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Tom Ford Marries Longtime Partner Richard Buckley


Designer and film director Tom Ford revealed to an audience at London's Apple store last night that he married his partner of 27 years Richard Buckley, the Telegraph reports:

"We are now married, which is nice," he said, proudly showing the audience his wedding ring. "I know that was just made legal in the UK which is great, but we were married in the States."

Ford also discussed the recent Jay-Z track bearing his name:

"If you're in the business of a brand it's one of the best things that could happen to you," he said, adding that hearing 60,000 people scream his name at a Jay-Z concert "freaks me out."

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  1. I can't decide which of the two of them are more fake.

    Posted by: Jack M | Apr 8, 2014 7:53:16 AM

  2. I love that cover photo, it's very sweet! Congrats to both!

    Posted by: Melvyn | Apr 8, 2014 8:07:36 AM

  3. Loved Ford's film of Isherwood's "A Single Man." I hope he's planning more.

    Posted by: David Ehrenstein | Apr 8, 2014 8:33:46 AM

  4. I would give anything to have sex with Tom Ford. He is perfect.

    Posted by: Ken | Apr 8, 2014 8:49:25 AM

  5. There's a special place in hell reserved for Tom Ford over what he did to Isherwood's A SINGLE MAN.

    Posted by: Roscoe | Apr 8, 2014 9:05:56 AM

  6. I'm shocked he doesn't have some little young boy toy.That guy looks like his grandfather

    Posted by: James | Apr 8, 2014 9:43:37 AM

  7. @ROSCOE :

    I was about to write that 'A Single Man' was one of my favourite movies.
    I mean Bachardy was a consultant on the movie and appeared in it....cameo.
    He must have been relatively happy with the movie.

    Posted by: JackFknTwist | Apr 8, 2014 9:47:46 AM

  8. I wish them the best. They look very happy together. We should all be so lucky.

    Posted by: Guillermo Luna | Apr 8, 2014 10:33:46 AM

  9. Is it just me or is Tom Ford really creepy.

    Yes, he's is a very talented designer and yes I loved a Single Man and hope he makes another movie.

    It's his public personae that creeps me out. Ok, he's not as creepy Micheal Lucas, but then who is......

    Posted by: raul | Apr 8, 2014 10:33:48 AM

  10. A single man is probably the most pretentious cinematic crap in recent memory (barring maybe W.E.)

    Posted by: eric | Apr 8, 2014 11:33:01 AM

  11. Are they in an open relationship? To allay the overzealous: no, I'm not making any judgments one way or the other. Just genuinely curious.

    Posted by: Sergio | Apr 8, 2014 1:35:30 PM

  12. I'm never been a big fan of Tom Ford. BUT...

    Putting aside all the discussion of: (1) whether or not we like Mr. Ford, or (2) how accurately the film "A Single Man" reflected Isherwood's book aside and (3) snotty comments about the fact that there is a 13 year age difference between them (they met when 24 and 37 -- hardly unheard of) isn't it nice to see a gay couple able to marry after 27 years together?

    I think that's the point.

    Posted by: Buster | Apr 8, 2014 4:53:58 PM

  13. My partner and I have been together 27 years (Uh, we met when I was five). It takes a lot of work, my hat's off to them. It helps that my partner is still hot, loves sex and cracks me up. The latter two usually at the same time.

    Posted by: parkrunner | Apr 8, 2014 6:13:07 PM

  14. Tom could have long ago dumped his BF for someone younger / hotter but he didn't. Instead they had a child and got married. I guess that is true love after all...

    Congrats guys!

    Posted by: tagg | Apr 8, 2014 6:13:16 PM

  15. His cologne "extreme" is great and the movie wasn't so bad.

    Posted by: Patrick | Jun 8, 2014 4:46:20 PM

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