1. Rolf says

    Being such a brave christian, one wonders why he isn’t campaigning against divorce, which Jesus strictly forbid. Maybe because more than 50% of christians are divorced, and abortion and homosexuality are much easier targets? And don’t cowards always pick the easy targets?

  2. jmartindale says

    Petey, you don’t get to decide what is “moral” any more than Elmer Gantry here. “Morality” is nothing more than what is socially acceptable, and is usually based on ancient traditions that have no real relevance to our lives. If you want to talk about ethical issues related to promiscuity, that might be worthwhile, although I do not see anything inherently unethical about promiscuity. You may also want to talk about practical and psychological implications of promiscuity, which may be relevant in terms of physical and mental health. But keep the moralizing out of it. Leave that to the Bible thumpers.

  3. Little Twatti says

    He’s an old boozer, womanizer, and pill-popper from way back. Finally, after hitting rock bottom, he came crawling back to his evangelist/scammer roots to make a buck. As odious as his father was, at least he never stooped as low and mean-spirited as this idiot.

  4. AdamTh says

    “God Hates … ” Where have we seen that meme before?

    It looks like Billy’s boy has been influenced more by Fred Phelps than Billy – not that either one is a particularly impressive role model…

  5. disgusted american says

    your god hates charlatan’s that USE the sheeple for their own gain $$$$$$$…all the while railing against gay people, when people are starving, homeless, soup kitchens and pantries run low…..nahhh that’s not as important , is it???

  6. pete n sfo says

    Let’s hope we never have to see this clown on a national television program representing our Xtian nation… As recently as Easter Sunday ABC had this idiot on their panel.

    Let’s hope the gays in production put a stop to this d-bag.

  7. says

    The word “hate” appears in the King James Bible 179 times. The word “love” appears 547 times. Says something when scum like Franklin Graham spends more time talking about hate than love.

  8. anon says

    Franklin Graham would not have two dollars to rub together were it not for his father’s ingenious use of religious zeal to induce political allegiance. He was the first paid political consultant.

  9. says

    Rick Warren spent a lifetime speaking out against homosexuality, and going overseas to promote and help implement anti-gay laws. His youngest son then took a lifetime of pain and blew his brains out with a gun. Rick Warren killed his own son with hate. There’s your God for you.

  10. DamFine says

    GOD HATES? Does Christ know that? Christians hate those things they have no control over such as who one loves! God is love; Christians are HATRED!

  11. simon says

    What he has is really faith, not truth about the things he believe in.
    As Matt Dillahunty said:
    “Faith is the excuse people give when they believe in something they don’t have evidence.”

  12. JoseW says

    Dear inheritor of religious bullcrap,

    That god of yours is one f**king coward; every time he has a message, he hides behind some ignorant zealot’s skirts and passes on his doctrine that has absolutely no meaning in today’s civilized world. A world that does not believe in superstition anymore.

    He needs to step up to the plate, and face the nation like any supposed leader of a tribe. Because his bullsh*t stinks, makes no sense, and is often in direct opposition with a previous statement against a group or another; Whichever is convenient to his tribe’s prejudiced petty minds.

  13. gregorybrown says

    The Grahams must have some direct link to the Divinity that the rest of us aren’t in on. There was a time when Billy was criticized for sartorial excesses. He responded, “God doesn’t want me to wear cheap suits.”

  14. thom says

    …Franklin Graham long ago threw off any vestiges of real “preaching”…He has spiraled into the hate monger that he is today….and his “crowd” eats his stuff up with a spoon…and of course donates generously to his tax-free bank account. He is a grifter. Pure and simple. Now that Fred Phelps has passed on and arrived in Hell, perhaps the Westboro BAPTIST Church could use this cretin as its new head?. All he knows how to do is preach to the choir. That’s it. He contributes nothing at all to the real world and its gazillion OTHER issues. He needs to get a real job.

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