Tops and Bottoms: Power Ranking ‘RuPaul’s Drag Race’ Episodes 7 and 8 — RECAP

Tonight's first episode challenged the girls to pair up and make a commercial shilling for RuPaul's makeup line. Of course, everyone was paired in the most dramatic way possible (Ben and Darienne, Laganja and Adore, Joslyn and Courtney, Bianca and Trinity). Joined by guests Leah Remini (King of Queens) and Lainie Kazan (My Big Fat Greek Wedding), the judges sent Ben and Darienne to the bottom two. After only an OK lip sync, Ru decided to keep both girls.

The second episode had the ladies writing stand-up comedy routines and then performing for a group of senior citizens (for some reason). Guest judges Jamie Pressly (My Name Is Earl) and comedy writer Bruce Vilanch joined the panel for one of the most wildly uneven challenges in recent memory.


Here are this weeks rankings:


1. Bianca Del Rio's march toward victory continues. Her performances in the main challenges were top-notch, but, beyond that, her relationships backstage make her all the more endearing. First, she was taking Adore under her wing, and now she's adopted Trinity. You get the sense that she can spot talent, and she genuinely wants to encourage them. The looks were also still flawless (particularly the black and white ball gown). I was ready for Bianca to slay the stand-up comedy challenge, but she slayed it, resurrected it, put a wig on it and slayed it again.

Adore2. Meanwhile, Adore Delano was a letdown. If you're familiar with her YouTube videos, you know she's funny. Her stand-up just fell flat. The performance in the commercial was a bit better, but she was clearly weighed down by Laganja. At least her fashions are getting stronger. The black and white runway look was one of her best. Her lack of polish might keep her from the crown, but her winning personality will likely take her to the finals.

3. My, how the mighty have fallen. It was a rough two episodes for BenDeLaCreme, who found herself twice in the bottom. Whereas when queens in prior seasons have been accused of not showing their personality, it was because they didn't actually have any, DeLa is so sweet and charming in his interviews. Her character is well-defined, but I think she can figure out how to bring her authentic self to the stage. That said, the makeup ad missed the mark, and the stand-up was abysmal. Just awful. The former was a concept problem; the latter was execution. I'm willing to call these both flukes for now, but if this keeps up, DeLa will be dropping a few spots next time. I think Ru agrees, which is why she saved Ben and Darienne.

4. Though DeLa disappointed, Trinity was a pleasant surprise. After floundering for weeks, Trinity really shined in both the makeup commercial and the stand-up routine. I did not see that coming. Had she succeeded in just one, I'd have thought it was just dumb luck. It really feels like she's burst through a block. The make-up ad with Bianca was fun enough, but that stand-up was brilliant.

5. Darienne could be so much better. She's funny, she can beat a mug and she's got a polished look. However, I just find her sort of unlikable. One of the things that makes Bianca so lovable is that she's consistently direct. Darienne is always kind of passive aggressive, and it comes off as insecurity at best and, at worst, cowardice. She makes all these snide remarks, but when DeLa asked her straight about what her deal was, she was sheepish in her response. It's not cute.


6. I'm tired of watching Courtney Act sleepwalk through this competition. She's given us medium performances with medium effort. (I didn't even think she was that great in the musical challenge.) Now that we're through the halfway point, she's got to amp it up.

7. Thank you, Joslyn, for giving us one of the best lipsyncs of the season. The clothes, however, have been a mess. I think she's better than Courtney gives her credit for, but not in the same league as some of the leading queens. Sorry.

8. Oof, good riddance, Laganja, mama. You were terrible when you were having emotional breakdowns backstage, and you were terrible when you were clucking around the workroom, OKRRR? You were just the worst. (Roxxxy Andrews was terrible, too, but differently terrible. I'd much rather be trapped on a long car ride with Roxxxy than Laganja.)

How would you rank the remaining queens?


  1. Kenn says

    As boy De la is cute as a button and genuinely seems like a nice person, but I am really tired of the blatant rip-off of Varla Jean Merman she’s doing, it’s a great impersonation, but that’s what it is and it getting old. Where are you Ben, as Michelle asks, where are you?

    Darienne & De la sitting in a tree…Ms Lake doesn’t have it in for Ms Creme, nor is she jealous. Ms. Lake has a thing for Ms. Creme as she’s projecting the rejection she assumes she would get back at De la.

    It’s sad, I’m a big boy, not THAT big, I know what that feels like, it does make you bitter and lash out at the target of your affection. You have got to get over it and have the balls to be honest.

  2. Lucas H says

    I love Drag Race night! And last night was quite a show. “How the mighty have fallen” indeed. Poor Bendela. When it came time for her to lipsynch, I was rooting for her, but Darienne did better. And then she BOMBED the standup, which really did surprise me. I can only guess its because her confidence was shaken and she was off her game. After the standup, I was nearly expecting her to be sent home.
    I had been expecting sort of a Jinkx Monsoon moment for Ben – you know, a winning queen lands in the bottom and then knocks it out of the park – but it wasn’t even close. Ah well.
    Bianca is a riot, BUT…I totally felt bad for Laganja after the last Untucked episode. Bianca did NOT need to choose that moment to go in for the kill. Laganja has (IMO) struggled through the competition, entertaining only in a “laughing AT her” instead of “WITH her” kind of way. And boy did the other Queens pile on last night. She needed to go home, but I gotta tell you, it gave me a little more respect for her final lipsynch performance after I knew she had been torn to shreds shortly beforehand.

    Anyway, I don’t know who my favorites are anymore. I was Team BendelaCreme, but the comedy routine was really disappointing. Bianca might as well already be wearing the crown at this point.

  3. Lucas H says

    OMG Kenn that is a great point!! Actually, those are both great points. Bendela had reminded me of Varla Jean before, but now that you specifically point it out, I think you are right. I wonder if Ben is consciously aware of the similarities????

  4. Tyler says

    I was delighted to read on the “transgender” blogs that they are now attacking Ru Paul and his show. They have found yet another enemy to hate. And I couldn’t be happier. Let one group of deranged freaks attack a second group of minstrel performers. May they both lose!

  5. Matt says

    From the beginning, it was Adore, Bianca and DeLa for the crown. I don’t think much has changed. Maybe the order back and forth, but they are still the big three.
    I am puzzled by Courtney, she seems clever off stage, but once she gets on stage she just doesn’t seem to have it. Nothing fresh, nothing interesting, nothing unique. If this is all she’s got, she has zero chance.

  6. David K says

    I don’t even think Courtney WANTS to be “America’s Next Drag Superstar.” I think she’s using this for a platform and exposure. Now she has a one woman show in some Downtown (NYC) club. Mission Accomplished?

  7. Mike says

    I think Darienne had it right in Untucked, for those who like drag the remaining contestants are all “names” now. Could Trinity now be the dark horse come from behind winner who “learned” and reminds Ru of Ru?

  8. Daniel says

    Joslyn is the sweetest queen, and Joslyn bested Courtney on both the rap challenge and the ever-important Snatch Game. Also, and all T all shade, at least when she serves body she has an ass to back it up. She won’t win the crown, but she’s not out of anybody’s league.

  9. Shine says

    Double-Header, Yay!

    I enjoyed Ru’s contrivance of pairing the queens based on highest tensions amongst themselves. She had a wonderful awful idea, muah ha ha ha haaaa.
    I’m glad Adore & Lasagna won the makeup commecrial challenge, and glad Laganga went home because Richard Rider was right; she would have become even more unlivable.

    Trinity’s domino runway look was stunning. I love her transformation; she’s a great shapeshifter. I’m SO GLAD there has been this profound upturn in performance! I hope it lasts.

    Bianca is a good soul. I’m glad she’s part of this season. I was worried she was going to be another Roxxxy or PhiPhi but nope. She was hilarious during the comedy routine! I loved it when she started reading the guy who was napping during her performance. I had hoped that that’s what Ben De La Creme would have done when the same guy heckled her; I wish Ben would have just started reading him.

    Sad to see Ben have such a hard time the past 2 episodes. Someone on another blog had criticized Ben for talking AT people, and it occured to me that if he’s right Ben would have a hard time doing the comedy, and she did. I think KENN’s insight was great about Darienne; I never would have thought of that but it makes a lot of sense.

    Darienne like Courtney in my opinion are becoming more and more unlikable. Courney’s barbs are getting nastier. They are falling shorter and shorter on the CHARISMA meter. And Courney isn’t that awesome either in my opinion.

    At the beginning of the second lipsynch-for-your-life, right when the song hit the first lacuna, I KNEW, maybe we all did, that Lasagna was going to either death-drop or do a jumping split, and deep down I want to believe the FOX KNEW IT TOO and took Laganja’s trick away from her by DOING IT AS WELL! It was awesome. Good riddance to Laganja indeed. That girl needs professional help.
    When Laganja told the judges that she had given EVERYTHING in her life up to be there, I knew it was bulls*** because she had talked about how becoming a drag queen was actually an UPGRADE from her lousy job before.

    By the way, I love the way RPDR has been doing Ru’s voice when she says “…fooooor yooooooooour liiiiiiiiiiife!”, the way it sort of booms/resonates/echoes.

    I want the Mermaid to win. I’ve decided.

  10. Gregoire says

    Kenn, I’m glad you made the Bendela/Varla comparisons. Spot on. Varla’s one of the greatest drag superstars ever, so you need to change it up if you want to go there.

  11. Jerry says

    And if anyone should see it clearly, IT’S RUPAUL. It’s not as though he’s completely unaware of Varla Jean, Lypsinka, Coco Peru, or the rest of the New York girls…

  12. Lucas says

    Bianca and Adore Delano should be in the top 3. I am also very impressed with Trinity!! You go girl! Darienne seems like she’s just bitter and insecure.. it’s actually painful to watch. A part of me also thinks that she’s just trying to stir up drama for the sake of the show, but she’s not doing it right.

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