs to look at Northern Ireland. So using your statement will sell better.

    As to Cleveland taxi drivers all I ask if you are providing a public service then you must follow the rules of this country. On the other hand I now want the right to know if any cab driver is anti gay so I do not have to give them my business. For example we now see in Mississippi that some business are putting up signs saying that they will not discriminate. So I now ask that all business do the same in all States. Let’s see who the bigots are.

  20. woodroad34 says

    Are we not, again, talking about public accommodations? They may not be fired based on religious beliefs (i.e., you can’t fire someone because of their Christianity, Judaism or Islamism), but couldn’t they be fired for failing non-discrimination laws based on public accommodations law? They’re just bums–low and dirty.

  21. says

    I like how people suddenly only become religious when something about “gays” pops up!

    all those cake-bakers that didn’t mind making cakes for non-Christians, divorces, etc…but a cake for GAYS!? suddenly they’re religious!

    pro-athletes out banging hookers and groupies and boasting of their conquests….uh oh , GAYS!?? suddenly they’re CHRISTIANS! YAY!

    *face palm*

  22. Sammy says

    I wonder how many ads featuring scantily dressed women with heads uncovered have appeared on these cabs?

  23. Bill says

    I don’t see what the problem is. All these guys did was to tell their employer that they weren’t comfortable with part of their job and wouldn’t show up for work under the circumstances. The companies have every right to replace them. It’s
    not like they are being paid while refusing to drive particular cabs, and they apparently were not discriminating against customers – they just didn’t like the advertising signs on some cabs.

    Whatever the companies do, it is an issue between the companies and these particular employees. If they quit or lose their jobs for refusing to do the work, they won’t be eligible for unemployment benefits either.

  24. JJ says

    Firing someone who refuses to work for religious reasons is NOT firing someone for religious reasons. It’s firing them for refusing to work. That’s not religious discrimination as long as the same rule applies to all religious reasons equally.

  25. alguien says

    one wonders if they had any objections to the ads for gentlemen’s clubs that are often on the roofs of taxi cabs.

  26. says

    Employees who refuse to do their jobs should be told to go find other jobs. Religion is not an excuse for refusing to do the job you agreed to do when hired.

  27. Bill says

    @James Peron: it’s really up to the employees and their employers to hash out. If, for example, Christian employees at a 24/7 fast-food outlet want Sundays off to go to church and Muslim employees want Fridays off, and Jewish employees want Saturdays off, the employer might choose to adjust work schedules to accommodate everyone to the extent that this is possible. The employer is more likely to do that if it doesn’t cost anything extra.

    If an employee raises a religious objection that the employer cannot reasonably accommodate and that the employee can’t live without, then the employee should quit and give an appropriate amount of notice (e.g. 2 weeks) so the business can hire a replacement.

    If the employee chooses to exercise his religious beliefs by ignoring public accommodation laws (and thus dragging customers into his “issue”), that employee should be terminated.

  28. walter says

    good then fire their asses let them be religious somewhere not dealing with the public .

  29. Bernie says

    this is wrong, so wrong! and folks wonder why there has to be anti-discrimination laws! I did not realize that taxi drivers could pick and choose for a fare……..and with all the discrimination Muslims got after 9/11!

  30. Matziabb says

    This disgusts me more than anything. It’s a sports event ffs, not even a gay married couple heading off to their wedding event. Why do people hate gays so much it’s frustrating.

  31. Bill says

    @Bernie @Matziabb: the article seems to suggest that the dispute is about the ads on the drivers’ cars, not the customers they serve. It’s as legitimate for them to quit because they don’t like the ads as it is to quit because an employer wants you to wear a uniform with colors that don’t make you look attractive. Being legitimate doesn’t mean it is not idiotic – it is simply within their legal rights, and they should, of course, stay on long enough for the employer to hire a replacement.

    I personally think these drivers are being ridiculous – their grievance is hardly enough to justify the loss of income, but that is their decision, not mine. Regardless, it is not in the same category as discriminating against or harassing a gay customer or employee, something we should strongly oppose.

  32. Justin says

    We have too many Muslims. The immigration needs to stop. Islam is not compatible with Western culture. Look what’s happened to Europe, and now it’s starting here.

  33. says

    Whatever the thing may be we should never discriminate between any religion. We all are children of god and we should respect each other.

  34. carlos says

    Wow even when the group discriminating against gays is identified as muslims some still feel the need to bring in Christians and Jews. Let’s deal with what is and not with what you may fear or hope to be.
    I know people who express outrage over participants of Pride parades dressing up in S&M garb and marching in front of religious structures making obscene gestures. In reality I think they would be disappointed if a parade was held and no such behavior took place. Here we have a case where Christians and Jews are not engaged in bigoted behavior and they still get brought into the story.

  35. carlos says

    pro-athletes out banging hookers and groupies and boasting of their conquests….uh oh , GAYS!?? suddenly they’re CHRISTIANS! YAY!

    Actually Muslims, muslims. The drivers are not Christians.

  36. carlos says

    This is idiotic. Even if your religion states homosexuality is a sin, does it say giving a ride to a homosexual is a sin? Feeding someone with different sexual preference is a sin. How about giving medical attention to someone. This is a religion of Love?