1. TampaZeke says

    This only furthers our cause by showing the level of animosity being directed at us. The LGBT community needs heightened scrutiny to be protected against this coordinated, wide-spread and well funded effort to deny us our civil rights based on nothing more than their religious beliefs and personal animosity.

  2. Buckie says

    Their community murders itself daily, and somehow we’re the problem…

    I love how “Christians” use us to avoid taking any social responsibility for their own crapulence.

  3. oncemorewithfeeling says

    We don’t actually need any heightened scrutiny at all, as the last couple of marriage decisions have said — that we’re discriminated against because of irrational hate is readily apparent.

    But, yes, the crazier they act, the better we look.

    And, boy howdy, are all these people going to be really, really, really unhappy very soon.

  4. Rev. Dr. Verdon Coleman says

    I am an African American Pastor. Please don’t hold that against me.

    My questions to these “preachers” in Detroit:
    – What are you doing to address the systemic inequities occurring in your city?
    – What are you doing to address the crime rate in your city?
    – Why is there such poverty in your city?
    – There are 50-11 churches in Detroit. Why is there still such “sin and iniquity” in the city?
    – Why must y’all wear fluorescent polyester suits?

  5. Paulo says

    Detroit, enough said.

    On the other hand I just read an amazing bit of history on the role of black ministers for one hundred years after the Civil War until the civil rights movement of the sixties. For the most part they were often cofacilators of Jim Crow, trading on their position for favors and money with the establishment. Somehow I suspect that in fifty years no one will remember these charlatans any more than people remember the ones from the past.

  6. Rion says

    I’m still waiting for the lead “White conservative ((add anything here)). Would the story not be as powerful if the word African-American Pastors wasn’t added.

    Pastors were not enough. How is this not race bating?

  7. Reggie777 says

    It is so ironic that “taking our country back” is often used by racist against minorities, including the Black community. Now they’re using it. WOW! Maybe when their fellow “take back the country” compatriots do take back the country, maybe they can take it back from these pastors as well.

  8. says

    Whenever white evangelical Christians do this type of stuff they aren’t compartmentalized as white Christians, they are just Christians. Why is it different when it’s black Christians? I’m so tired of the blatant double standard. White people know about slavery, especially considering the part their ancestors played in it but we don’t tell white Christians or white people in general they should know better. If anyone should be more mindful about oppression it should be white people since they are still doing it in 2014.

  9. Transformations says

    So I guess this meta-mob has adopted the Sci-Fi philosophies of the Sith from Star Wars. – “… either you are with [me] or you are against [me]. We cannot allow [them] to run… ‘You are my enemy!’ …and now the fight is on!”

    I don’t like how this group, like others, posture themselves like they are the ‘true’ Christians, and the ‘true’ African American mentality. It’s their fault that in their prejudice against gays, they failed to see the parallels between their group’s striving for equality and gays striving for equality. Calling comparisons “ignorant and myopic” is ironic as it reveals their own ignorance and myopia. What breathtaking projection. Speaking of projection… how about them saying that gays are destroying the ‘backbone of society’ and the ‘foundation of the US.’ Duh – Hello!

    I’m sick of these so-called Christians saying they ‘love’ ‘everybody’ while simultaneously trying to suppress gay people. It’s sick.

    I take small solace in the fact that at least because the internet never forgets, gay struggles will not be whitewashed or rendered forgettable due to inaccessibility. The actions of these bigots will be reviewable, and they won’t live it down by sweeping it under the carpet.

  10. Rich says

    So according to these people we are destroying the backbone of society and we must be stopped. Sounds like the want to lynch us. We’re not going away so I guess you’ll have to kill us, right?

  11. Lee says

    Sure, let’s take the country back. I vote for taking it back to the ’50s. How’s that sound guys? No? African-Americans weren’t respected? Were treated badly? Didn’t have any rights? That sounds vaguely familiar to me.

  12. Yup says

    I used to be all about fighting economic disparity and such. After I started seeing just how much the black community hates gay people (proportionally), I have lost all interest I’m helping them. Same with affirmative action, etc.

  13. Bob says

    8 out of 10 black babies born out of wedlock. Shouldn’t these pastors be more concerned about Fornication and Promiscuity in the black community rather than gay marriage?

  14. GregV says

    As someone whose older (white) family members worked to help achieve civil rights for blacks, I find it incredibly ironic to read his words. Replace the word “homosexuality” with “integration” or “homosexual” with “negro,” and this sounds word-for-word like some of what was said to my parents, uncle and grandparents about how “unChristian” and “against the Bible” and “sinful” and “shameful” it would be to let blacks drink out of fountains or go to school with the “superior” people.
    And looking at the list of attendees “Mormons, Southern Baptists, Evangelicals….” Yup, for the most part it’s the same groups that fought kicking and screaming right into the 1970s against liberal society’s attempts to allow basic human rights for people LIKE THESE PREACHERS.
    They are opportunists who, had they been born with white skin in the 1960s, would have denounced the “unbiblical” integrationist agenda. And they are too brainwashed to see the irony.

  15. Buckie says


    Thanks you for speaking out here, it’s easy to forget and incorrectly assume that the people that make the headlines are often not representative.

    Please know that some of us are grateful that you’re out there.

  16. woody says

    Two catholic groups–thomas more society and archdiocese of detroit–using willing black pastors as a front. This is what NOM did again and again. It’s part of the current playbook. It failed when NOM did it with Reuben Diaz and his pastor buddies in New York. It failed in Maryland when the bishops got in bed with black evangelical pastors in the run up to the referendum there. It failed in Illinois when cardinal george egged on chicago’s evangelical black pastors to put pressure on black state reps from their neighborhoods. This is a particularly nasty tactic of the US bishops and NOM. They hide behind these black faces and let them make the homophobic statements for them.

  17. Marc says

    Those who feel the imminent threat of extinction react as one would expect they’d react. With rage, passion and craziness — because they have nothing left to lose.

    But soon enough, they will be gone, and the world will be a much gentler place for LGBT people.

    I just don’t know who the next target will be — we’ll cross that road when we get there. In the meantime, grab some popcorn and either laugh at their absurdity or feel compassion for their unknowing ignorance. Pick your pathos. But rest assured — they’ll be gone soon.

    Bye fools. Goodbye.

    Rinse and repeat.

  18. Retro says

    Traditional marriage? Would that be the kind where a black man and woman can’t even get married unless their white master says it’s okay?

  19. JackFknTwist says

    I love that sentence which begins:
    “We love everybody but……..”

    Is this the product of USA public school system ?
    If so, it’s just a joke.
    More guns and bibles please.

  20. simon says

    It made me think of certain religious cults in the past. They really believed they are invincible because God is inside their bodies.
    They even stabbed themselves with a knife to prove it to an audience.

  21. arch says

    Any person who is told they don’t belong in their community because they are gay deserves our support. The truth is that black gays and practicing Christians will feel especially hurt by these ministers’ statements.

    I recall the period in my life when I realised that I was “different” and would never altogether fit into the elite world of privately educated privilege that I was born into; somehow my gayness would always set me apart.

    It is the same for black gays hearing this constant barrage of exclusion and hate from their own community and faith leaders.

    In the end one ha to distance oneself from one’s background and community; one’s sexuality always gets in the way.

    Perhaps the churches will catch up one day; however i don’t see them listening to Desmond Tutu’s words of wisdom and love just yet.

  22. johnny says

    Equal rights, folks. That’s it. Doesn’t matter if you are black, gay, interracial, Japanese, whatever…

    It’s Equal Rights. Very easy to understand, but apparently these people (who have been fooled into believing a religion that isn’t even part of their original culture) are so busy foaming at the mouth over gays that they are blind to how pitiful their own race is working things out here in the good ol’ USA.

    Crime, poverty, discrimination, drugs, prisons full of black men, children out of wedlock, absent fathers, welfare state, greedy corrupt selfish leaders…. and the list goes on and on.

    Nope, they don’t want to work on that, much easier to point a finger at gay people and say that THAT is the big problem in our country.

    Myopic and ignorant?
    YES YOU ARE, Black Preachers, YES YOU ARE.

  23. NY2.0 says

    These pastors drive around in expensive cars, live in large homes and wear pimp suits everyday. All this while the city of Detriot and it’s black population suffer.

  24. woody says

    The HR VP at my old job was the wife of a black megachurch pastor in jamaica queens. They were so rich. And they “pastored” to a poor, messed up neighborhood. She was an awful person, btw.

  25. Jack M says

    Maybe they should be worried about supporting their own communities and coming up with solutions for young people caught up in crime and drug abuse than same-sex marriage. Homosexuality certainly isn’t to blame for those issues in the Black community.

  26. GBM says

    As a GBM, these stories infuriate me!!! The black church was once the beacon of my community. It was where you went for information, support, refuge, etc. In the past 30 years or more, the pulpits, all across my community, have been infiltrated by the most ignorant, self-serving charlatans I have ever seen. They, single-handedly, are responsible for the decline of my community. Their only focus is bashing homosexuals and ignoring every other ill that plagues our community, while getting people to give them their tithes and offerings, under the guise of currying favor with God. Meanwhile, the pastors commit all kinds of moral missteps and live lavishly, while their congregations struggle to get by. They should all have their tax exempt status revoked!!!

  27. Jere says

    I wonder if they are as adamantly supportive of SLAVERY? Their dung heap (as Thomas Jefferson called the bible) certainly is. Both the old testament and the new. Jeezus never spoke against slavery but actually told slaves to obey their master, even the ones that beat them.

  28. Patrick says

    My ,the black community is getting all up in our business. And claiming they’re “christians”. Not they’re not “christians”. They’re two-faced hypocrites. And I bet some slimy,sleazy republithug group is funding them.

  29. LA7 says

    Maybe the answer to all of this is, to not use the word marriage. Instead use the word union a “civil union” instead of marriage when it is a same sex union. They would have all the rights or benefits (health ins. and so on) as a marriage, be recognized by the courts, but be called a civil union. This should please both sides of this argument. I believe the issue here with conservatives and religious people is that the word marriage is traditionally between a man and a woman. Gays need to respect that and accept the fact that they are not (nor do they want to be) traditional. That their unions need to have another name “civil unions”, not marriage.

  30. Erick says

    I don’t understand how you could be against everyone having the same rights. Gay people pay taxes the same as everyone else, so therefore they should have the same rights, or you need to give their tax money back. I have always said if states have to pay all that tax money back, how may would be bankrupt, maybe that would make them pull their heads from where the sun don’t shine.

  31. engstromgr says

    I guess bigots come in every color. Sad. Thank God I am personally familiar with many brothers and sisters of color who support my right to live as a gay man in Grand Rapids, MI!

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