1. northalabama says

    great development for chief moore, waiting to see what action the council takes. my heart goes out to anyone who finds themselves jobless without audio tape.

  2. Sam says

    The amazing part of this story is how the town has reacted. Not long ago, nobody would have come to her defense. This sort of progress in a tiny SC town is wonderful.

  3. wct says

    Great news for her…..but I have little sympathy for the town of Latta, South Carolina….what do you expect when you elect a redneck for mayor? The town brought all this negative publicity on themselves..

  4. alex says

    Here’s a comment from the initial story: “While I am totally sympathetic to her situation, and I hope that she wins a big settlement in a lawsuit, why would she want to work in South Carolina in the first place?”

    Perhaps she’s in South Carolina because her neighbors value her as part of a community.

    It’s time to stop judging entire states based on the actions of a tiny minority…even if that minority is an elected official. No politician ever gets 100% of any vote, which means she or he doesn’t represent the opinions of everyone.

    A horrific hate crime happened recently in New York, but no one posted nonsense questioning why the victim choose to live in Brooklyn.

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