1. Chuck Mielke says

    I think Ricky’s answer is what he needs it to be. As a very attractive man, and a father, he apparently neither wants nor needs the bazillion offers he would get if he simply answered, “Yes, I’m single,” because no one would hear the follow-up, “but I’m not looking for an LTR right now.” He gave a very kind non-answer, deflecting the discussion graciously.

  2. Mitch says

    I used to really enjoy WWHL with Andy Cohen but his desire to pit all these reality TV people against eachother is bizarre. I realize that trash is good TV but why bring them back for round 2 on WWHL. Andy spends alot of time jumping the shark. I am done.

  3. johnny says

    Andy Cohen is a typical joke and the cliché yoke we gays must bear around our necks as our “representative” show host.

    Sad, sad, sad.

  4. Perry says

    I cringe every time I hear Andy Cohen talk He is a joke, but unfortunately many in the gay community praise him as some kind of role model. Sad.

  5. Glen says

    He is not a Bravo Executive anymore – they had an conscious uncoupling. The hitting on Martin was obvious but he can play that off as schtick. The teach me your talent segment is cringe worthy and we FF every time we see it. His dog coming out for the last 5 minutes is distracting to say the least. Yes I like dogs, no I don’t want to see you play tug of war in a suit while A List guests sit by and hear your Jackhole of the day. The games are a bit nausiating too. Cohen is best when he is reading tweets and facebook questions with unabashed honesty. As of late you can tell the phone calls are heavily screened. No one asks GOOD questions anymore and Cohen, who used to ask the tweet questing mostly unfiltered as taken to not asking the really juicy ones for fear of putting off a fake celebrity friend. He seems to have this need to level set when he meets a new Celebrity. For example he went out of his way to let Ricky know HE was in the audience the night of RIcky’s break out performance on the Grammys, as if to say “I am not some cable talk show host, I am your peer.” Perhaps it is unconscious but it comes across as a bit self indulgent.

  6. Tony says

    Funny he asks Ricky this question he won’t answer for himself. It seems fairly obvious that he has something going on with Bruce Bozzi. And his ring that is too much like a commitment ring of some kind to be coincidental? If it’s no one’s business if you’re single Andy, that goes for your guests too. And I agree about the dog. He’s a cute dog, but time to move on.

    And Andy is still executive producer on most of the shows, even if he may not be an exec at Bravo any longer (which I don’t know one way or the other). But he’s always in the credits for most of the housewife and related shows.

  7. BuckeyeWxGuy says

    I’m always annoyed by people who can’t EVER answer a question directly and instead get all weirdly “new age-y” and deflective and ramble on forever. Martin has done that song and dance ever since Barbara Walters asked him if he was gay way back when. If you don’t want to answer the question, just say “None of your f*^&ing business!”

  8. ajax28 says

    I clicked on the comments because I anticipated that they would be full of bitter, nasty queens ragging on Andy Cohen and Ricky Martin. I wasn’t disappointed. What is it about so many Towleroad readers that they have to spew hateful comments about celebrities and public figures, especially gay ones? It’s like a horrible stereotype come alive.

  9. Jake says

    As long as Ricky band aid doesn’t become condom, they’ll be fine. Ricky is past his prime, but Cohen’s imagination is alive. His fist has been clocked at 20mph. That was for Ajax and his stereotypes.

  10. Glen says

    No Cohen and Bravo parted ways. Cohen retains executive producer credit on the housewives franchise and WWHL but is no longer an exec at bravo. He has his own production company now ala Ryan Seacrest and hopes to produce his own hit reality shows. Bravo has first right of refusal.

  11. Gary says

    But has Ryan refused Cohen’s advances? Did you hear him sing on “American Idol” last night. I was anticipating a Susan Boyle moment, but he was awful. You’d think the DJ voice would translate. He’s probably lousy in the sack as well.

  12. jgm says

    Well, he eluded the gay questions for years, he has mastered the art of no answering the questions