1. says

    So let’s get the State’s argument straight: gay couples marrying will somehow harm the children of straight couples, but blocking gay couples from having legal ties to their children doesn’t harm those children? Basically, they’re making the case for heightened scrutiny and for the need for marriage equality. Not that they’d be rational enough to see it that way … The mind boggles.

  2. Homo Genius says

    the adoption issue was used in the 2004 election in my area. all I can say is it was weeks and weeks of the most vile commercials. which of course sparked debate on exactly how disgusting the homos were. they will likely dredge up all the outdated talking points about us needing to recruit since we cant reproduce to make more gays

  3. Just_a_guy says

    Nice-appearing Mormons usually aren’t. Behind that tucked shirt is a heart that has been ordered by cult leader to consider you subhuman and has no qualms about executing that order with a friendly-looking smile. Beneath that spiffy pair of pants are legs that will walk up to you and shake your hand enthusiastically, and then walk across the street to methodically pull the lever against your most basic freedoms. Underneath that too-coifed Mormon mane is a mind that usually thinks no more broadly than the prophet allows and which harbors fears such as “can you imagine the horror of a gay person sitting next to me and praying in the temple?” Underneath that discreet white undershirt with the sewn stitches across the nipple and belly lies an individual afraid to have a gut of his or her own and whose squeaky-clean liver cannot recognize the bile from the Regnerus study which it inhales as truth on which ife depends. I have watched Mormons bond with each other the way plaid wearers congratulate each other on the same fashion, only the Mormon fashion implicitly involves handy daggers to strip their gay sons of human dignity and to pun their gay daughters to the wall of choiceless misery.

    The Mormons may appear docile, but watch the collective effect when they get their way and make social sacrifices to the devil, denying all real respect for anyone one born gay. I’ve watched their smarmy faux-nice smiles one too many times.

  4. disgusted american says

    ..and here in philly – they’re building one of thier Cult temples at 17th and Vine….down/across the street from the Catholic Cult temple…millions going into the contruction and “Recruitment” of New Cult members I’m sure….they sicken me.

  5. Jason says

    From a Canadian who lives just north of Utah…

    My great grandmother became Mormon in order to control and abuse her gay son into becoming an eunuch who lived with her until they both died, lonely and old. The rest of our family stood by and learned the lesson sent from God above, that religion is a poisonous bandage that hides the wound, but never heals it. The wound keeps you weak, the weakness keeps you meek, the meekness makes you sheep.

    Meanwhile two generations later I’m raising my two sons with my husband, proving Americans in general are more than twenty years behind and held back by a myriad of Christian cults. My American relatives just don’t “get it.”

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