1. puggleboy says

    I met Frank at a political fundraiser in Philly a few year4s back.I tried to make conversation with him and he couldnt have been ruder to me. Maybe I caught him on a bad day, but still…….

  2. Mike in Asheville says

    WTF? Coming out voluntarily? He got caught up in his drug selling boy pimping live-in boyfriends world and was exposed. HE WAS DRAGGED OUT OF THE CLOSET, RESISTING AND DENYING, until that didn’t work anymore, and had nothing to lose but to come out.

    Barney has done a lot for the community, particularly during the very dark days of the AIDS crisis, and, as a 30-year HIV survivor, thank him for that. Nonetheless, there was a cost, a big cost to that — back-burnering equality rights, and, before he was for marriage equality, he was against marriage equality (by that, he didn’t want the fight for marriage equality to overtake the civil rights issues he was championing, same as he let transsexual rights get tossed so that gay rights could proceed).

  3. anon says

    Oh, the quote in the trailer to the effect that “he helped people who needed his help” is spot on. If you were a bank CEO in 2007 who needed help getting past the regulators with your fly-by-night loan scheme, he was your guy! And he quit just when the bank campaign money dried up–as they say–to spend more time with his family. That and Chris Dodd from CT nearly got indicted.

  4. Jason MacBride says

    I get a little choked up thinking about the disaster he perpetrated on the country by propping up a bunch of financial houses of cards. Good riddance.

  5. PolarBeast says

    @DAVID EHRENSTEIN I guess you want your heroes like your website, black and white. Every politician should be painted in shades of gray with the exception of perhaps Lincoln.

  6. Gare says

    Barney was a force in Massachusetts. HIs observations and intelligence were always spot on, and he had the guts reveal them.
    I could say more, but feeling like I’m at a party where I am in every conversation today. As was true in Barney’s case, personality scares people. Opinions can scare them too. Only good looks are reserved for true gay loathing.

  7. miami says

    He is a difficult person, but what many American voters seems to not realize is that a nice personable politician like “W”may not be the politician who fights for you. People you don’t want a politician to be your friend you want them to do things in your benefit. Corporate CEO’s understand this but average voters are clueless. Yea, I think I would rather hang with W than Barney Frank, but I would vote and contribute to Frank and oppose “W” its not personal is just business.

  8. Mike in Asheville says

    @Polarbeast — you won’t find a bigger champion of Lincoln than me. Nonetheless, one can’t truly understand the complexity that was Lincoln without acknowledging his errors: three of the biggies: he attempted to usurp the authority of the Judicial Branch by unconstitutionally suspending Habeas Corpus (the denial of a criminal defendant their day in court; he permitted soldiers from pro-Lincoln states to return home for the 1884 election while soldiers from anti-Lincoln states were kept on the battlefield during that election; before becoming president, Lincoln advocated strongly that sedition acts were unconstitutional, yet, he signed into law two sedition acts against anti-war advocates.

    The SCOTUS later invalidated and ruled that the suspension of HC and the sedition acts were all unconstitutional.

    As one can’t truly understand Jefferson the author of “…all men are endowed by their Creator…life, liberty and pursuit of happiness” and his continued ownership of slaves, you can’t whitewash over their errors and flaws.