1. Kev C says

    His grandparents were born in Poland. My granddad was a native american. My ancestors came over on the Mayflower. Just because some commie palooka was born in Bayonne doesn’t make them american. Barney Frank doesn’t understand or respect the US Constitution to be a US representative. And it sure doesn’t give him the right to push his disgusting eastern-european values onto real americans.

  2. Jason MacBride says

    The cynicism about politics that he speaks of was only increased by his participation in creating a financial meltdown and his fixing tickets for his rent boy “roommate.”

    If this dude is a hero we are in seriously bad shape.

  3. emjayay says

    And Obama is a Kenyan Anti-colonial Marxist because the father he never knew was. Polish grandparents? The nerve!

    It’s always surprising when ignorant teabagger wingnuts show up here, isn’t it?

  4. emjayay says

    Hadn’t seen any of his show. Nice that Seth allows some amount of substance, but he didn’t ask really critical questions. And that set is really really bad. Looks like 1980, and not in a good way.

  5. simon says

    KEV C:
    Coming over from Great Britain doesn’t entitle your ancestors and you to be “real American”.
    Native American means American Indian.
    Of course Einstein was also not “real American”. It is safe to say every American prefers to send you back to your home country than repatriating “the Pope of Physics” to Germany.

  6. simon says

    The whole financial crisis started when Bush was president. Barney Frank was there but Bush and Republicans also should share the blames.

  7. Marc says

    Can anyone explain how he got this voice? I know, I know, there are million things I love about this man, and yes, good… but the mystery I have never understood is this voice. What is happening?

  8. Kev C says

    Simon, read the first paragraph of the Constitution, the preamble. Who did they found the country for?
    1) Themselves
    2) Their Posterity (their descendents)

    It doesn’t say east europeon or east african descendents. If your ancestors, black, white or native weren’t in this country in 1776, this country is not yours.

  9. MaryM says

    He is full of crap.

    Voting is a complete waste of time because the system is rigged so that regardless of how you vote only 2 parties can get elected and both those parties are fully in the service of the corporations and mega-wealthy.

    A democratic revolution is required in the US to overthrown the oligarchy.

    Barney Frank is part of the problem.

  10. Daniel Berry, NYC says

    apropos of Kev C’s silly posting above, I can’t for the life of me figure out what remarks of Mr Frank’s represent “Eastern European values. As to having forbears who “came over on the Mayflower,” that’s one of the easiest claims to be made without fear of contradiction. But be that as it may, even if it be true for Kev C, the people who came over on the Mayflower included some of the most narrow-minded, puritanical, inflexible people to be found in England at the beginning of the 17th Century. So I don’t know that being their descendants is something to trumpet about. On the other hand, Kev C’s posting suggests that he’s a worthy descendant of such people, so I guess it’s all right after all. For all that, however, I don’t know what’s so much more meritorious or “American” about being descended from genocidal English immigrants as opposed to being the child of Polish immigrants.

  11. Kev C says

    Hey Dan. Nice false information. Obviously you don’t know me, my family or my country. Which is probably why you don’t belong here, disrespectful and dishonest pig.

  12. MaryM says

    Barney Frank was a politician.

    What are his bright ideas about reforming the US to turn it into a democracy rather than the oligarchy it currently is?

  13. C VEK says

    Hi, I’m KEV C. I’m going to keep coming back here periodically to make sure people are still talking about me and my intentionally inflammatory posts.

  14. Liam says

    This is the shallowest group of comments I have ever seen on this site…and that is saying something. Lets see, his grandparents were immigrants so he can’t be an American? This from our resident constitutional scholar and another post about his voice! Oh yes, and of course posts about how no one should bother because the country is an oligarchy anyway. Seriously what a bunch of crap!

  15. Kev C says

    I speak for lots of real americans and not the cheap eurotrash that came to Ellis island as gangsters and criminals looking to get rich by any means necessary. You need to know that this is how we see those fake americans.

  16. simon says

    Kev C:
    This country is not yours or mine. If you have a passport, then you are an American citizen. How you interpret the constitution is your problem? At least no one is going to be asked to leave if you are a legal citizen. There is no point to argue some academic question what the first paragraph of constitution is. If you think it is all yours, just dream on. No one cares.

  17. simon says

    Kev C:
    If you think Eastern Europeans made no contribution to this country, here just a few examples to get you educated:
    1. Edward Teller, “father of the hydrogen bomb”, from Hungary. He happened to be a Republican and a close adviser president Reagan.
    2. John von Neumann, “father of computer”, from Hungry. Famous mathematician. He made some important contributions to computer science.

  18. simon says

    Also more exactly Barney Frank’s grandparents were Jewish and came from Eastern Europe. It is really offensive if someone says they are not “real”.

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