Barney Frank Discusses Political Cynicism, Gay Acceptance And The Macarena With Seth Meyers: VIDEO


Former Rep. Barney Frank spoke with late night talk show host Seth Meyers about Frank's reaction to the new documentary on his life. Frank did not share the offense he took at the film's portrayal of him. Instead he lamented the film's attitude towards politics:

"There’s an excessive degree of cynicism about politics which is unfortunately a self-fulfilling prophecy. Because people will say, 'They’re all bums, I’m not voting.' Well the bums wish you wouldn’t vote, because they’re all fine. They’re all set."

Frank also said he hopes the documentary is the anti-House of Cards, a show he considers both wrong and misleading. He additionally mentioned his pleasure at the film's depiction of gay life, especially considering society's increasing acceptance of gay people and same-sex marriage:

“By the time I retired, there was still a disparity between the popularity of being gay and the popularity of being a politician. But it had flipped and my marriage had polled better than my service as a committee chairman.”

Turns out that he also struggled with being left-handed as a child and that he also forbade line dancing and the Macarena at his wedding.

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