San Marino Considering Recognition of Gay Marriages


The Republic of San Marino, an enclave state situated in central Italy, is now considering the recognition of same-sex marriages performed abroad.

Federico Podeschi and Darren Williams [pictured above], one of the first same-sex couples to marry in the UK last month, filed an instanza (Initiative of the Council) in San Marino’s official government office on Sunday to have their marriage recognized. Podeschi is originally from San Marino.  

Agere per Formulas reports:San_Marino_castello_2

The istanza is now before the two Reggenti (Governors) of San Marino who have a month to approve or reject the initiative. If approved the initiative would be introduced in the Consiglio Grande e Generale (San Marino legislature) and then the istanza will face a vote. 

The mandate of the Reggenti lasts only 6 months so in October San Marino will elect another two governors (and then in April 2015). If the two Reggenti reject the istanza the citizenry of San Marino could file the same initiative the first Sunday after the October elections.

San Marino decriminalizes same-sex sexual acts only in 2004 and in 2012 the legislature approved a bill that grant visa rights to the foreign partner of a cohabitant couple.