Tops and Bottoms: Power Ranking ‘RuPaul’s Drag Race’ Episode 9 — RECAP


Tonight's episode (the first to edit out insensitive language) featured a mini-challenge that had the remaining seven queens play a game of "Hung Man" with the Scruff pit crew. (It's like Hangman, but with more bearded boys in briefs.) Then, the main challenge was the aforementioned interview segment, with a runway theme focused on an animalistic theme. 

Brace yourself for the lamé stream media. Here are this week's rankings:

1. It’s neck and neck between BenDeLaCreme and Bianca Del Rio. DeLa may have had two rough weeks, but I thought her performance tonight was much better than the rest of the girls. She was sharp and likable chatting with Chaz and Georgia, and her fly look was creepy (without being too Party City). Not picking Ben as tonight’s winner was the judges’ first big blunder of the evening. (Also, her guess of “butterface” with just a “b” on the, um, board during the mini-challenge was this show’s equivalent of “New Baby Buggy.”)


2. I am in full-tilt Bianca Del Rio-crazy mode. Like, so much of my discretionary time is devoted to compulsively watching videos of Bianca performances. I can’t help it, I just love her. In my heart, I still feel like Bianca is going to win this thing, but this week didn’t really give her a chance to shine. The interview was not great. Santino had an interesting theory about Bianca being used to nightclub hosting, and, therefore, not really caring what the answers are. The questions were still smart, even if they weren’t fairly distributed between the two guests.

3. While the top two slots seem rather locked at this point, that third spot still feels very much in play. After weeks of languishing in the middle of the pack, Courtney Act may be making her move. Her runway look was a showstopper, and it should probably go down in herstory as one of the best ensembles to ever grace the main stage. I did not think her interview was better than Ben’s (I agree that the energy was lacking), but it was certainly better than most of the other queens.

Screen Shot 2014-04-15 at 6.47.48 AM

4. It’s going to be sad when we have to say goodbye to Adore Delano, but I fear the time may be drawing near. She was a mess in the interview and a mess on the runway. As likable as she might be, her charm just can’t outshine Ben, Bianca and, admittedly, Courtney. She may be able to stick around a few more weeks on personality alone, but I don’t see her making it to the finals, sadly. (But maybe she can pull a Shangela and come back with more experience?)

Dariennel5. I loved Darienne’s eyes on the runway tonight. I had complained about her face in the past, so I really enjoyed seeing a different mug. Sadly, my love for Darienne ends there. I thought she was nervous in the interview, and I am just plain tired of her attitude. Her lack of confidence is so obvious. Bianca finally called her out for being so hateful during tonight’s Untucked, but it was a long time coming.

6. Just when I was starting to like Trinity, the judges send her packing (their second big mistake of the evening). Yes, the interview wasn’t good (Chad Bono? Really?), but was it worse than Joslyn? No way. Plus, she killed it on the runway (yet again). She might not have made it all the way, but I was really hoping she was going to come from behind and send some of these other ladies home.

7. I am kicking myself for suggesting Joslyn may be smarter than she appears. These last couple of weeks have really forced me to reconsider. When the judges announced Joslyn was safe, I audibly gasped. Shocking. That interview was so bad, I briefly contemplated if it was some kind of performance art. Plus, her runway looks are always awful. (And I can never unhear the phrase “meaty tuck.”)  If anything, the judges have been too kind to the nonsense she struts out in week after week. I was ready for an Adore vs. Joslyn lip sync, with Joslyn sashaying away. It’s only a matter of time.

How would you rank the remaining queens?


  1. says

    I thought Trinity was going to stay longer, too. And once Joslyn and Darienne leave, the competition’s going to be so tight, I don’t know who I’m going to pull for to win!

    (Bianca del Rio)

  2. freak says

    Enjoy this show while you may, the trans posse is gunning to have it cancelled. You see, only they and their approved buddies have the right to crossdress, and of course, the meek little gays will do what they are told.

  3. says

    I disagree with you on the winner Courtney deserved it – her runway put her over Ben’s better interview.

    I thought we were going to see history with this episode and that Ru was just going to have JF sashay away period – no lip-sync. I thought she was just that bad and even if Trinity’s getting Chaz’s name wrong was such an unforgivable mistake, overall she was still better than Adore and JF.

    Thanks for the great recaps!

  4. MIke says

    Best line (from Bianca of course) “My you are a shady elephant!”

    Someone explain the runway rules, although I think I have it figured out: some shows you make your own, some shows they channel ahead what to bring. No way Courtney or DeLa or Trinity created those animal costumes from scratch. Very professional (unbelievably professional) if they did.

  5. Qj201 says

    Chaz Bono, snore, boring, boring, boring.

    Famous for being an offspring then becoming a professional “activist” both times she, then he came out.

  6. Moz's says

    Trinity was robbed last night

    Joselyn should have been in bottom 2 based off of runway. Say what you will about trinity sucking at challenges, she always kills in runway and her lip sync last night (which shouldn’t have happened) was better than adore’s

  7. Lucas H says

    Yeah, I love Joslyn, but she should have been in the bottom two. She doesn’t seem to have been improving through the season like some of the others have. I knew Trinity’s time was coming, but this seemed like it might have been too soon (that runway look, and her lipsynch, were KILLER!!). And I like Adore, but her time is coming too.
    It is getting to that point in the game where we have to start saying goodbye to the ones we like. Darienne seems to have dodged a lot of bullets up to this point. I think she is kind of mean, but she really must be better than I want to give her credit for.

  8. Critifur says

    Ben DeLa CLEARLY should have won, and Joslyn SHOULD have sashayed away, or the producers should have edited better. Joslyn was the worst interview, regardless of her apology, and then the awful runway. I know in the long run, Trinity is not in the running, but lord Joslyn is clueless.

  9. Matt says

    I agree with the judges that Adore won the lipsync, but only just. Though as everyone said, Joslyn should have been there instead of Trinity.

    I also thought the judges were correct in naming Courtney the winner. Her interview was the best, and her runway with about tied with Bendela’s.

    But what I found most surprising on the entire show was Paula Abdul. Has she ever looked more beautiful and natural. After all these years? She looked like a fresh-faced, non-surgically enhanced 30-year-old. She needs to share the name of her doctor to the highest bidder. Best work I have ever seen, assuming she’s had some. And if she hasn’t she has a painting in her attic that looks ancient!

  10. Ej says

    Honest question here, so don’t grill me if the answer is obvious. How do the comments from the guys out of drag within each show work? What I mean is when they break to a comment from one of the guys about what is currently happening in the show, they are all wearing the exact same clothes everytime. Episode 1 through episode 9, it’s all the same. Do they have them make lots of comments on day 1 and then edit to fit the rest of the season or do they wait until the end of their run on the show and have them comment on things that occurred during the show?

  11. Mike says

    The commentary is like a commentary on on DVD, it’s done after the show has been filmed and they’re watching episodes. An obvious clue is they are wearing the same exact thing every time.

  12. Lucas H says

    @EJ: good question! I don’t know. I always figured they were post-filming interviews, but IDK.

    @MATT: I was also shocked by how SOBER she looked!

  13. Jason says

    …If you pay close attention to the “boy commentary” you’ll see subtle changes in hair, etc. They wear the same clothes for each and every interview, conducted throughout the recording of the show.

  14. Keith says

    Adore will be in the top three. did you see that lip synch?! she was amazing and she sent the queen of lip synch home.

    regarding this whole trans thing – call me insensitive, but who the hell put that word nazi from the Daily Beast in charge?

    drag has nothing to do with trans people. it’s men dressing up as women – taking on a persona for entertainment purposes – making us laugh and then going back to being men. she male, tranny and all the other gags are in that context.

    but i wouldn’t worry about logo canceling Ru – this is the only thing they got going. without Ru, it’s just reruns of the golden girls. oh, no, those aren’t girls, they are aged women – guess we’ll have to edit that out, too.

  15. Shine says

    I’m glad to see Ben De La Creme rise up again! It was great to see her be so natural during interviewing, especially after the judges’ critiques about her not being human enough. Loved her runway look! She was giving me Beelzebub realness :-) I thought her “My exoskeleton is in disarray” line was hilarious.

    Bianca’s runway outfit was amazing; that’s the runway look that stands out in my mind the most, even if it wasn’t as complex as Courtney’s. Bianca’s body language and attitude seemed a little different after invoking ‘big cat’, and I liked it! Seeing her come for Darienne was satisfying.

    While I’m really happy with Ben De La Creme’s performance this past episode, Courtney’s runway outweighed Ben’s interview in my opinion. I loved those wings!

    What the hell kind of interview was that that Adore gave?! In my mind if you panic about interviewing and find yourself not being able to “interview”, then just have a conversation! Adore’s reactions like “party”, or “that’s amazing”, or “that’s so cool” to comments about the great depression were embarrassing to watch. Her runway look had too much, and she didn’t respect the theme. It wasn’t “mortal combat”, it was “animalistic”. If Adore tried to do both by serving Reptile, she could have pulled it off maybe.
    But that lipsynch was great! I don’t get people who say Trinity was robbed in that regard. Adore greatly outperformed Trinity in the lipsynch-for-your-life. That somersault(?) in heels was amazing. I was getting Michelle Pfeiffer as Catwoman the whole time.

    I did think the Fox was going to be lipsynching instead of Trinity. In that respect I do think Trinity was robbed. I’m also kicking myself a bit for thinking the Fox was more clever.

    Trinity’s runway look was stunning, sad to see her go. However, she is now one of the legendary children and will be able to use what she has gained to make the positive changes she wants to.

    I’m sour on Darienne now. The lake is toxic.

  16. Howler says

    Though Joslyn’s runway was a mess, I don’t get the criticism for her interview. Nobody said it should be about being “proper”. As a viewer, I WANT uncomfortable questions to be asked. Joslyn had just the right kind of personality to do such things and I’m very sad that this episode’s editing turns everybody against her.
    Courtney’s low-energy choice was yet again just “safe” (boooring) for me and Adore was a mess. The only deserving winner would be Ben.

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