1. litper says

    I’m disgusted by the promotion of effeminany, we must ban all trans activists who want everyone to accept their heterosexual standard of you can be attracted to men only if you are woman.

  2. Mick says

    I love and miss Stefon so much!! The character was so cute and funny. The way he and Seth would flirt with each other was just as adorable as their cracking up onstage. I wish they could get their own series or at least, bring some new sketches to Seth’s show occasionally.

  3. Mo says

    John Mulaney’s stand-up special “New In Town” is on Netflix and is LOL funny! He talks about how God meant to make him a gay man but forgot to flip that switch at the last minute, being effeminate as a child, a run-in with an old gay man in a restroom, and a prostate exam gone wrong. So yeah, pretty funny/gay stuff from a very cute and tolerant guy. He has a show coming up on FOX with gay characters as well.

  4. parkrunner says

    BF loves Stefon. He’s always impersonating him in inappropriate places and embarrassing the hell out of me. He cracks himself up and leaves me pretending I don’t know him.

  5. Dback says

    That’s my favorite Stefon sketch–I think it’s also the one with the club called (baby doll voice) “Thank YOU” (located in a crashing blimp!), and another club called “……KEVIN?” Oh, and midgets on robot vacuums, just in case you need another visual to crack up over.

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