Tops and Bottoms: Power Ranking ‘RuPaul’s Drag Race’ Episode 11 — RECAP


In the workroom, the remaining five queens dragged out a puppet of one of their competitors for a little therapeutic role play. BenDeLaCreme, rightfully, was the winner leading into the main challenge: The Glitter Ball. The ladies had to create three looks, one for each of tonight’s three categories (banjee realness, platinum executive realness and dripping in jewels eleganza). Guest judges Bob Mackie and Khloe Kardashian (ugh, again?) joined the panel to select the (wrong) final four.

Here are this week’s power rankings:

1. Well, I guess now this is Bianca Del Rio’s race to lose. Tonight, she could’ve come out a bit stronger. In the mini-challenge, her dragged out Adore puppet was just a recitation of catchphrases. (Though, to be fair, sometimes Adore really just is a recitation of catchphrases.) In the main challenge, her executive realness was flawless, but her banjee look was almost too polished. Her final sapphire gown wasn’t a stunner, but it wasn’t a mess either. Even a middling Bianca is still in a whole other league. Next week’s dance-driven challenge could be a major hurdle, but, so help me, if Bianca doesn’t make it at least to the final three I’m going to have to start a petition.


2. I don’t care what the judges say, BenDeLaCreme was robbed. Robbed, I say! She should have been safe based on that mini-challenge alone. It was genius to use those press-on nails for puppet Bianca’s pearly whites. (And I nearly died when her Puppet Del Rio shouted, “I live in New York! I work all the time!”) On the main stage, I liked her take on banjee — ruffles and all — but I agree with the judges on her executive realness. (It was a little too much Disney villainess.) Her bejeweled eleganza definitely felt predictably DeLa, but I thought it had enough extra sparkle to feel ball-worthy. I’d still sooner pay to see a show from Ben before I ponied up for Courtney or Darienne.


3. Hopefully tonight cements Adore’s redemption arc right into the top three. I thought her BenDeLaCreme puppet performance was amazing, one of the best. She nailed the voice, and had a few zingers in there about costumey fashions and eyebrows covered in “oatmeals.” Though the judges rightfully praised the banjee ensemble, above, how did they not read that executive look? She was wearing pants and a button down shirt! If that’s drag, then I’m one wig and a pair heels away from the top four pretty much every day Monday through Friday. I believe the category was “platinum executive realness” not “entry-level realness.” I’m happy to see her still here, just not at the expense of Ben. Good on her for winning a sewing challenge, though.

4. Safe. That’s the perfect word for Courtney this week and for pretty much all the weeks before that. The two challenges she’s won (the Ru-sical and the talk show) failed to truly impress. Her puppet performance bombed, while her runway looks lacked any sizzle. Maybe she can become a viral video star a la Willam, but she is no next drag superstar.


5. Darienne, gurl, what were you thinking with all those runway looks? Each one was completely awful. First, the banjee realness looked like something from Deee-Lite’s "Groove Is In the Heart" left in the sun. Her platinum executive looked like she’d be more comfortable in a mall as assistant managing of a Torrid. And then that bedazzled skin suit? Good grief. It pains me to admit that I think she edged out Ben on the lip sync, but only barely. It shouldn’t have been Ben in the bottom two in the first place, NOT LIKE I’M BITTER OR ANYTHING.

How would you rank the queens? Were you shocked by BenDeLaCreme’s elimination?


  1. Glen says

    I was kinda of shocked about Dela but I can see the argument that it is the same old look, but the same can be said for Bianca. Khloe made a good point that he was wearing the same dress basically as when she was there week 3. Courtney changes it up at least. She wore angel wings and feather eyebrows in the animal challenge while Bianca wore the same makeup and dress style with cheetah print down her face..bore. I think Courtney’s problem is she was a big star in OZ and she seems to be kind of waiting for people to recognize she is talented rather than work to show it. I think she might be getting it now.
    Darian….She is campy and yes her Marilyn vamping stole the dance number but to be honest she had to be front and center to balance the line. Her looks alone should have sent her home week 5, except for the elephant look maybe. I have a feeling she is being kept so as not to eliminate the big girl. I will say her lip sync is spot on. Watching her and Dela, I would have picked Darian as well. Dela seemed like she was smelling something bad while lip syncing.

  2. MIke says

    I think Ben and Bianca are so polished and ahead of the pack that they almost have to be dispensed with so Adore can win. In fact, I’d expect Bianca gone next week., prior to Ru opening it up to fan voting online. That being said, it was a sweet UnTucked to see them all being friends and none of the hysteria and tears and anger. Darienne shot up in my eyes for lampooning “I thought we were all sisters!” with her trembling lower lip when asked about how she felt about them all saying she should go home. Background I’ve heard is Bianca and Ru go way back prior to the show and it would be sort of shady if she won.

  3. Thom says

    Ru was besties with Raja too. Didn’t stop Raja from winning. So there is that. This is hardly democratic. Its all Ru.
    Plus, I think the blogosphere has already crowned Bianca as well.

  4. UFFDA says

    Oh my eyes, they just can’t stop rolling, my mouth, I just can’t keep it from dropping. Open. At all the surprises, the shocks and all, and my little feet just stomp up and down. All by themselves. With thrilledness…AND did my panties ever get into a knot when so and so said what she said…THE ATTITUDE! Girls, you can bet my curls were tossing when, you know, well, I just shrieked. LIKE. Really shrieked…couldn’t help it.

  5. disgusted merican says

    I was shocked by Ben’s elimination……I was like WAaaaaa? Darienne or adore should have been eliminated

  6. FernLaPlante says

    Top three should have been BenDeLa, Courtney, and Bianca. Darienne is an untalented, mean mess. I agree with Bobby, I’d pay double to see BenDeLa before I saw Darienne for free.

  7. Lucas H says

    I’m super disappointed. Bendela was the only contestant who could hold a candle to Bianca, and he doesn’t even make top 3?? Tsk, tsk.

  8. twostepcub (@twostepcub) says

    Seriously, the hell with WoW. Congrats for making drag’s Project Runway/Drag’s Got Talent into Big Brother. Adore is basically a man in a dress (like a frat guy on a dare) that is pushed through by the producers for “good television”. The vocal fry cook is just a Valley twink pretending they’re from East LA, ‘winning’ a challenge with an outfit she wore walking in and a SUIT? They mustve given Mackie some mad coke.

  9. MajorTom says

    I have to agree. Bendela was robbed. She was easily one of the two best all-around entertainers in the final five–Bianca being the other one. Bianca is a little bit of a one-note as far as her outfits and makeup go, but she’s a serious contender overall regardless of any prior history with Ru. Courtney is a showgirl but doesn’t have the acting or comedy chops to wear the crown. Adore has her moments, but the girl just isn’t ready for prime time. Get some new wigs, girl! Darienne should have gone home weeks ago. Her banjee was more like X Files meets Barnum & Bailey and her Princess Leia dress was a serious fail. I will give the girl props for her lip-syncing, but that’s all she’s got.

  10. John C says

    I’m done with Drag Race. There was such talent this season, and I feel like it was squandered in an attempt to shoehorn in tired storylines. Yes, DeLa was robbed hardcore, but I feel like the audience was robbed of really seeing what she and other incredibly polished queens like Bianca and Courtney (boring as she’s been this season) could bring by focusing on all things fluff and trite. Think about all the time wasted on that Laganja storyline when they could have been showcasing actual talent. In the end, the show is so clearly rigged and hamfistedly edited that it feels like the producers are actively denying us the chance to get to really know these fierce performers as they are.

    With this week, the producers have stopped pretending to care. Well, so, I suspect, have we.

  11. Glen says

    I don’t think Dela was robbed. If you honestly look at her she is a character of one note. This fifty’s inspired house frau drag that she insists on staying in character when she is in drag. I think Michelle had a point, your dressing for a ball and you show up dressed like an extra from the Karma Chameleon video.

  12. says

    Darienne is an excellent performer and she is witty as well as bitchy. She’s a better dancer than Ben. But I would rather have seen her go than Ben because she needs somebody else to dress her.

  13. Chris says

    With Ben gone at least now I won’t need to watch the rest of the season. Was rooting for Ben to take home the crown, oh well.

  14. Keith says

    what’s with all the adore hating? adore is the most likable of the bunch and funny. i was hoping it would be adore, bianca and ben, but oh well.

    and please tell me that you aren’t shocked that a reality tv show about a drag competition is heavily edited and focuses on the cat fights and drama. girl, please.

  15. twostepcub (@twostepcub) says

    I almost choked on my cereal over Adore being likable and funny. Unless a whiny brat that spews out foul language in the name of being “fierce” is likable. If her boy in a dress posture is supposed to be funny. My metronome has a bigger range than Delano.

  16. Coffee says

    At this point it’s Bianca, Adore, and Courtney, in that order for top three.

    As an aside, I think the award for nastiest, most cutting rancor in the comments here goes to TWOSTEPCUB (@TWOSTEPCUB), for whom one post wasn’t enough, and had to come back 13 hours later to spew more bile. Congratulations!

  17. Dan says

    Actually Bianca and Ru do not go way back. At all. You must be thinking of Raja who one 2 seasons ago, she is Ru’s drag daughter.

  18. YodelayEE says

    Hey Bobby :-)

    “If that’s drag, then I’m one wig and a pair heels away from the top four pretty much every day Monday through Friday.” – But you have makeup skills that go above and beyond “entry-level realness”? Incidentally, I don’t think you used the word “realness” correctly.
    Also, what about your walking in high heels skills?

    Maybe you should apply for next season! 😉