1. simon says

    It is quite easy to answer the idiot. Yes, private business has the right to believe in whatever they want. They just can’t act on it if it violates the laws or constitution.

  2. Paul B. says

    Please god…don’t let this fool ever get caught playing footsie in the airport bathroom and then have to disclose he’s a “homosexual”. Because then I would have to change my sexual orientation and start batting for the other team. Of course, you know I’d be a catcher.

  3. northalabama says

    did he really say “easibly” about one minute in? oh…he’s from texas – that explains a lot.

    too funny! ag holder has lost all patience with these misguided fools looking for tv sound bites to feed their base, and it shows.

  4. Critifur says

    Holding a belief, and being a business owner or not, is certainly not a violation of someone else’s civil rights. Only acting on a belief as a business owner to withhold a service could violate another’s civil rights. Which is what I have to assume Mr. Gohmert meant to ask about. Stupid question, and not a very smart answer from Mr. Holder either. SMH at our government.

  5. disgusted american says

    ..and this morning Joe (Reagan,reagan,reagan) Scarborough tried to equate this with the way janet Reno was treated…Noooooo it’s NOT the same thing…..Blatant Racism is the cause here….Im white and I see it! The way the GOP treated Pres.Obama and Holder with with utter contempt and disrespect…more then any other I’ve heard in my 53yrs…

  6. JackFknTwist says

    That wasn’t as robust an exchange as I expected.
    Gomert was just making a speech to his audience…..he certainly wasn’t interested in answers….and that question about “a business’ was confused, unclear and just dumb.

  7. Mike says

    “Blatant racism” huh? What about a black Attorney General who sees no foul in two black thugs at the doors at a polling place wielding clubs? Holder is a racist ass.

  8. Carlie says


    Okay, I’ll play. Why is significant that the “thugs” were black? How is relevant? Being black isn’t illegal, now.

    The legal question is whether or not the certified poll watchers’ appearance violated the law.

    State law enforcement could have brought charges if it did. Did that happen?

  9. Congressman Jackass says

    Janet Reno was treated with a mixture of sexism and homophobia (accurately or inaccurately on the latter). Gomer is just being less subtle. Listening to Gomer bray sounds like listening to a speech-impaired stroke victim, the difference being that stroke victims usually have actual thoughts they’re trying to convey.

    I wish that I could say that Gomer is not representative of the East Texans that he represents. But sadly he is. I know a thousand Gomers, from the exact same strain of social DNA–white trash losers, who see the rest of the world passing them by culturally and materially, and desperately resentful that they don’t still get to look down on Blacks. The same type of redneck thugs who used to shoot spitballs from the back of the room at the back of the head of the smart Black guy in the front row. Just because. Gomer represents both the worst of what Texas (and the South) was, and the worst of what remains.

    People try to argue that the United States is post-racial? Not when you’ve got dumb-as-a-post racists like Gomer elected to public office. Progressives need to stop doing endzone dances over Windsor, Doma and Brendan Eich, and start doing the really hard work of organizing to vote bigots like Gomer out of office.

  10. Mike says

    Hopefully enough Texans will soon vote Gohmert out of office. He and his ilk are not only a local shame, he is a national embarrassment! Just imagine what the rest of the world thinks when they hear of this half witted imbecile and his illogical beliefs . . .

  11. George D. says

    …a private business ???? Is it open to the general public, serving the public ???

    Ya can’t discriminate you buffoon. Baking a cake or taking a photo isn’t being a part of the ceremony. You do what you were hired to do and get paid. That’s what businesses open to the public do. The reasoning is stupid. If I buy a tire and the owner of the business says I can’t sell it to you ’cause you’re gay and if I sell it to you that means that I am helping you drive around. THIS IS STUPID!!!!

  12. mousemess says

    Time for Gohmert to pack up and to go home to Texas come time for his district’s election. He is one of the most obnoxious members of Congress to listen on TV, etc. Anti-gay bigot, religious fanatic, etc.

  13. mousemess says

    Gohmert is s repeated violator of the separation of church and state every time. He goes into this shamelessly sanctimonious and religious mode at times that is a total waste of taxpayer time and money. I am a liberal Christian, however, I am fed up and furious with him as I believe that faith is meant to be a personal and private thing to be kept to oneself while serving in public office. In any Congressional district lives a diversity of people of various ethnic groups, faiths and non-faiths, both straights and LGBTs, etc., who EXPECT AND DEMAND TO BE REPRESENTED IN CONGRESS AND NOT PREACHED TO BY MEMBERS OF CONGRESS.

  14. mousemess says

    “The time of the gentleman has expired”. Thank goodness for time limits on mindless and bigoted ramblings. He just rambled here and there and accomplished nothing useful in the end. He only looked like a fool and a bigot to the atty. general and to many people, wasted taxpayer time and money, and exhausted the patience of that portion of the American public that has common sense and intelligence.

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