1. Perry says

    He is in better shape than most men, but nothing special. Guys who post shirtless selfies show they lack self esteem and need strangers to validate them. Let’s hope he doesn’t complain about people invading his private life if he is going to be posting private pics.

  2. iban4yesu says

    I was impressed to find out that he produced both Margin Call and that Oscar nom’ed Redford vehicle( Or should I say vessel? :-) )

    I love watching him in American Horror Story.

  3. Charles Decker says

    He was so good in ‘The Glass Menagerie,’ as was Cherry Jones — our great lesbian ‘thea-tuh’ actress. I predict she will win her third Tony.

  4. Gordon says

    Please stop. Am bored, why objectify body image if not that you have issues with your own. And seriously, can anybody accept gay rights if our argument is how buff we are, regardless that being gay comes in all sorts & sizes.

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