1. Mikey says

    I didn’t find this funny at all. It COULD have been somewhat humorous had the comedian not resorted to so many queeny stereotypes during the presentation, like constantly referring to people in the audience as “girl”.

    I was hoping that we could actually get past that old vision of ourselves. As far as I’m concerned, this was just a completely missed opportunity. It had potential to actually be funny, laughing at some old stereotypes, showing how we’ve changed over time. instead, it replaced old stereotypes with slightly newer ones.

  2. Paul R says

    The original hanky code is among the few countless elements of gay activity (current or former, mainstream or rare) I’ve described to various straight friends that left them absolutely baffled and convinced I was making it up. I’ve never used it, but I got it. To them it was a completely foreign idea—far more any fetish, fashion, performer, etc.

  3. freak says

    Absolutely disgusting – both the “performer” and “humor”. It is this kind of stereotypical trash that is keeping gay men in their ghettos.

  4. graphicjack says

    Oh, stop clutching your pearls, ladies… it was a funny idea. The only flaw? Clearly anything to do with the Golden Girls needs to be a pastel colour, or better yet, all the pastel colours together. Maybe a pastel-coloured shoulder pad?

  5. Throwslikeagirl says

    Oh gawd, found this hysterical! Actually did a spit take with my morning coffee over “teal means a problem with collectables”. It probably helps that I’m 65. You’re t-t-t-talkin’ about MY generation.

  6. John says

    Sean, if you explain too much of the joke you lessen its impact.
    Thank you for featuring this – I love this clip.

  7. Mike in the Tundra says

    He sure had me laughing. My late husband sure would have had a teal hanky. You should see my condo.

  8. Quicksilver says

    Used in the 70’s? How about last Saturday night at an Eagle, Ramrod, Mineshaft or Manhole near you.

  9. Jack M says

    What color hanky do we use for fussy queens who have to pick apart, criticize and whine about everything? Plenty of guys on this site deserve that one.

    It’s called humor, boys!

  10. NwYrkr says

    Cute, very amusing, would like to catch more of his acts.
    My only complaint is the demo picture, could we see that view without the hankies ?

  11. Gregory in Seattle says

    @Jack M – “What color hanky do we use for fussy queens who have to pick apart, criticize and whine about everything?”

    Orange paisley: busy, loud, and goes with absolutely nothing.

  12. will says

    The board of The International Order of Sodomites?

    We would dogpile onto Brendan Eich if he used the word “sodomite”. Why not this group?

  13. Mike8787 says

    I thought this was hilarious, and the people complaining here (1) don’t know how to take a joke or (2) are trolls. Begone, the video was great.

  14. Gregory In Seattle says

    @Will – Meant to add: The Meeting ( is a nightclub act which takes the form of an orientation meeting for new members. It parodies stereotypes in order to skewer them, and from the video clips I’ve seen, they do a fine job of that.

    For what it is worth, Sayre (the person speaking) is himself gay. He knows full well where the boils of pretension can be found, and is an expert at lancing them.

  15. MichaelJ says

    I though I would find this lame but I loved it. Sayre doesn’t just repeat the stereotypes: he gets at the elements of truth behind them. My favorite lines:

    “Because you get called ‘faggot’ once on the street does not make you Rosa Parks.”

    “You’ve been on that date where it’s three in the morning and your date is asking for a sales pitch about an omelette and all you want to do is die.”

  16. anon says

    It’s a smart concept, but I’m amazed not everyone here agrees on the humor. Consensus is mandatory!

  17. Sam says

    Whether comic genius or pathetic lameness its a welcomed relief our community have ‘grown-up’ and moved on as a whole rather than obsessing over clone clothing accessories for identity and identification hook-ups of times gone by. It is now replaced by cell phone apps.

  18. The Other One says

    The hanky code is a relic of the closet and the pre-AIDS era. While its occasional appearance in the BDSM community might be meaningful for some segment of that community’s members, it’s completely unnecessary and perhaps even a bit insulting at this point. Dehumanizing and clone-y. No thanks, not funny, not sexy, just sort of sleazy, really.

  19. AnthonyR says

    I Love this. Very Funny and Very Clever. It really brought a Smile to my Face today. Thank You. Xo’s

  20. Mikey says

    So, for anyone here who really liked this video, thought it was funny, etc… you’re all saying that anyone who disagrees with you is a “insert invective”?

    The irony.

  21. BrokebackBob says

    You know girls/boys/men/women/whatever, if we don’t start speaking from the same page, the haters will have their way with us and not in a good way.